I never wanted to leave you! part 1

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I want to improve my writing skills so here I bring another story to lessen your boredom.
Keep reading sweethearts….

My gang of youngsters were playing around the bonefire we just ignited. They all were happy. After all,they wanted it since the first year. Yeah! And it took two years for them to organise it and thinking of what the reason must be and issue, the problems and solutions and the biggest problem was ‘ permission of the dean’. Lastly a health campaign striked their mind.
They were tired of pleasing the heads by performing the best in the lab and projects. Lastly, they agreed to send us to the outskirts of Dehradun to help the villagers.
We were four, Me, Sanaya, Rohan and Jai and some other students had also accompanied us to get an opportunity to beat us this time. As always, we were ready to bash them. They were three alongwith Samaira who was not like them at all.

“Hey! Dhruv! Why are you sitting alone there like a lost boy… Come join us na!” Sanaya shouted at me.
“Yeah dude! Come along!” after a second Jai also called having a bottle of beer in his hand.

I turned and faked a smile and walked to them.
“Tomorrow we have to reach the village at time. We should sleep now. Its already 9:00 pm.” I told.
“When did you started sleeping so early?” Jai commented on my opinion.
I didnt pay a heed though he was right I never sleep so early. Infact, people wake when I close. I entered my tent. As I turn I was shocked to see her.
Yes she was there wearing a white sleeveless tee with her very favourite dark red shorts and her hairs pulled above to make a pony with some strands left in front that shaded her forehead. As I entered, her eyes blinked at my presence. It reflected her thick curled eyelashes. She licked her reich red lips as if releasing her inner tension. She was the lady that ceased my heart and stabbed it.

She was standing there silently with utmost patience. It seemed she was waiting for me since long. I was unconsciously staring at her. After two minutes she broke the silence.
I didnt replied.
“Dhruv! I..”
“Listen! I am really in no mood to talk ok? Specially YOU!” I urged leaning close to her.
I was frustated at her. Although I wanted her to be there but her presence hurted me more.
“Please Dhruv!” she said in a very low tone as if she was going to cry.
I tried to resist myself but the teardrop broke my controlled and I grabbed her arms with half anger and half concern. I stared at her with the same intensity my heart was paining at that moment.
She maintaimed the eye-lock. I drew her closer and wiped the drop from her cheeks.
“Leave!” I said rudely releasing her from my hold and looked away.

I could hear her sobbing. I was about to turn when She left me again.


I hope you enjoyed the story. I know its short but will soon update a longer one. Please comment your views and thoughts.
Always Smile. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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