Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Charles Cheats In The Exam

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 9th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Charles tells his friend that he will sit in last exam. Friend asks if he knows how Subhash prepared for exam. Charles says Subhash won’t be able to write exam. Rono and Sameer walk in with Subhash and asks him to siit in first bench. Charles cross legs Subhash and makes him fall. Subhash says his baba says if one makes same mistake repeatedly, he is a fool, so Charles shouldn’t make same mistake repeatedly. Charles frightens Subhash saying will not come first in this exam. Mr. Young enters and says today is their final written exam for scholarship and gives question papers. Subhash starts writing exam. Rono and friends watch from outside and see Charles cheating and copying from chit. He inform Subhash. Subhash walks to Charles and stops him from cheating. Charles warns him to go and sit in his seat. Mr. Young walks to them and asks what is happening. Subhash says Charles is cheating. Charles denies. Rono with friends walks in and inform Mr. Young that they saw Charles cheating. Subhash says Charles has notes written on his hand and shows hand, but is shocked to see it clean. Charles reminisces cleaning hand and says Charles is afraid that he will lose. Subhash finds chit in Charles’ collar, but finds it empty. He asks Charles to give his chits to principal. Principal asks Subhash to go back to his seat and Rono and his friends to go out. Charles thinks Subhash will never prove that he is cheating.

Anu meets Swadesi and asks if he knows where Ananth is. Swadesi informs that Ananth is in Khudiram Bose’s sister’s house and takes her there. Anu gets happy seeing Ananth and asks how is he. Ananth introduces her as fellow swadesi who is fighting for motherland’s freedom to Khudiram’s sister/didi. Did serves dal rice and says she prepared it with great difficulty and if Khudiram was here, she would have asked him to bring fish for Ananth as he and other swadesis are fighting for motherland. After Ananth finishes food, Anu informs him that Junior Lord Andrew Fraser is coming to Cuttack and Swadesis planning new revolution in Cuttack and he should be present to guide Swadesis. Ananth says Aurobindo Ghose says same that we should be alive to fight against British instead of getting getting caught by British.

Richardson fumes at Mukund for not informing him about the real situation in Cuttack and not catching Ananth still as Ananth may create problem when Andrew Fraser arrives in Cuttack. Mukund says Ananth is hiding in Janakinath Bose’s house and he has spread his spies around Janakinath’s house. Richardson asks him to active his sources and searches Ananth soon.

At home, Janakinath asks Sarath to help him draft letter. Prabha asks him to send Sarath to Subhash’s school as Subhash didn’t return home yet. Subhash returns home. Tauji walks in and asks Subhash why did he interfere in school issues when he warned not to. Subhash stands tensed.

Precap: Charles’s friend informs everyone that merit scholarships result came. Rono says Subhash will win for sure. Friend says Charles will win..
Charles says only he will win and Subhash has to leave school. Subhash thinks how is he so much sure.

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