A New Life-part 8

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Thank you everyone for liking my last post. It means a great deal to me that all like the post and are continuing to comment on it. I hope you enjoy this next bit.

Part 8

A little while later….

Shivay was working on his laptop when he hears OmRu rushing into his room with a shocked, worried, and scared expression. He immediately stood up and went to them, “what happened guys? Is everything okay?” He asked them, only to have them both fall into his arms crying. “Om? Rudra? What is going on? Tell me, please? What is going on? Is everything okay? Are you guys okay? Tell me!” Shivay was starting to get restless seeing them the way that they were. He never liked seeing tears in his brothers’ eyes, but seeing them like this was worrying him.

“Shivay, we went over to Bhabi’s place to talk to her, but Bhabhi wasn’t there. We thought she was at work so we were going to leave when Rudra noticed that the door was opened so we went inside. Shivay, the whole house is messed up. The furniture’s are turned upside down, it’s like someone ransacked the place looking for something. We went further inside and Bhabi’s room was also thrown apart. But that’s not all we noticed some blood drops on the floor in her room so we followed it and it led us to outside then it stopped.” Om told Shivay who was standing speechless and scared himself.

“Bhaiya, we don’t know where Bhabhi is. It looks like someone took her bhaiya. There was so much blood on the floor bhaiya” Rudra starts crying vigorously. Shivay stared at the two of them hoping that one of them will burst out laughing but they didn’t. OmRu stared at Shivay with tears in their eyes.

“ANIKA” shivay shouted as he ran out of his room with OmRu following behind him. The rest of the Oberoi family stood shocked seeing Shivay running like a madman with OmRu following behind him. They followed behind the boys into the guest house only to stand rooted in place. Everyone looked around with a shocked expression as they looked around the trashed home. Shivay stood there with a shocked expression and tears in his eyes as he surveyed the destroyed house. Everything was turned upside down, the place was just a mess. After a second or so, Shivay started moving in and out of rooms searching for Anika or any sign of her. He kept screaming out her name hoping with a little ounce of hope that she was still in the house and she could hear him. But when he entered her room, everything stopped, the world as he knew just stood still. There was so much blood on the floor, he didn’t know what to think of it. All he can think of was Anika was in some kind of danger, and he had no idea what. As he stood staring at the pool of blood on the floor, everyone joined him and stood with a helpless expression on their faces. Tej and Shakthi immediately picked up their phones to call the commissioner and their security guards to figure out what was going on when they understood that Shivay was too traumatized to do anything at the moment.

OmRu walked over to Shivay and held him from each side to show their support, but all Shivay wanted at that moment was to hold Anika and make sure that she was alright. He felt as if his heart will explode if he didn’t see her right this moment. It was like dejavu all over again. The last time he felt like this was when he saw her in the water tank and thought she left him for ever. He felt it again when she walked out after signing the divorce papers. He was going out of his mind trying to figure out every possible scenario that could make this scene he was witnessing make sense to him, but nothing was positive. Just then his phone rings. “Hello?” Shivay picks up without looking at the screen, hoping with all mighty that it was Anika on the other line, apologising for putting him through this nightmare.

“Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi, it’s nice to talk to you once again. But I’m going to have to cut this call short as there is something I want to show you. So keep your phone on you, as once I cut this call I will call you back with a video call and you better pick it up!” Shivay’s body went numb as the call ended, shivers ran down his spine from the voice of the caller. He wanted to call Khanna and get him to survey the ground, but he was afraid he will miss the chance to finding Anika.

“Shivay, who was it? What did they say? Why do you look scared?” Om asked as he shook Shivay. Everyone looked worried as they watched Shivay just staring at his phone. “Shivay” Om kept calling out to Shivay while he and Rudra shook him.

The phone rang again and Shivay scurried to pick up the video call. “DAKSH!” He screamed whiles staring at the man who he thought was his friend. Everyone was shocked to hear Shivay calling out Daksh.

