Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Subhash Informs Family About Veeru’s Death

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 26th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Subhash cries seeing Veeru’s death body and asks him to get up. Chaudhry asks if he knows this man. Sarath asks can’t he see Subhash crying, how can he drag Veeru’s body like that. Officers drag Veeru’s body away. Sarath takes crying towards home. Subhi asks if police shot even Anant. Ananth hiding in bushes realizes he is saved by Subhi’s given money and thinks he escaped because of Subhi’s money, but he couldn’t save Veeru. Mukund thinks Anant is injured and cannot escape. Subhi returns towards home with Sarath and asks why police killed Veeru dada. Anupama shatters hearing that and cries in a shock. Subhash tells Anu that police shot Veeru. Sarath asks Anu to return home. Anu cries that she went to temple to pray for Anant and Veeru, but her prayer failed. Sarath says she should be strong and stop crying, else police will get more suspicious. He asks not to inform family about what happened now. They return home. Sarat asks them again to stop crying. Subhi asks where did they take Veeru dada.

Anu hears Tauji telling Janaki that Britishers are always right as they are kings and thinks why should they suffer always. Sarath tries to calm them. Janaki tells Tauji that he is a public pleader and how can police think he is hiding Swadesi. Tauji says its a concern. Sarath says Junior Lord should apologize baba for doubting him unncessarily. Pramila enters and asks how come they all 3 entered home at once. Subhi says police shot Veeru and dragged him away. Sarath asks Subhi to keep quiet and go to his room. Pramila says if her in-laws find out about all this, she will be in trouble. Janaki asks Sarath if he knows Veeru. Sarath says not exactly, he saw him while returning home. Janaki says he will meet Junior Lord. Tauji says he shouldn’t and increase troubles. Prabha asks how can police kill innocent and dreg him away.

Janaki with Sarath meets Junior Lord and asks why he ordered to search his house. Junior Lord says Cuttack is not like before as small children have started chanting Swadesi poems and going against British, Janaki’s house is one among them. Sarath says police didn’t find Sawadesi in their home. Junior Lord confronts Sarath and tells Janaki that Anant is involved in rebellious act in Cuttack, he should be care as his sons are following Anant.

Subhi cries looking at Veeru’s blood. Abdul with Rono walks to him. Rono says he thinks Junior Lord got Veeru killed. Subhi says he will become prince and get justice for Veeru.

Precap: Subhi tells Anu that they will go in a same train in which Fraser is traveling. Anu thinks Swadesis will try to harm Fraser and she needs to stop her family from boarding train. Anant and team plan to kill Fraser.

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