A night for rectifying ~ Ria (One Shot)

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A night for rectifying
One Shot

“Staring is rather a bad idea, Mrs. Dixit”, I muttered opening my eyes to have a look of my beautiful wife. She instantly looked away and lied, “I .. I wasn’t.” I caught hold of her wrist and pulled her over me making her gasp in shock and surprise. I must admit that she, my wife is a beauty epitome. She had her hair clipped up in a loose bun with some of the strands falling on her face and playing over her cheeks. I slowly tucked the hair strands behind her ear and caressed her face making her turn a light shade of crimson. I smiled thinking about the magic I had on her every single time we had an intimate moment. I pulled her closer to myself making her front press against mine. I parted my lips, but to my dismay she placed her forefinger on my lips. I widened my eyes at the sudden gesture and she said, “You’re getting late.” I looked at her unbelievably and rolled over the bed with me on top of her. I held her hands and pushed them up tightening my grip on her wrists. I grinned and moved closer to her. I parted my lips, but before I could kiss her I received a call which loosened my grip on her. She quickly pushed me beside and stood up from the bed making me frown. She let out a soft giggle and I being annoyed attended the call. I disconnected it after a few minutes and said, “Sona, I need to leave urgently. Please arrange my clothes.” She nodded and arranged my clothes while I rushed to comfort myself with a quick shower. I left around half an hour later from home after Sona was done stuffing the breakfast inside my mouth.

Me and Sona had an arranged marriage according to our parents’ choices. Sona was maa’s student and when maa met her later in a school reunion, she instantly wanted her to he my wife and her own daughter in law irrespective of her being a Bengali. Both of us never had an objection to the marriage as we believed our parents to select the best for us and indeed, they did. I was proud to have such an understanding and caring person as my better half. “Saheb, we came”, driver kaka said bringing me back to reality. I passed him a genuine smile and got down the car to enter my office.

Later in the day, I was working on a presentation for the business meeting in the evening when Sona called me. I instantly picked up the call and she asked me to come home early as she would he preparing my favourites for dinner. I assured her that I’d be there by the correct time and after a few general talks, I disconnected the call and got back to my work.

In the evening, I attended the business meeting and it turned out to be a huge success for our company. I dined with my colleagues and partners and returned home pretty late. As I stepped inside I found the hall elegantly decorated with candles and the aroma of food spread around everywhere. I suddenly remembered about Sona’s request and blamed myself for indulging so much into work that I forgot about a single request of hers.

I climbed upstairs to our room and found Sona sitting on the bed with a dull face. I placed my hand on her shoulder, but she jerked off my hand. “Sona, listen to me. I can explain it all”, I said. “I don’t need any”, she replied as a drop of tear rolled down her cheeks. She wiped it away and quickly laid down on the bed.

I laid down beside her after a while changing my formal outfit. I slept facing her, but she turned away to the other side and switched off the lights. I stared at the ceiling and regretted my actions. It had been around an year since we got married, but we hadn’t had enough time to spend with each other. Sona never complained about it but, I know she felt bad at times. When asked her about it, she would always deny and reply saying that she had such a wonderful family to spend time with so it didn’t really matter, but I knew it did yet, couldn’t do anything. Whenever we had the time to spend with each other we were always interrupted either because of my work or because of the other family members. I regretted for not providing her the happiness which she deserved and which her parents expected me to provide her with. I looked at her and found her silently weeping to herself. I didn’t disturb her. I knew I was at fault, but I wanted to give her some time to feel better. I let her cry and feel relieved of each of my action which hurt her. I turned to the other side and decided to surprise her to rectify my mistake.

The next morning, I found the place next to me empty. I panicked and searched for Sona all around the house to find her in the kitchen. I slowly went and hugged her from behind. She shivered a little as my hands touched her bare waist because of the saree tugged at the corner of her waist. She looked up and tried to free herself from my grip. “Sona, I’m sorry”, I said. “Actually we had a business meeting yesterday and I completely forgot to tell you when you called me”, I added, but she pushed me away. “I told I don’t want any explanations from your side”, she replied and walked away to the other side to complete her work. I went back to our room with a dull face and locked the door behind.

