A New Life-part 6

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Part 6

Anika wakes up only to find herself being held by Shivay. She tried maneuvering herself out of his hold so that she can get up without waking him up but was unable to, as Shivay too awoke. They got out of each other’s hold and stood up facing away from each other. Anika looked back at Shivay then to get away from the awkwardness left to the bathroom to freshen up as Shivay looked at Anika’s retreating figure.

Both Shivay and Anika were reminiscing the previous night’s event on how Anika was startled by the thunderstorm and how Shivay came to and consoled her and how finally the two of them settled down for the night. Both were highly disturbed by this event as for Shivay he still cannot comprehend what his heart is telling him and Anika just wants to get out and leave all this behind. No matter what has happened till date she still can’t forget the events that were the root cause to everything. She finally got out of the bathroom dressed for the day. When she came out she saw Shivay sitting at the foot of the bed. She quickly finished getting ready and continued out of the room all the while ignoring Shivay. Shivay on the other hand just stared at Anika to see if she will say something about the previous night’s event, but as usual she just ignored him, which really hurt him. But her avoidance to him was nothing compared to that day when she didn’t put back her mangalsutra and sindhoor.


Back in the hospital room….

All the youngsters were sitting around Anika and talking while Shivay was watching her. She looked different but he couldn’t put his finger on what it was. It wasn’t the bandage around her head or the cast that adorns her left arm, it was something, but he just couldn’t figure it out. Just then the door opened breaking him from this thoughts. The nurse walked in and over to Anika to check on her to make sure that everything is good. “Ma’am, here are your personal belongings. Because of the operation, we had to take these things off of you.” She handed Anika a bag with all of her things. It was then that Shivay noticed the mangalsutra in there. He quickly looked over at Anika to see that she wasn’t wearing hers and realized that was what was making her different to him. He watched closely as she fished her charmed bracelet out of the bag and had Sahil help her put it on. She then closed the bag up and gave it to Sahil to put it with her belongings to take home. Shivay was left speechless when he realized that she wasn’t going to put the mangalsutra on. He just stared at her, and Anika could feel Shivay’s stare but didn’t look up to see him. She continued talking to OmRu, Sahil, Priyanka and Sowmya.

Shivay wanted to question Anika on this and was just about to ask when the door to the room opened and in walked the doctor along with Dadi. “Mrs. Oberoi, you are free to go now. All the reports came back and you are now discharged. While you may go home, please do see that you get the rest and make sure to take all your medicines on time.” With that being said, the doctor left. Dadi told everyone to help Anika get ready so that they can leave. Dadi was just about to leave the room when she stopped and looked at Anika. She noticed right away that she wasn’t wearing her mangalsutra, “Anika puthar, where is your mangalsutra?” Anika looked down and didn’t know what to say.

“It’s with her belongings. The nurse just came and gave it to her.” Shivay quickly answered for her. He knew she wouldn’t answer him if he had asked her anything about why she wasn’t wearing it, she probably would have just ignored him like she is accustomed to do so nowadays. But with Dadi there, there was no way that she could escape in answering this question. He looked over at Anika who was just staring at him. He could tell that she wanted to rip his head off for telling Dadi that.

“Well, uhh Dadi, it’s just that the nurse just gave it back to me, and I couldn’t wear it with this cast, so I just thought to put it away for now and I will wear it later.” Anika rambled. She knew she couldn’t get away from not wearing it, but she thought to try the least. She thought she could get away with just telling them that the hospital hasn’t returned it to her, but of course the great Shivay Singh Oberoi couldn’t just keep his mouth shut.

Dadi looked at Anika and said, “Puthar, your husband is standing here, if you couldn’t put it on you could have asked him to put it on for you. After all, it is his right only to tie this sacred thread on you.” Everyone was smirking at the two of them while both Anika and Shivay just looked at each other. Anika quickly looked away, while Shivay continued looking at her.

