Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 2nd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Subhash Visits Swadesi Fair

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 2nd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pramila informs Prabha that there was fire in backyard. Anu tries to stop here and says it was chemical reaction due to rotten leaves. Prabha says its abshagun and they shouldn’t go ahead with Sarath and Vibha’s alliance. Anu says Pramila told not to inform Prabha as she is superstitious. Pramila gets adamant and takes everyone out to check. Subhash silently takes away pot in which gunpowder is hidden. Pramila continues yelling at Anu. Subhash drops pot while taking it towards his room. Sarath stops him and seeing gunpowder in pot asks if he was carrying it to his room. Subhi informs that Ananth had come and he hid gunpowder in pot. Anu walks in and says its not Subhi’s mistake. Sarath asks how can she and Ananth bring gunpowder home in lieu of patriotism risking family, one has to love their family first to love the nation. Anu says she knows and follows it, so she stopped family from getting into Junior Lord’s train after knowing Ananth and his team’s plan of blasting it. She says she wants to visit swadesi mela as Ananth is coming there, so he somehow can take him there. Sarath says he and Subhi are visiting mela and will take her along as even he loves his nation most like them. Subhi walks to Prabha and says he loves her most and what if he loves someone else also. Prabha says that means that person is important than her. Sarath walks to them and says Subhi needs her permission to attend swadesi mela. Prabha permits.

Vibha carries her handmade goods to set up stall in swadesi mela. Her mother opposes this idea. Vibha says they will use the money they earn in establishing swadesi bhandar which will help Bharatis. Father permits her and asks Ajith to accompany her while mother stands fuming. Vibha reaches swadesi mela and gets happy seeing her friend. Friend says she is excited to meet Rabindranath Tagore. Vibha says even she is. Someone informs that Rabindranath Tagore has come. Everyone greet Rabindranath Tagore and show him swadesi items briefing that the earnings will be used in establishing swadesi bhandar. Vibha and Ajith also meet him. Rabindranath Tagore suggests that just like they are showing their patriotism by selling swadesi items, they should sing swadesi songs in English and anyone who can sing is invited. Announcement is made. Rabindranath Tagore asks about Aurbindo Ghose whose opinion iss important regarding swadesi mela. Aurbindo Ghose is busy in his press when Barin informs that police is coming to arrest him doubting he wrotee articles. Aurbindo Ghose says he didn’t mention his name on articles, so police cannot harm him without proof. He sends Barin and others with articles. Police enters and arrests him showing his news paper article. He says they cannot depress patriotism from people’s heart.

Sarath with Subhi and Anu visit mela. He clashes with Vibha and apologizes. She informs that she has set up a stall. He asks if she believes in swadesi goods. She says if they promote swadesi goods, their nation will progress. He gets more impressed. Subhi returns. Anu meets Ananth and informs him about whole incident happened at home. Ananth feels guilty that he didn’t think before hiding bomb at home not worrying about family members. She offers him money selling her jewelry. He hesitates to take it, but accepts. Rabindranath Tagore sings patriotic song, and people gather around him.

Precap: Prabha tells Sarath that his family has great expectations from him. He asks if he has to choose between 2 important duties, what should he do. Anu informs Sarath that police arrested Aurbindo Ghose. Subhi gets worried seeing British officers punishing swadesi and rushes to protect him, but pushed away by mob and falls down.

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