A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 12)

Precap: Arshi’s cute fight over sleeping on recliner

Arshi’s Room

Arshi beat aman & push him out. Aman fall over lavanya who is passing by. Both fall on ground & have a eyelock

Lavanya : Ouch..you broke my back
Aman : Sorry
Lavanya : what were you doing in their room.. Don’t you know its their first night today. Idiot
Aman explain what happened inside
Aman : Kushi bhabhi was looking little dull.
Lavanya : it was expected
Aman : what’s the solution then..how to cheer her mood then
Lavanya : First we should remove that ‘Kareli’ from here
Aman : Kareli..? Who ???
Lavanya : Garima devil
Aman : what you call her Kareli & devil!!
Lavanya : she deserves it
Aman : ok let’s talk seriously now.. What you said was it true..? I mean affairs ….
Lavanya : I’ll tell you everything come but not here

They go to balcony & sit

Aman : ok tell me now
Lavanya : She is cheap, cheater, low class woman.. Sometimes..no not sometimes I always feel like strangling her. Do you know whenever I see tears in kushi’s I plan how to kill that Kareli. I have killed 9743 times in my dreams.
Aman : Seriously 9743 !!!!
Lavanya : I’m sure will soon have 9999th dream too but the 10000th one won’t be a dream.
Aman : You don’t need to this if ASR comes to know about this then she won’t get a second chance..ok now stop this let me about her affairs
Lavanya : My dadi told me she had many affairs before marriage with shashi uncle. She continued her affairs when uncle went for buissness trips. Once she was caught by buaji & then she did some drama & pleaded not to tell anyone including uncle. Buaji also forgave her for sake of payal & their family respect. My dadi & buaji thought she has changed but I know even today she have affair with one man in Lucknow . I don’t know his name but soon will find him.
Aman: I can’t believe this how can she cheat uncle that to even at this age.
Lavanya : such people never change. She never loved uncle she married him only for money
Aman: we have to keep a eye on her
Lavanya nod
Aman: so are we partners now
Lavanya: hmm let me think ( aman make sad face ) ok done.

Arshi room

Both are sleeping on bed . Arnav had noticed there is something wrong with kushi she was dull.

Arnav : kushi tum teek ho ( kushi are you ok)
Kushi : haan ,aap humesha humse yehi kyun poochte hai ( yes, why do you always ask this )
Arnav: kyunki mujhe lagta hai tume koyi cheez parishaan kar rahi hai (because I feel something is bothering you ) is it our marriage , I know everything was just imposed on us & we were left with no choice , but you too had your dreams & everything just..( kushi interrupt )
Kushi : ( angry tone) I know it was imposed, yes I had many dreams about my future husband & you ( she pointed finger at him) remember one thing my present husband is way better in fact ‘The Best’ I could ever get. We had no choice but even if I had I would choose him only , because he is the sweetest, cutest, most caring , responsible husband got it..you better get it..
Arnav : calm down kushi & what are you saying I’m only your husband baby
Kushi : no my husband is Arnav Singh Raizada
Arnav : then who am I ?
Kushi : he is genius & by hearing your last talks I don’t think you are..
Arnav : excuse me..!! Kush..( she interrupt)
Kushi : no you are not excused
She turn away in anger. Her face all red & she is looking like a small baby in angry mood. Arnav start admiring her & as he is lost in admiring her he forgot she is angry. Kushi expected him to speak but when he didn’t say anything she see towards him & feel shy finding him admiring her. But clear her throat to get his attention
Arnav : never saw you this beautiful
Kushi widen her eye ( Arnav never had praised her this much openly she knew he admires her always & even she too did the same )

ASR come back to senses
Arnav : no not beautiful this much angry i mean
Kushi : what that means I’m not beautiful ( she frowned)
Arnav : no no you are very beautiful ( he clarified)
She started laughing & Arnav too laughed with her
Arnav : toh tum teek ho ab ( so you are alright now?)
Kushi : phir se, jaayiye hum aapse baat..(again , go I won’t ta.. )arnav keep hand on her mouth
Arnav: ok come let’s go
Kushi : where?
Arnav : for a date
Kushi feel shy
Kushi : iss waqt kaha..?( where at this time)
Arnav : you ask too many questions, close your eyes I’ll be back in a minute ok
Kushi nod yes & Arnav go & return after 10mins . he take kushi to French doors & open them the poolside is arranged with beautiful flowers & a large couch
Kushi : here?
Arnav : we have spent lot of time with family let’s spend time with your Amma & babuji also..
Kushi: aapko bhi vishwas hai ki marne ke baad log taare ban jaate hai??( even you believe people become stars after death)
Arnav nod no

Kushi: phir ( then)
Arnav : par tume toh iss mein vishwas hai aur mujhe tum pe vishwas hai ( but you believe & I believe in you)
Kushi’s eyes fill with tears , she hug him & both sit on a couch & start talking to stars.

1 month pass Shashi Gupta & naniji are perfectly alright now. Kareli ( garima) went to Lucknow 3 weeks ago due to plans of lavanya & aman & Arshi spent quality time with each other. Kushi was very happy in absence of Kareli or we can say in presence of Arnav. They always sticked together. Anjali , payal, lavanya,Aman , Akash left no chance to tease them . Akash had professed his love to payal & she agreed for it too but informed none except Arshi, anjali , la& Aman.. As they don’t want to think of may this soon. Aman & lavanya’s love story was on very slow track..they acted like friends with each other.

Arshi were yet to say those 3 magical words to each other. They never felt its necessity as they were always together but today Gupta’s are going back to Lucknow. There was a huge storm in all 6 love birds heart especially in Arshi’s heart but they had to separate.

Everyone was already outside to see off Gupta’s except Arshi they were in their room

Kushi : Arnav …woh …
Arnav: bolo ( tell)
Kushi didn’t say anything they stared each other
Bubbly come & take them out they move involuntarily. Kushi takes everyone’s blessings & leave in a car giving one last stare to arnav
Rabba ve…. song plays

Precap : Arshi say those 3 magical words to each other.

Guys next episode will be valentines special full of Arshi romance. Hope you enjoy that. And I’m really very sorry for irregular updating I was busy due to my cousin’s wedding.

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