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First time im gonna write one shot with out swasan or raglak. I dont know whether u will read or leave a comment. But my mind insisted me to write this….

Pov :
I’m currently doing my final sem and with in few months im gonna complete my studies. I was excited, im gonna be graduate and here after i dont need to stress myself on stuffs like assignments, seminars, exams and finally marks.. im gonna become free bird. Im gonna enjoy staying with my parents and have long break. My happiness was overloaded by thinking how fun it would be unemployed deprived out of fustration. No worries, to think about… my thoughts was distrub by reality a bell rang. I gave huge sigh..
6 months passed…….
Now im returning to my house, had victorious huge whole hearted smile plastered on my face and heart. I was jumping like kid. Enjoying the care and affection from parents. Unknown about my future stored for me..
Days passed my parents were pampering me and so everyone in my house..
Days turned into month…
Slowly my thoughts got disturbed, i was feeling suffocating. I was not able concentrate on any work. I underwent depression being alone even though many are around me. I was not able accomplish my future needs. They were broken becz i was not strong enough to pressure my dreamz to my parents. Slowly i was turning into freak. Sometimes i becom mad and yell at someone or something..
I was sure im gonna die due to this psychosis.
Slowly month turned into months….
I got adapted to these stuffs.. i turned to be  normal but not completely….. still im trying to figure out what should i do…
I am a  bird in golden cage. For outside world im leading luxurious life inside im dying…
my soul knows how freaking mad i am…….

So friends kindly decide you future never think about break in between  and end your life..
Keep things updated..


All the best to school goers for ur board examz and other clge goers for ur future and working ppl to gain success…..

Thank you for reading…

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  1. Zoya

    sprrr navi u told rght
    idol man’s mind is a devil’s workplace
    u shld be doing one thing r othr othr wise u will get mad fr sure

  2. I experienced all this… me oly knw hw freaking mad im.. dis os brought tears in my eyes… ok na yaarunu theridha..?

  3. well

  4. Well said illegal bitter !!! just imagine d girl n it’s enough to shake me … !!
    awesome Navi… it was kinda a warning bell/booster for me… @@!
    Thnk u dear !!! ;-*

  5. Abirsha

    Amazing Navi….. I am regretting for wasting 1 year simply sitting in the house….. Now only i got some sense and preparing for bank exams….. This is best navi….. Hope many doesn’t waste life like me…..

  6. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Outstanding dear.. It’s a amazing massage.. Keep writing like this dear..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  7. Vyshu10


  8. a good message

  9. Nice message

  10. post more such messages

  11. Mahavir

    akka first sry for late cmnt and indha os this is a….ok idhu unmaiyave oru best mesaage akka u know what nan yepaiyume epoda clg mudipom oru break edukalamnu nenaipen aana inaiku no akka never……..nan ennoda lifeku epavume break kodukamaten…..thanku so much akka….love u….keep writing…..

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