Which new show won your interest?

Colors’ Belan Wali Bahu brings a comic take on a couple’s relationship. Roopa and Amarnath’s relation doesn’t go on smooth. He accidentally dies after getting hit by the Belan thrown by her. He returns in her life as a ghost only to get her arrested. Roppa finds out the blunders committed by Amarnath while he was alive. She gets the responsibility to fix them up and make the lives of her family stable. Amarnath stays with Roopa all the time as a ghost. She then unfolds some secrets of his life.

Zee’s Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se brings an unconventional love story of Vedika and Sahil. Vedika is a 42 year old middle class and struggling single mother, while 24 year old Sahil belongs to a rich and influential family. They meet often by the twist of fate. Sahil begins to lighten her problems. Sahil falls in love with Vedika. He proves that love is enough to bridge any gaps of age, mindset, generation and class.

Prithvi Vallabh is the new weekend blockbuster on Sony channel. It follows the life journey of King Prithvi Vallabh. He falls in love with a princess Mrinalvati, sister of a cruel king Tailap. He gets captured by Tailap and imprisoned. Which new show won your interest? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Prithv vallab

  2. pv is just epic . too good prinal just rock .cant wait to see their scenes . ashish sharma and sonarika are a great plus point to the show , their acting makes this show worth watching . fed up of stories where the heroine is always meek , gentle and the man/king marrying her for revenge . here mrinal stands alone like a pillar to tailap and wants to take revenge and on the other side there is prithvi who is calm like ocean who gives it back to the enemies whenever they trouble his kingdom

    1. Tiyasa


  3. Aapke ajane se..such a unique story..And im loving karan and suhasis chemistry..all the cast doing gud job..

  4. Aap ke ajane se has my vote… I’m charmed by Sahil and this storyline is so very different from the normal Indian serials… Saasbahu or some tried over and over storyline…..im so tired of the same thing. Let’s see how far these writers would reach with this unconventional love story. My only problem is that the age gap between Sahil and Vedika is too wide…lesss than 10 yrs would have been a bit more attractive but I’m giving the story thumbs up for being daring…hope writers don’t screw up like with all the other serials….

  5. Prithvi vallabh . It is awesome . Everything about the show from pin to plane is awesome . The concept, the graphics , costumes, actors all are mindblowing . It is a wonderful historical story and has everything action , drama , revenge , love ,etc. Sonashish are just amazing . It is a unique show which can won anyone’s heart .

  6. Karan !! Karan !! and only Karan !! Aapke aa jane se is my newest crush and I just love the show a lot !! Karan brings alive every character be it Aryaman , be it Ashish , or be it Sayyam .. He makes every character look real .. It feels like reel and real world are the same watching Karan !!
    As Sahil he is cute , caring , understanding and a true follower of humanity !!
    Captivating are his ways , he keeps us amazed always !! I just love him for his every role – be it on screen or off screen !! He’s always such a gentleman !!
    I can go on and on writing on him !! Stay blessed karan and entertain us always by your reeled -real roles (Note The oxymoron !! 😛 ) Loatzzzzzzzzzzzz of love to you boy !!

  7. Fenil

    Prithvi Vallabh and Aapke Aa Jane Se !!?

  8. belan bahu its a basket of fun

  9. Bhaana

    Prithvi Vallabh is awesome

  10. Muniya

    Aapke aa jane se….Fav..
    Loving it from the first epi…
    Karan is Love….

  11. Belan wali Bahu. Train wala part is epic????

  12. Maha_Aijaz

    Ap k aa jaane se… No doubt, it’s such a beautiful story with such an adorable cast. I mean I’ve fallen in love with Sahil. Their love story is just so beautiful that seriously reminded me of Ishq ka rang safed<3
    Hopefully the story doesn't lose it's charm and the plot goes on as it's planned:)

  13. Pruthvi vallab i love the show……..revenge and love makes a great combination……?? ……..

  14. Prutvi vallab….i just love it…..a revenge and love makes a great combination……..??……

  15. ChandaMaya

    Khundali Bhagya . . . . Will hit heights . . .it’s a pretty balanced plot so far . . .no yet too outdacious.

  16. Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se, what a show and start,… and loving the chemistry between Sahil and Vedika

  17. prithvi vallabh is just awesome…..the promo of the serial itself has a grt charm in it……….

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