In the evening, I called out for Sona who had spent her entire day in the hall to ignore me. She ignored me for a while, but after a while getting annoyed she climbed upstairs and angrily came to our room. She stepped inside and found it completely dark. “Dev, where are you? Why is the room so dark?”, she asked as I slowly switched on the lights making her gasp in awe. She looked around the room to have a look at the decorations as I threw a bunch of rose petals on her. She twirled around and after a while looked at me. She ran upto me and quickly hugged me as to never let me go. I smiled and hugged her back. We pulled back after a while and I asked, “Did you like this?” “I loved it, Mr. Dixit”, she replied and had a quick look over the room again.

“I’m sorry Sona..”, I started, but Sona interrupted me by placing her forefinger on my lips. “It’s okay. I would love it if you annoy me everyday and surprise me like this”, she replied making me smile. “I love you”, I confessed again. She smiled and blushed a little. I held her hand and took her to the balcony where the dinner was arranged. I pulled out the chair for her and she sat down. I walked over to her opposite and settled on the chair. I served the food to the two of us while she squealed questioning, “Chinese?My favourite?” I smiled and nodded my head. I picked up a spoonful of rice for her while she quickly gulped it in. I smiled at her behaviour and continued feeding her. After a while she picked up a spoonful of rice for me and forwarded it towards me. I advanced towards her, but before I could eat it she gulped it in. I frowned and she let out a soft giggle which I couldn’t help, but admire. She forwarded me a spoonful of rice again and fed me. I smiled and after an hour we finished our dinner while talking and spending some pleasurable time together.

We walked inside the room as Sona hugged me tightly and said, “Thank you for this wonderful evening.” I pulled back and kissing her palm replied, “It was all my pleasure.” She smiled and said, “It’s pretty late now. We should be sleeping now.” She turned around to walk towards the cupboard, but I held her wrist and pulled her towards myself. I wrapped my arms on her bare waist making her shiver a little and the colour of her cheeks turning to a light shade of red. I moved her hair aside and kissed her neck while she tightly closed her eyes and smiled to herself. I turned her around and pulled her closer to me. She had turned a darker shade of red by now, but didn’t try to step back and instead she wrapped her hands around my neck. I smiled and advanced towards her. Our lips met with each other after what seemed like ages and we couldn’t help, but blush all to ourselves. I lightly bit her lip making her moan and finding my entrance to her mouth. Everything seemed like heaven and how I wished time to stop just at this moment. We pulled back after sometime as she tightly hugged me blushing hard. I smiled and hugged her back trailing my hands down her back. She quickly pulled back, but before she could move away I snuggled up to her neck and breathed there letting her feel the warmth. “Dev”, she moaned and I pulled back. I lifted her up and motioned towards our bed to take our relation to give it a new meaning.


Hello, everyone! Thank you so much for all your comments and support on my previous one shot. I coundn’t possibly thank you all for the provided love.

Well, I had been thinking of writing this One Shot for a long while, but this actually is an adapt of a Swasan One Shot called “Blessing”. I decided not to upload this, but when I talked to the author (Ashu di) yesterday she told me to upload it and I could just be providing this message. Here’s the link to her One Shot:


How was this One Shot anyway? I hope you all will still support me for this One Shot. This isn’t a copy, it’s a just an adapt. Hope you all will understand. Please do drop down your thoughts below. I’d be eagerly waiting to know them. Suggestions and criticisms are always welcome, but no abusive language.

Best regards,

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  1. Rockzzzzzz

    It was amazing ria,couldn’t be better??…keep posting ,would be waiting?

    1. Ria

      Hey Pari, thank you so much! I’m glad you liked this. I’ll try posting more, but probably won’t be possible right at the moment.

      Loads of love?

  2. Aarti32

    Reading this os was a blessing indeed..

    1. Ria

      Hey, thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it.?

  3. Superb….and amazing……❣❤️?????????????………loved it….it was really nice…and worth reading…..?❤️

    1. Ria

      Hey Maleeha,
      Thank you so much dear! I’m glad you liked this. ?

