Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Subhash And Sarath Meet Anant

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aurobindo Ghose addresses his swadesi team and asks them not to make any mistake again. Khudi says he will make sure he throws bomb directly at target next time and will take revenge from British. Janaki with his family reaches his uncle’s house. Uncle gets happy seeing him and says he was worried hearing Junior Lord’s train derailing. Janaki says they got delayed. Uncle says thank god Junior Lord is alive. Anu reacts hearing that. Uncle calls Subhash and says he has grown up now. Subhash touches his feet followed by other. Pramila asks if they can visit their relative’s house. Janaki says they will go tomorrow. Aunt and her daughter take everyone to show their rooms. Uncle says he is very happy seeing them all here and asks Janaki what is the important task which he mentioned in the letter. Janaki says he is thinking of Satish and Sarath’s wedding and wants to fix their alliance this time. Subhi asks why Anu reacted hearing Junior lord is alive. Sarath shuts his mouth and asks not to talk about it.

Next day, Janaki with his family heads towards relative’s house to attend wedding fuctions in cabs. Sarath and Subhash travel in separate cab. They see Anant passing by and stop cab. Sarath sees policemen and acts as asking them address and once they leave he follows Anant and meets him. Subhi asks how is he, and Sarath asks where is he staying. Anant says he is fine and is staying in different places, but soon will shift to Aurobindo babu’s house. He asks where are they staying. Sarath says they came for a wedding and Anu is with them, if he wants to give her a message. Anant says they will kick out British from Bharath. They both chant Vande Mataram. Subhash notices them.

Janaki with family reaches wedding house and meets uncle. Uncle gets happy seeing him and says he didn’t expect they will reach on time for rituals. He introduces Janaki to his close friend and his son. Rituals start. Prabha walks with aunt to meet bride and perform rituals. Satish says Sarath and Subhi were coming behind in different cab, but didn’t reach yet. Sarath with Subhi enters home and searches gathering hall. A girl Vibhavathi clashes with him holding shank. Sarath gets mesmerized with her beauty. Subhi asks if she is from uncle’s family. Girl says she is not. Sarath says seeing shank in her hand, Subhi taught she is from uncle’s family. Girl says its okay and Subhi looks intellilgent. Subhi asks her to show Sarath gathering hall and take him to his mother. Vibha Shows gathering hall and takes Subhi to bride’s ritual room where Prabha and others are performing rituals. Aunt introduces Vibha. Pramila says Sarath is a shy kind and never mingles with anyone, but he mingled with Vibha well. They all perform prewedding ritual. In gathering hall, Sarath describes how his family were about to travel in Junior Lord’s train and were late. Uncle’s friend invites Janaki and his family to his house.

Precap: Anant gives gunpowder to Anu to hide it in garden.
Subhi informs that Pramila and Rono are coming here. Anant leaves, gunpowder catches fine.
Anu nervously says she came here seeing fire. Pramila say even she came here seeing fire, but what was Anu here doing before.

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