Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Janakinath Fixes Sarath’s Alliance

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Janakinath with his son visits Akshay’s house on his invitation for tea and says he and his sons are impressed with Akshay and his son Ajit, else they don’t accept invitation easily. Akshay says he is honored and takes Janaki to speak about something asking Ajit to take care of guests. Ajit calls Prabha to bring snacks for guests. Subhi asks Ajit about Vibha. Satish says Subhi got along well with Vibha, which he usually doesn’t. Ajit says even Vibha likes Sarath. Vibha serves snacks to everyone and walks to Sarath. Sarath sits shy mesmerized with Vibha’s beauty. Pramila says her brothers are shy. Satish jokes he is not. Pramila asks Sarath to take snacks from Vibha’s hands. Subhi sees piano and asks who plays it. Ajith says Vibha. Vibha asks Subhi if he knows to sing. Subhi say no, but he knows a song which Dhwajendra Rai recited during his visit to their home. Vibha asks him to sing while she plays piano. He agrees and sings a patriotic song while she plays piano. Everyone clap for them.

Janakinath seeks Sarath’s alliance with Vibha. Akshay happily approves. Janaki asks Vibha’s pic to show it to family. Akshay gives him pic. Janaki invites him and his family home. He returns home and informs Uncle, aunt, and Prabha about fixing alliance. Uncle says its a good news and asks aunt to bring sweets. Prabha says how can he fix her son’s alliance without seeking her opinion. Janaki shows her Vibha’s pic. Prabha says she will seek Sarath’s opinion first and then decide. On the other side, Ajith informs Vibha that he is fixing her alliance. Ajith walks in. Akshay asks him to ask his sister if she is okay with this alliance. Vibha leaves shyingly. After sometime, Ajith questions Vibha again if she wants to marry Sarath. She shies again.

Subhi with Rono walks towards lake seeing light. Rono thinks its a ghost and Subhi thinks its chemical reaction. Subhi sees Anant nearby and meets him. Anant asks him to call Anu. Subhi takes Anu there. Anu meets Anant who gives her gunpowder and she hides it in plant pot. She says she will arrange some money and requests him to meet her at some place. He says he will try and leaves. Rono retur ns to Subhi and asks if he didn’t return home yet and drags his hand. Lamp falls on gunpowder and it catches fire. Rono shouts fire. Pramila rushes towards them hearing him shouting. Anu rushes before her and sets off fire. Pramila says she will inform family about fire. Anu stops her and says it must be a chemical reaction and she shouldn’t inform family about fire as they will think its abshagun and cancel Sarath’s alliance. Pramila gets adamant and goes to inform family, leaving Anu tensed.

Precap: Sarath finds gunpowder with Subhi. Subhi says Aanth had come and kept it in plant pot. Anu rushes to them. Sarath says loving motherland doesn’t mean doing anything.

Update Credit to: MA

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