Nima Denzongpa 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Paras takes a stand for Mania and their baby

Nima Denzongpa 13th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The woman tells Suresh that Tulika told them about Mania’s pregnancy. Nima asks Tulika to stop stooping so low. Tulika says don’t be angry, didn’t you people know about it? I was so happy to hear this news. Suresh asks her to stop doing this drama. Tulika says I am happy to become a grandnan, she should have been ashamed before doing it and not because she is pregnant now. Nima gets angry and is about to slap her but stops her. She says stop saying rubbish things. Tulika says I wanted to be a part of your happiness but you all are getting angry on me? I know I am a step-mom but I love them like my own daughters. Nima asks her to shut up. Suresh tells everyone to not believe Tulika. Tulika says I am not lying. She sees Mania coming there and says she will tell the truth to everyone. Mania looks on.

Mayank and Kanchan are together. Mayank asks if there was something between Sia and Shiv? She says nothing. Mayank says I am taking Sia out on lunch tomorrow. Shiv comes there. Kanchan says she is not a good girl, you shouldn’t go. Shiv says she is a good girl. Mayank says you both can come too, it will be a double-date. Shiv says we will come.

Tulika asks Mania to clarify about her pregnancy, tell them what the doctor told you? Mania starts leaving but Suresh stops her and says tell everyone that Tulika is lying. Nima asks her to speak up, tell them the truth. Mania says let’s go inside and talk. Nima says okay. Tulika says they are all running inside to hide the truth. Mania says we don’t have to give an explanation to anyone. All society people say if Tulika is wrong then prove it.

Kanchan asks Shiv to bring her medicines. He leaves the house. Kanchan asks Mayank to leave silently. Don’t take advantage of Shiv. She asks him to go away and leave her alone. She gives him money. Mayank grabs her and says I won’t leave without what I want.

Tulika tells everyone that I went to the hospital and got to know that Mania is pregnant. It’s good news.. oh she is not married that’s why you all look worried? Suresh asks her to stop it. Tulika says it’s fine even if she is not married, she is a modern woman. Nima asks her to shut up, she doesn’t need you. Tulika says it’s fine even if she doesn’t have a father for her baby. Paras comes there and says the baby’s father is here. All look on. Paras says I am the father of this baby.

Scene 2
Dinesh tells Maaji that we have to handle this Mania’s matter. Maaji says I don’t know what to do. Ranisa says you can ask for my help if you want. Maaji says I don’t need your help. Ranisa says I have a suggestion, you can send Paras abroad by promising him that you will accept his marriage and send Mania with him. You can act like you have accepted Mania and then send him away. Dinesh likes the idea.

Paras holds Mania’s hand and says I am her husband and this baby’s father. Tulika says who are you? Paras says I had a small gathering and married Mania. I am not from society. Sunita says he is from a rich family, he doesn’t need to answer anyone. All society women praise Mania and Nima for getting a rich son-in-law. They all leave. Suresh tells Tulika that you did what you had to but I will take an action now.

Suresh calls someone and asks him to do his work.

Kanchan is trying to throw Mayank out of the house but Shiv comes back and asks what’s going on? Kanchan says he was irritating me so I got angry. Shiv says it’s okay.

Nima asks Mania and Paras why are you complicating things more? Sia says what if Paras’ family doesn’t accept Mania? Paras says I don’t care, I have accepted Mania and this baby completely. He asks Nima to trust him. Nima says I trust you, the way you supported us today has made me more proud of you but we have to inform your family. Sunita says we can’t hide this baby, don’t waste time in this matter.

Tulika sits alone and says my plans keep failing, what is going on in my life? She cries and recalls Suresh’s threat. She imagines Suresh sending her to the jail or trying to beat her. She says this can’t happen.

Maaji calls Nima and says I have to talk to you tomorrow, come to our house. Nima says okay. Maaji ends the call and tells Dinesh that it’s time to remove Mania from Paras’ life and Nima will have to listen to us.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Here we go again….

    Dinesh and Maaji manipulating things against Nima and Manya.
    Tulika against Suresh and Nima and her daughters.
    Kanchan against Siya.

    Makers should get Nima and Manya to be stronger and put their foot down against Maaji and Dinesh. They should put condition that since Paras and Manya are married, they should go abroad together!

    Tulika must get her comeuppance and realise that crime doesn’t pay.

    Kanchan to fall foul of Mayank and Shiv find them in a compromising position. So he kicks them both out. And apologise to Siya.

    Naari to get top award from the college Olympiad and get top scholarship for foreign university study.

    Just my random thoughts to level up the playing field. 😊

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