  4. Erina

    It was awesome nd I’m happy to read ur another os nd I will feel blessed to read ur os lyk this … ?????????????????????aise hi ache ache is dete rho meri jaan tb to mai yaha se jaungi hi nhi ????????????
    Chalo c u soon but with ur ff soon .. Is it ok na nd I’m ryt na ??????
    With love to my love . ??????????

    1. Ria

      Hey di,
      Thank you so much!! I’m glad you liked this. Well, erm.. zarur. Surely, I’ll be posting some more articles like these, but probably at the moment it won’t be possible.

      About my ff, I am so confused whether to continue it or not because it has been a really long time I’ve been updating now and moreover, I might end up being late like this always. It might cause all of you to lose your interest so, I am still wondering what to do.

      Loads of love?

      1. Erina

        Swtheart aap post kro nd don’t think ki hm bhul jate h bcse hmlog har ff ko yaad rkhte h nd aur v hai hmre writter jo aaj kl bht late lateef ho gye h ??so post soon we r eagerly waiting nd tmne socha v kaise hm tmhre ff ko bhul gye h . we r missing ur ff my swtheart (duffer ????)

      2. Ria

        Haww di.. mujhe late lateef bola? So mean.. anyway, Okay, Chalo I won’t discontinue my ff, but you all would have to wait for the updates.??

  5. Angel20

    Ria my sweetheart how can you write such amazing. Seriously yaar you are superb! I have indeed become your fan! My praises fall short in front of such beautiful writings of yours. It was indeed a blessing to read this wonderful article. Thank you so much for this.

    Loads of love

    1. Ria

      Hey Maria,
      Thank you so much pretty! I’m glad you liked this, but you’ve been praising me a while lot. I ain’t that good either. Moreover, you’re writings are nevertheless.

      Loads of love?

  6. Niki645

    Ria diiiiiii!!!! Everything u write is amazing!!!!!
    Love u so much!!!!
    It was great??
    And the way u write??????……….OMG….no words

    1. Ria

      Hey Niki,
      Thank you so much dear! I’m glad you liked this and my way of writing as well.

      Loads of love?

  7. Ashu

    Cutie pie!
    I think both of our oneshots complement each other, like i told u!
    My os is from Her pov and urs from His pov! I loved reading this! Arey this is the completion of my os… don’t u think?
    And I’m glad u wrote this!
    Love you!❤

    1. Ria

      Hey di,
      Thank you so much! You know, your comment means a lot. If you feel that this adapt of your OS is good, then surely it is. Thank you so so much!

      Loads of love?

      ~ Cutie Pie

  8. Manya

    Loved it❤️❤️
    Love love❤️

    1. Ria

      Thank you so much Manya! I’m glad you liked this.

      Loads of love?

  9. Kritika14

    Heya idiot,
    Firstly, thanks for letting me know about this! if you didn’t I would’ve missed such a great os! Well, I must say you are improving your writing day by day ? Jokes apart, I really really loved this os. It was so cute and adorable at the same time!

    Okay do me a favor! Tell my future boyfriend (cause I don’t have one rn ??) to do this for me ? Anyway, you continue writing more os’s like these and let me know all about them! Moreover, don’t forget about our collaboration okay? you dumbhead! ?

    iloveyou, idiot❣️

    1. Ria

      Heya my stupid,
      See, I’m replying only because you made me realise I’m pretty late.? Well, I’m glad you liked this OS. Thank you so much for this beautiful comment.

      Haan haan, jija ji ko toh main zarur bataungi hi. Aur sun, jija ji ka selection main kar rahi hoon. Only if I like him, you might like him. So, in that case he has to be romantic enough to meet my expectations for you??

      Aur haa, let’s do the collaboration real quick. I’m pretty sure you must be dying to write some romance (like me?). Okay, so real soon. Okay?

      Loads of love?

      ~ Your idiot

      1. Kritika14

        Ahaha no ways! I can’t let you select my boyfriend/jiju okay? I mean, c’mon! who would like your choice in any manner? I’m pretty sure the boy you’ll get for me will be utter shit ? okay jk jk ? But on a serious note, if that is the case, then go ahead! You know my love for romance so probably you may even end up finding a good guy for me? ? Okay, what am I talking? ?

