A new bonding (swasan) – episode 21 (“HER PAST”)

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Ram: give a chance to sanskar

Swara look at her papa who is now avoiding eye contact with her, Ram knew it is wrong to ask her a chance for sanskar. He need to support her, but this one chance is more important to his daughter. This whole thing is killing her, and he can’t watch his daughter like this.

Swara understood her papa’s situation, she just smiled, and she hold his chin and make him face her.

Swara: wont u look at me??

He look at his daughter whose head is resting at his chest. He can’t help but to give a soft kiss at her forehead. This relation is pure, he is her papa,, her savior and she is his daughter ,,his little bird,,.

Swara: already I forgave him papa,

Ram: shona(he was shocked)

Swara: we knew why he did all this na papa,, its for me only na,,but papa he broke my trust. I once had a trust that he will be with me to face all the hurdles and happiness of our life. But he broke that trust. I had a belief that he knew me very well, but somewhere it was wrong,, are u understanding what I mean papa?

He can understand what his daughter need to say, he very well knew how much she give importance to “trust & understanding”. And she is right sanskar failed in keeping her trust and he didn’t tried to understand her at the time when the needed situation came.

Ram: I understood dear! What’s your decision ?

Swara: when i can trust him again then I will go back to him.

She hold him more tightly as she herself feel deep pain inside her heart. And her hero is with her holding her, her papa. He was thr when she needed him the most. He was thr to hold her like this, he was thr to give her shoulder to cry and to gave her support. 2 years back when she was bidding bye to her life he came as her savior. Her papa, and she papa’s girl.

All had once again opened a gate in her heart which she had been trying to lock since the last 2 years,


2 years back

“life is funny isn’t it? Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, just when you finally begin to plan something, get excited about something, and feel like you know what direction you’re heading in, the path change, the sign change, the wind blows the other way, north is suddenly south, and east is west, and you’re lost. It is so easy to lose your way, to lose direction.”

Each words of this quote was true for swara. 2 years back she was in same situation. She thought she got everything she dreamed for, a family, love, care, she got all. She was planning for her future. A happy family with her love and his family, no with her own family. She was a member of his family, or may be she was thinking like that. Her mistake.

But that day changed everything, her dreams broke into million piece.

“swara,,im sorry to say this,,i didnt expect this time will come to our life,,but its reality,,im not suit for u ,,u see sahil will make u wht u need nd wht u want,,he will give everything which evn i cant give,,,u wil have a bright future,,im not going to give all tht,,infact u will suffer a lot,,,dont waste ur life for love,,we may be not meant for each other,,its ok,,u will get the best,,accept sahils proposal,,,its my wish,,fullfill it,,,im saying good bye to u,,not evn me evn my family wont contact u…u need to forgot all this days,,take care,,,have a nice future,,bye shona,,””

That message shook her to the core. What was he talking about? swara tried to call him but everything failed. She was shivering, the thought of loosing him itself make her scared. How can she handle all this? She don’t know when she slept ? or when she fall unconscious. Next day she woke up by the huge knock at her door.

She woke up with a jerk, she took few minutes to register everything which happened last day. When she opened the door she found maid who was looking at her as a alien. She was late to wake up and she was not even opening the door, they were confused. She avoided all that, she need to rush to her love. Want to hold his collar and want to ask explanation to the joke he did yesterday. Still his and everyone’s phone was switched off. Is they playing with her?

She searched about him in everywhere. No one knew about him. He is from another city she can’t go their easily, but the situation was not suit to back off. She knew something is wrong. Only a person who can help her in this was akki. She contacted him and he helped her. Soon she came to know that sanskar and his family moved to somewhere else. And no one knew about anything. How is it possible? Till last day she talked to them, they didn’t tell her anything.

It’s been a week, she tried every possible way to trace him. But no sign of him or his family. She was losing her hope. She was dying each day, that old swara was going away. Her face became pale with dark circles which shows her sleepless nights, cheeks which are wet with fresh tears, still trying his number hoping it will connect this time, sending messages hoping it will deliver this time. But her each attempt was failing. She was breathing but her soul was not with her body.

She silently carved for his touch, his hug which is an assurance when she is down. But she was there in her room, all lonely. She heard someone knocking. She didn’t moved from her place. She don’t want to face anyone. But that knock repeated, she hide her face with her hands and wept once again.

“ swara, open the door! It’s me akki. I want to talk to u”

She looks up for a moment. Does he knew about sanky? He is his best-friend, did he called him? Swara ran to open the door and within second she opened the door with a bright smile in her face hoping she is right. She hold him by shoulder and starts to shoot her question by shaking him.

“He called na akki?????? What happen to his phone??? Where is he??? U ask him to come here?? Say something akii”

Is she turning mad??

“swara!!! Swara cool down.. let me come inside! I will explain!”

Swara move aside to let akki to enter!

“say akki!! Where is he? Where is papa? Mom? Lucky?”

“they won’t cm back swara”


“swara, he left u! he thought that he cant give u happiness. U will sufffer with him. He wont come back swara. Move on dear!”

