My new favourite feeling (part 1) by shinchan

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Swara – aunty aap thik h na
Lady – haan beta main thik hoon thank you beta
Swara – aacha chaliye main aapko mandir le chalti hoon
Lady – aare main chali jaungi
Swara – abhi apne mujhe beta kaha aur ab aise kehe rahi hain
Lady – thik h chalo
Like this both went inside where swara helped the lady to climb the stairs
Both prayed for there own family n offered there pooja plates to the pandit ji
Swara bent down n took the blessings of pandit ji n turn back to take the lady’s blessing.
Lady – hamesha khush rehna beta

Both were descending down the stairs when the lady asked swara
Lady – beta tum kaha jaa rahi hoon
Swara – main kaam par jaa rahi hoon
Lady – aise jaa rahi ho
Swara – haan, q aunty koi problem h mere clothes main
Lady – ni tum perfect ho bas mere bete ke office mein ladkiya pencil skirts…
Swara – while laughing haan aunty but mujhe voh ni pasand iss liye main voh ni pehenti
Lady – ohh thik h
(swara was wearing shirt trousers with a blazer on top. Totally professional clothes)
Swara – aiye aunty main aapko ghar chodh doon
Lady – ni tum jao tumhe office main late ho jayega meri car aa gayi
Swara – chaliye main aapko car tak chodh doon
Lady – chalo waise tumhara naam kya h
Swara – ji swara
After this, the lady sat inside her car n swara went away but the lady turned back again to see her.

A car came n stopped infront of the big corporate building named “maheshwari industries”. He came out n straight away went inside. Seeing him everyone stood up n wished him to which he just nod his head n went inside the cabin.
At the same time a car came n stopped infront of “karma industries” n our swara came out from it. She went inside n wished everyone with a big smile to which they replied her back with the same happy face. After this she went to riya(one of her employee) n wished her birthday with a big dairymilk silk bubbly pack (yummy) .

Durga prasad maheshwari – owner of maheshwari industries. Strict type of person but loves his family a lot. Can’t express his love towards them in simple manner.
Annapurna maheshwari – wife of dp. Loves her childrens a lot n always support them but never go against dp. Supress her dreams infront of dp. Traditional but understands todays generation.
Adarsh maheshwari – eldest son. Loves his family n respect dp. married parineeta on dp’s insistence. Never show any affection towards her. Just share the same room with her nothing else.
Parineeta maheshwari – wife of adarsh. Neither to traditional nor too modern. Wants to give there relation a chance but adarsh never paid any heed to her.
Sanskar maheshwari our hero, handsome like a greek god, but very arrogant. Loves his family very much n can do anything for them. Doesn’t like to talk much n maintain professional relation with the employees.
Laksh maheshwari – studying his post graduation. Loves his family. Never broke any girls heart just healthy flirting.
Uttara maheshwari – studying in college. Only sister of three brothers. Pampered a lot. Sweet innocent girl.

Swara gadodia – owner of karma industries. Her parents died in an accident when she was 23. considers her employees as her own family. They too consider her as there own sister. Very sweet n bubbly girl. Doesn’t like to stay alone in the big mansion so stays in a flat.

I m really sorry for not commenting on any ffs actually my cellphone got stolen on the very first day of my exams n I was really upset..i loved it like my own baby.
Actually mine was a windows phone n I m not getting the same model anywhere again n android is not my cup of tea so right now I m phoneless but I have read all ur ffs when I used to switch on my laptop during my break times….

Btw any of u watch korean dramas? I m in need of some suggestions.

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  1. Superbb

  2. Raina_Riz

    Awesome epi…
    Finally you are back after so many days…I was missin your ff badly…

  3. Rosey

    Wow what an amazing concept too good

  4. Jannatul.Nayma09

    Update soon

  5. Nyc starting

  6. Nice..Finally u r back with a new ff..continue

  7. I watched korean dramas but not now .

    1. Shinchan1205

      can u name some

  8. Rabia

    Awesome concept dear ??

  9. Simi

    Superb starting dear?
    Welcome back

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  12. Arshaanya

    Continue soon

  13. Niku

    It’s awesome storyline dear….
    How’s ur exam gone??

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank u
      it was nice

  14. SNY

    Amazing shinzzz..
    Nxt one soon…

  15. Shubhangi

    RIP to ur phone
    U too have a craze for Korean series try
    Playful kiss
    U r beautiful
    Flower boy next door
    All of them are great I have all of them except healers

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank u
      thank u for so many names
      I just started watching them
      I saw boss & me n thats awsm….
      can u tell me from which site u download them, I just watch them online

  16. awesome…!!!

  17. Mind blowing

  18. loved it

  19. Awesome dear

  20. Interesting dear.
    Continue soon.

  21. Vyshu10

    nice…..yup i watch korean

  22. Nice…..

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