“Hahahaha! Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi, we finally meet again. While I wished this was under different circumstances and in person, I think this way is for the best. Hahaha…I know Shivay, you’re trying to figure out how I got out of jail, but you don’t worry about it. BUT BUT BUT I will tell you one thing…you have people in your family that will help your enemies just to make sure that you don’t thrive!” When they heard Daksh’s voice from the phone, everyone came behind Shivay to watch along with him. They were shocked to see Daksh acting the way he was. Shivay was getting agitated as the seconds grew with Daksh’s mundane conversation. He wanted him to get to the point so that he can go out and find Anika. “OK okay! Don’t get mad just yet, there’s something I want to show you.” He says as he turns the camera away from him. With the camera focusing away from him he walks around the secluded place and down a narrow hallway. He opens up the door to an unlit room. “Shivay, look who I found!” saying this he turns the lights on.

As the Oberoi’s watched Daksh turn the lights on, all they can do was gasp out. There sitting in the middle of the room on a chair was a bloodied Anika. Blood was dripping from her head, her lips were bloodied. Her hands were tied behind her back but you can see blood stains on her shirt, her bare feet were bloodied and scraped.

“DAKSH” Shivay screamed out! Seeing Anika in the state that she was making Shivay furious. He wanted to beat Daksh until he blead out. His fingers were turning white and his eyes were turning red showing how angry and mad he was getting. “WHERE ARE YOU? WHEN I FIND YOU, YOU BETTER HOPE THAT SHE IS FINE! I’VE TOLD YOU ONCE AND I WILL TELL YOU ONCE AGAIN…NO ONE DARES TO TOUCH SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI’S WIFE AND GET AWAY WITH IT!!!! I WILL MAKE SURE THAT YOU PAY FOR EVERYTHING!” Shivay yells at the phone! Everyone watches as Daksh laughs out loud and walks over to a bleeding and exhausted Anika!

“Look Anika, look who it is!” Daksh said to Anika as he showed the video call to Anika. Anika struggled to open her eyes, but finally did, only to see the faces of the Oberoi family. She wanted to cry, but any movement she made just hurt even more. “Come on Anika, tell them all what I did to you. Tell them how I slapped, then hit you on the head with the back of this,” he said waiving a gun in his hand. Everyone watching this was shocked seeing the gun in his hand. “Oh and tell them how I tied you up and carried you limb body to this wonderful place, tied you on this chair and then took out all my anger on you.” Daksh’s anger showed as he was repeating the day’s event to Anika and the Oberoi family that he started shaking Anika to tell her what he all did. He then stopped and walked away from Anika and placed the phone on a table nearby. The camera was still showing Anika,

so that everyone can see what was going on in that room. Shivay and everyone else watched as Daksh stalked to Anika and started hitting her more and more. Everyone held their breath and tears sprung in everyone’s eyes as they watched and heard Anika’s screams. Shivay was screaming out to Daksh to stop and that he would do anything that he wanted if he would stop doing what he was doing, but Daksh was upset and angry over everything that happened. He still believed he was doing justice for the injustice that he was given. He wanted Shivay to hurt just as bad as he did when he found out that Anika had married Shivay, but beating her wasn’t enough for him.

He walked back to the camera and looked right into it and said, “Catch me if you can Shivay!”

The call went dead.

Everyone stood speechless trying to figure out what they had just witnessed. “How? When? What?!” No one had any answer for the questions that were running through their minds. This was the boy that grew up with one of their own. They had raised and projected their love to him as if he were one of their own. What had happened to him to cause him to act this way?

Shivay stood still as the screen went blank. He was numb, he couldn’t move, then all of a sudden he fell onto his knees and screamed “ANIKA” as tears were running down his eyes. OmRu rushed to Shivay and tried to console him, but were having trouble as they themselves couldn’t hold in the tears, anger and aggravation.

“Sir?” Everyone looked up to see Khanna standing at the door looking at them with guilt in his eyes. He looked around for a quick second before saying, “we were able to trace his calls. He’s at a burnt building just off of Narain Street.” With this information, Shivay sprung to his knees and ran out of the house with OmRu folloing behind him. He heard a faint “I’ll call the police to meet you there”, but he didn’t care about anything, about where he was going, what he was going to do, all he knew was that Anika was in danger and he need to go and get her.

Precap: Anika’s POV

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