“No Dadi, he doesn’t. Yes this is a sacred thread, and holds great meaning to a lot of girls. It did to me once as well, but since the day it adorned my neck, it has meant nothing to me. We all know under what circumstances that this was tied on my neck and we all know that in a few short months, this relation will be dissolved and this will no longer be worn by me. So what’s the difference if I take it off then or if I take it off now?” Anika asked looking at Dadi. Shivay looked at her in shock as did everyone else in the room. They understood her reasons behind the way she spoke and in all honesty, she had every single right to question the sacred thread and the ‘named’ relation that they had. She was only his wife to the people of Oberoi mansion and to god and court, but to everyone else she was just the wedding planner of Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi and Mrs. Tia Shivay Singh Oberoi. Shivay looked down, while Dadi looked on.

Dadi walked over Anika and gently placed her hands on Anika’s shoulder and said, “Puthar, I know you’ve been wronged many times by our family, but that doesn’t mean you are not a part of this family. You are and will always be this family’s bahu, and no one can ever take that place from you. I know you just want to get away from all of this, but the truth is that you are married to my arrogant grandson, and this thread shows your right on him just like it shows his right on you.” Seeing Anika about to argue with her, Dadi put her hands up and said, “I know, the two of you are going to get divorced, but until then you are his wife and this thread is your only asset and security. Please puthar for my sake put it back on.”

Anika looked at Dadi and wanted to argue with her, but the tears that were threatening to break free caused Anika to stop. After a lot of battle within herself, she went and got the bag. She took out the mangalsutra and struggled to put it back on. Seeing her struggle, Shivay moved forward and helped her in tying it once again. When he was done he looked up only to see Anika staring at him with wide eyes. Both looked at each other and reminisced their marriage. Anika quickly stepped back from Shivay who then moved to the side.

“Okay come on guys, I am tired and haven’t had my protein sake in some days because of all the worry I had, so bhaiya please can you make me some when we go home?” Rudra commented and asked Shivay. Shivay simply smiled and nodded his head at Rudra. With that OmRu grabbed Anika’s belonging and moved out of the room with Priyanka, Sowmya, Dadi and Sahil following them. Shivay and Anika were the only ones left in the room. Anika got up but due to the pressure of her feet touching the ground, it caused her great pain, causing her to let out a startled shout. This caused Shivay to look up at Anika. He quickly went over to her and tried helping her up, Anika moved out of his reach. She once again tried but Shivay could see the discomfort on her face, and not caring for what Anika will say, went over and picked her up. Anika once again gave a startled shout, but this time it was because of Shivay.

She looked at him in shock and tried to wriggle free from his clutch, but of no use. “No matter how much you try, I am not letting you down until we reach the car.” Shivay spoke in clear tone into Anika’s ears. Anika didn’t care for what he had just uttered and kept trying to break free from Shivay. But Shivay kept his words and didn’t let Anika down until they reach the car. He carefully placed her in the back seat of the car and went around to the driver’s seat. After making sure that everyone was safely seated Shivay took off to the

Oberoi mansion.

At Oberoi Mansion…

Everyone got out of the car, and Shivay once again picked Anika up. Anika not ready to speak or acknowledge Shivay continued to just trying to break free from him, but Shivay for his part wasn’t letting that happen. They finally reached the entrance of the mansion, when Dadi asked them to stop so that she can go get at the Arathi plate. Dadi came back a few minutes later with the Arathi and the rest of the family following behind her. Pinky, Tia, and Mrs. Kapoor were also present there looking on. Dadi did the Arathi of Anika, and once done gave the plate to Priyanka asking her to go and pour it out by the main gates. She then asked Shivay to carefully bring Anika to his room and have her rest there.
Shivay was just about to take a step into the house only to stop. “No Dadi, I will continue to stay at the guesthouse. I don’t want to trouble any of you.” Anika stated.

“Puthar, what are you saying? You are injured and need some rest. Please just come inside and stay here. Once you get better you can go back if that is your wish.” Dadi argued back. Both Anika and Dadi kept going back and forth before Dadi finally relented to Anika’s plea of staying in the guesthouse. She asked Shivay to take Anika to the guest house and get her settled properly. Shivay wanted to argue, but knew that this is what Anika wanted and possibly needed for the time being.


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