        Speaking of the collaboration, lets get started? yes yes, I am pretty excited about it as much as you are! So let’s make happen asap! Text me the idea (as usual ?)

        Love you tooo! x

      2. Ria

        That’s so mean of you meanie!! I hate you. You doubted my choice?? Never talk to me about all this now.?

        Also, the OS. We’ll plan it tonight.

        Love you back!!?

  10. Sara28

    Hey Ria,
    I don’t know what goes thru ur head that makes u think this is not good. Ur killing me. Like ur making my expectations so high for the man in my life ? I love this and love u more!

    1. Ria

      Hey Sara,
      Thank you so much darling! I’m glad you liked this. Well, I’m pretty sure the man in your life would surely meet upto all your expectations? Okay, jokes apart. He’ll surely be the perfect one for you?

      Loads of love?

  11. Heshine

    Hey Ria…. .first of all sorry for the delay in comment…. !!??and next the os was amazing…. !!!!!its juz rapturous…. !!!I have no enough words……to describe the os…..?????u nailed it.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????✋??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????✋✋????✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌????????oh….!!!!I knw I liked each and every scene of this os….. I’m happy that ishwari…was the one who selected sona fa dev….. And she is not much unsecured towards dev……though not mentioned I hope I understood…!!!!???and yeah…!!!!pls do update ur ff really fast…..egrly waiting fa it……to knw wat hpnd….in the past…..and y our devakshi parted away….!!!!???waiting…. !!!and u knw I’m so impatient yo read ur ff.. ????bcas its juz tremendous…;!oh…!!and here its ur os.. …!!!u knw I read this last night…. (But had no time to cmnt at night so…..sorry fa that…??)and it made me fly……bcas its juz that awesome….!! And how cute our dev babu…. !!!!??his amazing surprise for his wife just to manofy her… !!!????really gud……awesome yaar….!!!splendid…..????????….. And pls do update ur ff a real lot soon… !!! And also try updating more os like this….!!! Will be waiting to read further…;!!?????

    1. Ria

      Hey Heshine,
      Thank you so much for this beautiful comment. I’m glad you liked it. Well, I’ll surely try updating more articles like these in future, bit right at the moment it probably won’t be possible.

      About my ff, it has been quite a long time now that I haven’t been uploading and you all must’ve forgotten the story by now. Moreover, I might continue being late in the near future so, I’m wondering whether I should discontinue the ff or no.

      Loads of love?

      1. Heshine

        Pls Ria don’t discontinue the ff ……we surely remember the plot….!!!and no prob u can post it even later but pls do continue….its a request from one of ur fan….!!!

      2. Ria

        Hey Heshine,
        Thank you for your kind gesture. Okay, I won’t discontinue the ff on your request, bit the updates would be late.??

  12. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Ria,
    Well I don’t know what to say … I am awestruck after reading this amazing piece of creativity….Keep it up…

    Thanks for informing me or I would have not be able to sea something so amazingly amazing 🙂

    Loads of love and support ❤❤❤

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂


    1. Ria

      Hey Zuha,
      Thank you so much for this beautiful comment dear! I’m glad you liked this OS. Well, informing ain’t a trouble at all and I’m pretty glad that you read it after that.

      Also, I’m currently working on an OS on your favourite couple, Raglak. Do stay tuned for that.

      Loads of love?

      1. Zuha Fatima

        Well I am glad knowing you are planning to write over my all time favorite couple 🙂 Do provide me with the link dear .. You know na how lazy I am 😛

        Love u dear ❤❤❤


      2. Ria

        Lazy bug!!! I’ll provide you with the link?

  13. Awesome

    1. Ria

      Hey Princess, thank you so much!!?

  14. Hey Ria di!
    Loved it like hell! Never knew you can write sooooo amazingly! But, after all, you’re my di na!?????
    Jokes apart, this really was superb!
    Please do write more of these!
    Loads of love!??????

    1. Ria

      Hey Anshi,
      Thank you so much for this beautiful comment sweetheart!! I’m glad you liked this. Well, ofcourse I wrote well because I’m your sister. I’ll surely try writing more like these, but right at the moment it won’t be possible. May be in the near future.?

      Loads of love?

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