Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Anupama Gives Weapons To Ananth

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 25th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Subhash finds money to give it to saint/Ananth and calling Anupama says he will come down to give money to saint. Ananth asks Anupama not to call Subi down. Anu asks Subi to drop money from window. He does. Ananth leaves asking Anu to inform Subi that baba is very happy. Subi’s brother wishes him happy birthday as its already 12 midnight. Subi says elder brother says birthday is Britisher’s deeds and not theirs.

Prabha gets tensed when Sarat and Satish don’t reach home as their train is stuck in between. Janakinath asks her to sleep as it is very late. She asks how can she when her sons haven’t reached home yet, can’t he use his powers and bring them back home. Janakinath says sometimes a person gets helpless, he can bring them only if they reach Cuttack and asks her to get up early in the morning and give some charity in temple for Subhash’s birthday. She says he doesn’t believe in god. He says its her belief. Next morning, Prabha with aarti thali wakes up Subhash and wishes him happy birthday. Subi gets happy and thanks her. He says he is waiting for his elder and middle brother. She advices him to never do anything wrong and keep his head high always. Subi thinks he did wrong by punishing a British officer to save Abdul chacha and hiding the news that he met Anu maasi. Mother continues her moral gyaan and walks out.

Sarat and Satish reach home. Prabha gets happy seeing them. They touch her feet and take her blessings. They discuss about their progress in college and ask her about Subi. She says she has adviced Subi to become like his brothers. Satish calls his nick name. Prabha says Subi is grown up and will not like hearing nickname. They meet Subi and wish him happy birthday. Sister joins them and informs that Subi has grown up and had visited Mela maidan to attend Maithri sabha. Janakinath enters and warns her to stop gossiping and go to her room. Sarath and Satish meet him and touch his feet. Subi them touches his feet and waits for his blessings. Father blesses him and asks them to go and rest now. Sarath informs Satish that he heard Aurobindo Ghose was present in Maithri sabha. Satish thinks baba will get angry if he will know about it and asks Sarath to rest while he speaks to Subi. Sarath leaves. Satish asks Subi if he went to sabha himself. Subi says no. Rono joins and informs how Charles provoked him and insulted him. Subi says he had to bear injustice, so he confronted. Satish says even in maithri sabha, there was injustice. He then gifts him a book as birthday gift. Subi reads book’s name A Tale Of 2 Cities by Charles Dickenson. Satish explains what is written in it and about kranti. Subi asks what is kranti. He shows news paper and says vande mataram. Subi reminisces swadesis chanting Vande Mataram and Aurobindo Ghose suggesting them to burn British made goods and chant Vande Mataram. He shows rakhi to Satish and asks if it means kranti. Satish asks where did he get it, he should hide it and never talk about mela maidan, else baba and tauji will get angry. Subi says swadesis were chanting vande mataram and Britishers were torturing them, it is injustice. Satish says it is.

Precap: Subi gets tensed seeing Richardson and thinks if he will punish him. Satish advices him not to get afraid. Richardson orders principal to call Jankinath and his son. Jankinath reads letter and asks why school called them. Subi asks if saving someone is wrong?

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