Swara stood their rooted to her place. She kept silent.

“swara! See is this called love swara?, he didn’t even think about you? How can he be that stupid? He would have understand u na”

Akki was playing his card, nd swara was silent, she was hearing but not listening. But his next words take her to another hell.

“move on swara. Move on with me!”

She stared in disbelief.

“I will love u swara!!! Will be there with u at any situation!! Won’t leave u as that stupid did!.. believe me! .I lo………..”


Akki hold his cheek in pain, what just happened? Swara slapped him!!

“ now if u talk anything about my sanskar, I willl pull out your tongue. How dare u to talk about him? “

“stop your nonsense swara! He left you and u slapping me?”

“ ahhh!!!! Get out akki!!..nd wht u told? To move on wih u?..u??(she hold his shirt nd pull him to her making him shocked by her anger)…im breaking every relation I had with you!”


“ get out!! Don’t show your face to me!!!…i hate you !!”

She pushed him out and closed door at his face. He was embraced. Swara throw herself to bed and cried out. What just happened?? She lost everything

Outside akki met swara’s mom who came by hearing swara’s shouting. Akki informed her about swara’s relation with sanskar. She was shocked hear about it. Even akki told her that swara is planning to elope with sanskar. He didn’t inform her that sanskar is missing. Swara’s step mother was hell angry, as for her swara’s marriage with sahil is important as it’s a business deal. She called her husband, swara’s so called dad. And akki left by smirking.

Swara opened her eyes when she felt someone is breaking the door. She open the door to meet her mother who is looking at her with red shot eyes. She unknowingly gulped watching her.

“ who is sanskar?”

Swara was shivering! This is not gonna happen! Akki would have said everything she thought. She left with no other option than accepting the truth, she took a deep breath.

“my love”


Next second swara was in floor, holding her cheek. Her mother slapped her, but that was not the end. Soon her mother make her stand by twisting her hair where swara screamed in pain. But nothing stopped her. She slapped her again and again. She threw her to the corner of her room.

“Tomorrow is your marriage with sahil! Be ready”

Swara looks at her! Marriage??

“ your dad will reach here by morning, and im doing all preparation now. I cant take any risk. So be ready to become mrs.sahil”

She left! Leaving swara there!

She knew, she was breathing, she didn’t know where to go. Family, friendship, love and happiness has lost its meaning in her disillusioned eyes. Eyes shut and longing for sleep, her fingers ran along her cheeks stained with tears.

The blank, emotionless expression swept over her face as the realization of the moment gradually seeped in. The fear seemed to rise behind her eyes. Like a caged animal, she laid there. Paralyzed by the tragic feeling of isolation, she closed her eyes and gazed into fields of nothingness. She felt the water creep out of her eyes, and she gently whispered to herself, “I will DIE”

She is not weak to run from her life. Tomorrow is her marriage, not with her love!! She wished to runaway but no one will help her at this situation. Everyone knew about her dad, how powerful he is, no one will cm forward to help her. Only option left for her other than death is marriage, But she cant give his position to anyone else. She herself placed sanskar as her husband long back. Their relation was something different, she cant live with someone else. She cant!..so her decision is right for her!

She was sitting at the sand and staring at this endless sea. At her home marriage preparation is going on. Everyone busy, that they didn’t even noticed that bride had left the home by leaving a paper saying “im going”…

She is sobbing, hoping someone will wake her from this dream! And her love will be waiting for her…she heard her phone ringing. .she didn’t picked up,, she don’t want to,, why she bring this phone with her, she threw it on side. But she heard a familiar voice. Her phone got connected by mistake , she heard her papa’s voice.


Flashback ends

“ shona” ram called as he felt her shirt is getting wet

“r u crying child?”he asked with concern

“I love you papa!”’ she kissed him all sudden nd hug him more tightly.

“ and you forgot me” someone said from the door side

Swara look at the person and grinned at him

“ chotteeeeee”swara was about to run to him, but before that laksh run to her and hug her.

“u need to take rest na bhabhi”

“did u get me ice cream”

“arey,,ur chotte wont forget tht! Here it goes”

He forwarded her favorite ice cream and looks at his dad who is smiling at his both kids

“but chotti!!!”

“huh!!! Few sec bck u was calling me bhabhi? And now chotti?”

“come on yarr!!.u r younger to me…so u r my chotti too”

“evn sometimes chotte mumma”ram said as laksh galred

“whts tht?” swara asked

“u knew shona!…when all we talked about you na…he used to say tht u r like his mumma ,,that u used to scold him for his carelessness and even sometimes u used to give advice na,so he called u mumma…but u r small na…so chottte mumma”

“dad!!!”laskh called ram making swara to laugh at him

“awww…my child,,im your chotte mumma na!..now take my blessing too!”

“mad girl”laksh hit her head lightly…

Precap: ur choice!!

Frnds I want to ask u something!!

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Please answer the question!

And today sanskar’s part was not there! Sorry for that, in next chapter his pov will give.

Did u like swara’s decision in giving a chance to sanskar?

What u guys think about the relaiton between ram and swara?

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