New female lead opposite Mihir in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Mihir realizes that Mihika always wanted a rich life partner, who is strong enough to support her forever, and he blames himself to be weak who could not save her self-respect in tough time. He feels maybe she took this decision finding him less deserving. Mihir will soon get a new life partner in his life.

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  1. wish I was not loving Ishra then I would have stopped watching this show. Absolutely rubbish is happening in this show. Who will think about Raman & Ishita. They have a life. When will they live for themselves. When will we see just romance and love between Ishra and not this type of bulshit drama. I’m tired of this show now. The main characters of this show r Ashok, Shagun, Adi, Mihika.

    1. I completely agree..We should stop watching this stupid drama track which created by ektha.oh my god i thought this was gonna be an epic drama series and i loved every bit of this drama so far.But i dont know why they always doing this when we keep them peak..this is so embarrassing and please do not spoil the cutest story…Please producers have obligedto respect viewers.but this is not happening at all.

      1. Oh come on this show wasn’t just made for ishra moments every drama has some next tracks and these kind of tracks as well. You can’t ekta to show just ishra moments all the time the show has to have these type of tracks so they can solve them and then get everything right again . Ishra moments will happen once in a while but not all the time as the drama would be filled with just romantic tracks and not tracks with problems or how to solve those problems

  2. We wan mihir and mihika togthr …. We cnt see thm gttn separatd

  3. It’s really gtng bored

  4. It is getting bored with Ashok and Shagun getting away with everything? ??
    C ‘ mon get to real life guys. Producer please change the story line. ..pleaaassseeee

  5. What the hell ! Mihir Raman ko bhai & Simmi ko didi kehta hai to Rinky bhi to behen hi hui naa… kaise wo mihir ki life partner banegi???

    1. yes you are absolutely right not only simmi even rinky also calls him mohir bhayya then wt this bulshit drama creating plz ekta mam give some respect to relations plzzzzz

  6. may b writers have lost their mind thats y nw ther r making relations btwn bro,sis….ie mihir,rinky

  7. its’nt worth watchng dis shw nymore expct 4 ruhi,ishita,raman

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