Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarath Decides Against Marriage

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Subhi tells Rono that he is impressed with Swami Vivekanand’s teachings and will keep his photo on his desk. Rono says he didn’t understand anything. Subhi shows him how to meditate. Sarath walks in and asks if he learnt so much in just day in the ashram. Subhi says yes. Prabha asks what is he doing, he need not do this. He says he is practicing yoga and meditation and there is nothing wrong in it. Prabha walks to living room where Janaki shares his concerns with his uncle and says seeing Sarath’s mental state, it is better he get Sarath married next month itself. Sarath hears their conversation and thinks of informing Vibha’s father that he is not ready for marriage yet. Back in Subhi’s room, Subhi teaches continues sharing Swami Vivekanand’s ideologies and teaches him how to control one’s temptation. Pramila hearing their conversation asks who taught him all this and warns not to think about it. Anu enters and says his thinking is right and encourages him.

Sarath reaches Vibha’s house to inform her parents about his decision. Vibha’s brother Ajith informs that parents went outside. Sarath says he wants to speak to him. Ajith thinks he wants to speak to Vibha and sends him to Vibha’s room. Sarath enters Vibha’s room and sees his injuring her finger while stitching. He says experience is not good. She says every time everything is not perfect and each experience is new, this happens while stitching. She asks if Subhash didn’t come with him. He after a bit of discussion informs her that he is not yet ready for marriage as he wants to serve the nation seeing the injustice by British happening recently. She says she doesn’t want to come between his and motherland, but will inform about his decision to family.

Uncle reads news paper tells Janaki country’s situation is not good, Suren Banerjee has opposed British punishing Susheel Sen. He used to think Briitish is trying to bring new reforms here, but seeing recent incidnts, he doesn’t think that is happening. Suresh with Subhash and Rono walks in and asks permission to let him go for Kolkota sight seeing. Uncle says let them go. Janaki permits and warns not to let Subhi and Rono go away from him. Suresh takes him cab and says he will show them his college which even they will join in the future. Subhi sees Sarath addressing swadesis, gets down and rushes to him asking them to go home and he will come later with with Sarath.

Ashok informs Janaki that Sarath himself told Vibha that he is not yet ready for marriage. Sarath addresses swadesi meeting. Janak fumes seeing that. Prabha asks Subhi why is he going against his father. Subhi asks if opposing injustice is bad.

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