Hai guys I am varsha (philo) I am going to do a combined fan fico s ishq ka rang safed, meri aashiqui tum se hi ,swaragini ,thapki pyaar ki , kum kum bhagya

Here are the couples
Vidhaani (viplav+dhaani)
Ishveer (ishaani+ranveer)
Swasan (swara+sanskar)
Raglak (ragini+laksh)
Thahaan (thapki+bihaan)
Abhigya (abhi+pragya)

And every negative and positive character will be taken for this fan fic I hope u guys support me
If u want to give me any opinion of this ff then u can give me

I will introduce some new characters in the middle of the ff and I will say the actor or actress name so you can imagine them

Here are the friengs gang

Dhaani,ishaani,swara,thapki,ragini,pragya will be friends
Viplav,ranveer,sanskar,bihaan,dhuruv,laksh,abhi will be friends

Tanu,aaliya,kavitha,taniya,shraddha will be friends
Chiraag,diwakar,tripurari,Nikhil will be friends
If u liked my introduction then comment like if you liked this if u want any change in my introduction u can give me your opinion but this ff will be posted only once in a week

  1. Looks interesting…..

  2. interesting Varsha… keep writing…. πŸ™‚

  3. ha ha new writer avo avo super

    varsha u combined allthe serial and formed new story acha new creativity . start .
    all the best

  4. Nice….. eagerly waiting for your ff

  5. Omg! I bet your fanfiction is gonna be superb. The characters you are using are from one of my favorite serials. I don’t watch “Kum Kum Bhagya” and “Meri Ashique Tum Se Hi” but I know about the couples. Honestly, I always wanted someone to write a combined fanfic and this one is gonna be amazing. Please do continue! ??
    You fanfiction’s new fan! ??

  6. Nice. …waiting 4 the update….and who is the pair 4 dhuruv

    1. i will introduce later

  7. nice but varsha give equally importance to every couple . I’m requesting because our matsh is going to end

    1. I agree with you becoz matsh will be eΓ±ding this month so that there must be more ishveer moments before that show is ending after that also I request you plsssss and IKRS,kkb are also my fav shows

    2. hai my friend i will give equall importance to every couple ok

  8. oh my god !!!!!my frnd varsha i am happy to see u here writing ff i liked all ur jokes and riddles pls go ahead and continue this

  9. Carry on. But why once in a week?? Why not everyday?

    1. hai prince i cant post everyday as i am busy with studies so only once in a week

  10. My dear Varsha.u are always amazing.this is going to be rocking.i swear this will be unique.creativity creativity full creativity.go on but sincerely saying i don’t know about kukum bhagya and very little knowledge about other serials except IKRS but surely this is going to be a new sensation.

  11. hai my friends thank u for ur support guys i will post the first part in next week may be wednesday

  12. guys if u want to give any ideas to me pls give i will accept it

  13. Very interesting introduction dear. Waiting 4 next update

  14. @Varsha once in a week is a good option as u have to focus in your studies also and one more thing don’t stop your funny post,its such a relief.ALL THE BEST MY FRIEND.

  15. good one varsha …nice ff intro …go ahead ….keep going πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  16. Superb

  17. Its interesting varsha.go ahead dear.

  18. Superb Varsha,,,,,

  19. Very interesting FF ……

  20. hey varsha it seems interesting and please focus more on the lovely couples not on -ve character ok

  21. Nice varsha

  22. new person ….welcome varsha. keep gng … Super start … go on

  23. very good varsha awaiting the story to start. . so many couples n all friends good

  24. Thumbs up for ur multi starrer varsha!!! It sounds interesting… All the best for ur ff & thanx for uniting fans from diff shows together through this maha series…hope we all have a wonderful journey throughout the series…

  25. Bonnee chance varsha
    Im a fan of kkb

  26. Awesome work…. I love all the couples of ur fanfic…. Keep going

  27. Hey philo/varsha I loved the fact that you are making a ff with some serials combined and I like all the couples also πŸ™‚ good job

  28. Hey Varsha I want to request u to pls include ritika and Shikhar as well !

    1. Me too meera dr..bcoz i luv rithika more..

  29. Rookey Rookers

    i know only matsh and a few about kkb , but nice show my ishveer together . . pls . .

  30. Dhruv ka pair adithi hoga tho aachha…

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