A New Life-part 5

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Part 5

Everyone was waiting for Anika to gain consciousness. Rudra was sitting in a corner crying while Sowmya and Om were trying to console him. Dadi, Janivi, Tej and Shakthi kept to themselves. Shivay was sitting down quietly staring at Anika’s room door. After a while he stood up and started pacing the floor as if he was a caged animal. As the time ticked on he was getting restless.

2 hours later…

Each of the members were lost in their thoughts and worry for Anika. No one heard any noise until commotion in Anika’s room attracted everyone’s attention to the door. They looked up to see the doctor and nurses move in and out of her room, scaring everyone waiting for Anika to gain consciousness.

Finally the doctor comes out. Before the doctor can say anything, Shivay moved with determination to the doctor, “How is she? What happened? Is everything okay?” He just kept firing away questions without giving any room for the doctor to answer any of the questions asked. OmRu put their hands on Shivay’s shoulders to calm him down.

Seeing as Shivay was a little calmer, the doctor spoke, “She is doing better now. Nothing to worry, she was just having a nightmare, which caused her breather to accelerate and her heart monitor to act up. We had to control her breathing and heart. But like I said, nothing to worry about. She is doing a lot better. And I can see that you are all eager to meet her. She is conscious now, but I do hope you will give her the opportunity to rest. You can go in to see her.” Saying this the doctor leaves from there.

When they heard that Anika was better and conscious, all rushed into her room to see how she’s doing. When they opened the door, they saw Anika lying in bed with her eyes wide open, looking out of the small window to the right of the room. She had a bandage around her head, her left hand was in a cast and her left leg was tied up in bandage. They were already informed that Anika had gone under a major operation, as she lost a lot of blood and she had 3 broken rib bones and fractured 2 others. The possibility of Anika getting up and walking on her own soon was very low, but with a little patience and a lot of physical therapy she would get better in no time. Anika was lost in her thought that she didn’t hear them entering.

Dadi walked up to Anika with the others following behind, “Anika…” she whispered. Anika, broken out of her trance turns her head to the sound of the voice. She sees Dadi and the others there looking at her. Dadi comes closer and puts her hand on Anika’s head and asks, “puthar, how are you? What happened?” Her voice breaks by the end, by seeing Anika’s condition. Anika seeing Dadi’s worry tried getting up but with her broken arm, she struggled to sit up properly. Seeing her struggle, Shivay moved forward to help but was stopped by Anika’s hand. After numerous attempts, Anika succeeded in getting up on her own, and everyone was happy to see how much whit she had left and how strong this young girl was.

Anika looked at Dadi, “Dadi, I’m alright. Just a few bumps and bruises, but otherwise I’m fine. I will be good as new in a few days, nothing to worry about.” She smiled big to show everyone that she was fine. She looked at everyone to see concern adorned on their faces, but before she could say anything, Rudra moved to Anika and hugged her tightly.

“Bhabi, please don’t do this to me ever again. You know how worried I was when that bhaiya called me and said you were in an accident?” he cried in her shoulder. “I was so scared. I thought you were going to leave me. Promise you won’t leave me ever. Don’t scare me like that ever again.” He looks up at her with tears falling down from his eyes.

Anika places her right hand on Rudra’s cheek and tries to console him. “Rudra, I’m fine, nothing has happened to me. I will be as good as new in a few days. I promise.”

Rudra puts out his pinky and asks, “Pinky promise?” Anika gives a tearful laugh and joins her pinky with his and promises him that she will be fine. Rudra hugs Anika tightly while crying in her shoulder. Anika holds Rudra in her arms like a mother would her child, and consoles him. She looks up to see everyone with tears in their eyes. Her eyes catches Shivay looking on and avoids eye contact with him and just then catches the little boy who is staring at her with tears rolling down his eyes. Anika pulls back from her hug with Rudra and holds her hands out to Sahil.

Sahil slowly moves towards Anika, seeing this Om picks him and places him on the bed next to Anika. Sahil quickly falls into Anika’s arms and cries his eyes out. “Shhh Shhh Sahil, I’m fine. I’m here, nothing has happened,” she consoles him.

“I thought you also left me like mom and dad!” Sahil continues crying into Anika’s arms.

Hearing his words, Anika was at a loss for words. She pulled back and looked him in the eyes and said, “no matter what happens, there is nothing in this world that will take me away from you. That I promise you!” Anika pulls Sahil into her arms and cries along with him. All members of the Oberoi family look on with tears at the brother-sister moment. After a few minutes, the adults of the family leave while Shivay, OmRu, Priyanka and Sowmya stay back. Sahil had fallen asleep in Anikas arm being tired of all the crying. Everyone is talking among themselves, but Anika is looking out the window trying to figure out how things could have changed if not for the kind gentleman who had saved her life.

While the others were speaking to themselves, Shivay’s attention was caught on Anika who was holding sleeping Sahil in her arms and looking out the window lost in her own thoughts. Seeing Anika in this situation was making him feel restless. He was used to the bubbly Anika who wouldn’t stop talking even when asked to, who would always get her nose into others business and create havoc for everyone, but the last few months, she did a 180 and seems to be a totally different person.

End of Flashback…

To this date, she had no idea who had saved her. She wanted to meet him to say thank you and also to yell at him for hitting her with his car, but he left without giving his information to anyone and because he called Rudra from her phone, that didn’t help at all.

She’s pulled out of her thought when she hears a loud thunder clap and screams out. This wakes Shivay up from his sleep who immediately goes over to Anika, “Anika? Are you okay? What happened?” He holds her in his arms trying to console her crying figure. Anika with her eyes shut tightly, holds onto Shivay tightly “don’t leave me, please don’t leave me!” she cries into his arms. Instead of answering her, he just holds her safely in his arms. After a while he realizes that Anika has fallen asleep and not wanting to wake her up, slowly shifts himself and her so that they both lay on the couch together, with Anika safely tucked in his arms.

Precap: Anika in trouble and more Shivay-Anika moments.

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