Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Swadesis Plan To Kill Andrew Fraser

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 27th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Subhash finds Veeru’s belong on his death spot. Abdul chacha asks him to throw it away. Jai says this will remind him about Veeru’s bravery and will inspire him. Anant informs swadesis that Britishers killed Veeru in front of him and Veeru’s last words were to take revenge from British. Swadesis say Veeru’s face is flashing in front of their eyes, they will not spare Britishers. Aurobindo Ghose asks swadesi to get bombs ready, they will teach a lesson to Andrew Fraser.

Andrew Fraser with Mukund and Richardson drops Janaki and Sarath home. Janaki thanks him and says there was no need to drop them home. Fraser says its his courtesy. Sarath says if he is so courteous, why his officers are troubling innocents, they searched our home forcefully. Fraser acts as scolding Richardson and Mukund and apologizes Sarath. Sarath says his officers killed an innocent man and dragged him away ruthlessly. Fraser says asks if he is sure that the man was not swadesi; he heard about maithri sabha from Richardson and thought swadesis will gather around dead body, but they didn’t out of fear and Sarath and Subhash instead came there fearlessly. Janaki apologizes Fraser on behalf of Sarath and takes him along.

Swadesis prepare bomb and decide to blast the train in which Andrew Fraser is traveling. They discuss to seek Anu’s help in finding out about train details. Janaki with Sarath returns home. Prabha asks what happened at Andrew Fraser’s office. Janaki describes whole incident and says Mohri babu’s son Anant is a swadesi and they never knew about it, he will call Mohri babu and dismiss him. Sarath says he cannot dismiss innocent Mohri babu. Janaki asks Prabha to pack their bags as they are going to Calcutta for a few days to a relative’s house and attend her cousin’s wedding, he wants his family to be away from Cuttack after all the recent incidents. Tauji says he convinced Andrew Fraser to permit them to travel in same train he is traveling in.

Subhi dreams about Britishers killing Anu and wakes up worried. He meets Anu and shows her Veeru’s item. Anu finds Vande Mataram chit in it and feels patriotic. Subhi says Veeru dada was killed and Anant dada was attacked by British as are against British, so if they will try to harm even her. A swadesi comes to meet Anu and informs her that they are planning to attack Andrew Fraser and she needs to find out in which train he is traveling in. Anu says she cannot find it. Subhi informs that Fraser is traveling in tomorrow night’s train. Swadesi leaves. Subhi then informs that even they are al traveling to Calcutta in same train. Anu gets worried and thinks of protecting her family.

Janaki tells Prabha that he is worried for Sarath seeing his patriotism and they should get Sarath and Satish married soon to control them. In the evening, family gets ready to travel. Janaki asks Prabha why she is carrying more suitcase then needed. Prabha says when children are traveling, obviously they need more suitcases. Tauji says he somehow convined Andrew fraser to let them in same train, they shouldn’t make any mistake. Anu hears their conversation and thinks how to protect her family.

Precap: Tauji with family reaches railway station to boaard train in which Andrew Fraser is traveling, but officer says train already left. They get a news that swadesis derailed train with bomb. Mukund asks Subhash reason for them leaving home late and who came last.

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