a new swasan ff on current track (episode 5)

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hi guys ashka here with next epi. i knw i am too late. i am really sorry. actually i had fever and then i also had to do my colz project. so i m sry. but i m also upset with u guys. this much less comments. i mean in firt part it was 25 and it reduced to 18. if u dont like my stories then u can atleast tell wats wrong and i will surely correct it.
now lets start with my story.

Swara was crying silently remembering all past moments happened in these six months.
She was letting out all the pain through whoch she suffered in this few months. How her life got changed.
She was missing sanskar a lot now. She needed him to wipe his tears by his hanky she needed him to give her water by his hands to calm her down. She was now tired by all the happenings. She just wanted to be in her prince’s embrace and forget all her worries and sleep. All the sleepless nights were making here more weak.
She was trying to sleep but sleep was far away from her eyes.
Now the tears in her eyes have dried and then again she took sleeping pill just to be away from all the thoughts. Just to stop thinking and crying. Taking a lil heavy dose of sleeping pill she went in a deep sleep in few minutes.
Next mrng
In mm
Sanskar woke up early and got ready to go and search laksh. He then had his breakfast and he left in his car.
In baadi
As usual ragini had already woke up and prepared the breakfast. She went to swara who was getting ready to go down.
Ragini: swara come fast we have to leave.
Swara: ha ragini just coming.
Then both swaragini have their breakfast and they leave to mm.
Today was engagement of uttara as well as sanskar.
The engagement was in the evening.
Swaragini reach to mm.
There they met gayatri. She started telling them work. Then both swaragini were working.
Swara: ragini have u checked the mike system and all the speakers. They have been set na?
Ragini: ha yes swara and have u seen the lehengas of bride.
Swara: oh ya i forgot wait i will just see it.
Saying so she went in a room where all the dresses and other thing were kept. She started checking everything.
While she was doing so her sight fell on the bridal dress of sanskars bride. It was as same as she had wore on her engagement. She remembered her engagement, her happy moments, her all memories with sanskar, her proposal. All this was going in her mind and tears started to flow from her eyes continuously. Just then ragini enters there to see what was taking swara so long. The turning sound of the door knob brought swara in her senses and she wiped her tears and composed herself. Ragini enters.
Ragini: swara what happened i was waiting for u so long.
Swara: arre! I was just coming. I was checking here. Come lets go.
Both swaragini left from there.

Here gayatri was seeing all the things then goes to a room. Its parinitas room.
Parinita: arre gayatri ji u here any work?
Gayatri: just wanna thankyou for getting me this much money.
And both laugh evilly.
(Actually both gayatri and parinita have shaked hands to destroy maheshwari family.Reason will be revealed later.)
Then a few mins later there is a knock on the door parinita opens the door and sees a girl with viel on her face. And she takes her in.
That girl is none other than sanskars to be bride. She always has a viel on her face.
Gayatri: come beta now ur dreams will be fulfilled of marrying sanskar. Today is engagement and in three days marriage.
Girl in viel: yes bade ma. Thankyou so much u nd pari bhabhi has done so much for me.
They all talk for some time and then leave.
Here swara was working and parinita sees her. Parinita comes near her as ragini was also not there.
Parinita: so swara what have u thought?
Swara: u will get to know soon bhabhi. But when everyone will know about ur intentions then it wont take them even a minute for u to get out of maheswary mansion.
Parinita: we will see that.
And she leaves from there.
Evening its engagement time and guests start coming. Swaragini welcomes everyone.
Now its time for engagement and both the couples come there.
Before starting the ceremony gaytri announces that chirag will sing a song for uttara.
Chirag then sings a song for uttara. Uttata blushes listening to the song. (Wont drag the song part.)
Everyone claps.
Later gayatri announces that sanskar will also sing a song.
Sanskar first denies but than later he accepts as gayatri convinces him.
Then he starts to sing song.
He sings manchala and remembers about how he sang the same song before.
Swara is shocked listening to the song. Swara looks at sanskar and remembers how last time also he sang the same song.
Kabhi gardishon ka maara Kabhi khwahishon se haara
Roothe chaand ka hai chakor
(Swasan have an eyelock full of pain. Swaras eyes are continuously flowing.)
Zara se bhi samjhote se
Yeh parhez rakhta hai kyun
Maane na kabhi koi zor
Duniya jahaan ki bandishon ki
Yeh kahaan parwaah kare
Jab kheenche teri dor Kheenche teri dor…
Manchala.. mann chala teri ore
Manchala.. mann chala teri ore
(Swasan are remembeing their sweet memories. How swara fell on him while sanskar was sleeping on couch).
Khamoshiyon ki sooraton mein
Dhoondhe tera shor
Dhoondhe tera shor
Manchala.. mann chala teri ore
Manchala.. mann chala teri ore
(Swara remembers how sanskar supported her everytime)
Rookhi-sookhi dil ki hai zameen
Jaane kahaan gum hui nami
Meri ummeed hai teri baarishein
(Sanskar remembers how he first met and then slowly fell in love with him)
Ye sahe kayi baar pyaar ke
Tujhe har baar haar ke
Seekhe phir bhi kabhi nahi saazishein
(Both are remembering their sweet memories)
Ho.. tere liye aaj khud se hi bhaagehain
Himmat ke tukde bator
Ho bhaage zamaane se
Chhup ke dabe paanv jaise koi chorJaise koi chor…
Manchala.. mann chala teri ore
Manchala.. mann chala teri ore
Khamoshiyon ki sooraton mein
Dhoondhe tera shor
Dhoondhe tera shor
Manchala.. mann chala teri ore..
Swara is now totally in tears and goes from there unnoticed by everyone.
But yet a pair of eyes watches her going from there and that is none other sanskar. He was also crying in his mind.
Swara was crying her heart out. She never expect this from her life. Everything was going nicely. She had everything with her. Her parents united, her sister, her love of life. But now she is loosing the love of her life. She remembered how she was brave, bold and daring girl who now has turned into a crying girl. She was lost in her own thoughts when a hand taps her bringing her back in her senses.
Here in mm.
Gayatri announces to atart the engagement.
Both couples come infront of each other.
Uttara and chirag exchange the ring.
Then sanskar and his bride too exchange their rings. While doing sanskar was remembering his engagement with swara.
Like this the ceremony ends and guests goes. Swaragini also go back to badi.

To be continued…
Well here i finish this epi. Hope it was long. Pls do comment.
and also keep guesing who is sanskars bride. many of u may have guessed it right. but i will reveal it later…

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