Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 23rd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Mukund Fires A Shot At Anant

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 23rd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Subhash makes paper boats in Anant’s room. Swadesi Veeru sees Anant tensed and asks reason. Anant says police arrested Subash and even left him praising his poem, he is sure Andrew Fraser is up to something. Subhash asks Anant if he is afraid of police. Anant says he will fight with British and asks Veeru to go and make arrangements at ghat as he wants to leave Cuttack tonight. Maids inform Prabha that police have come to search house. Sarath says how can police search public pleader’s house like this. Prabha asks maids to go and stand in front of door and not let police in. Mukund forcefully opens door and warns family to dare not close it as he got search warrant. Officer Suven Chaudhry walks in with warrant. Subhi identifies him as cook Harihar. Chaudhry says he came as cook to spy on them and got warrant to search home as they are hiding swadesis at home. Sarath asks him to show warrant and in lieu of reading it asks Subhi to go and sent Anant out of house. Subhi rushes to Anant and asks him to leave house before police arrests him. Ananth tries to escape via back door, but it is locked, so he says he has to jump wall and escape. Subhi says Anant is injured already, so he will climb wall and breaks lock. He does same while police walks from behind. Ananth escapes. Subhi seeing police hides. Chaudhry says this door is always locked, that means someone went from here. They follow Ananth and warn to stop. Veeru meets Ananth and says he made arrangements at ghat. Ananth asks him to run. Police notices them, and Mukund warning them to stop shoots. Veeru protects Anant and bears bullet on himself. Mukund with policemen returns to Subhi’s home and threatens that backdoor was open, so they had kept a swadesi at home. Prabha denies.

Injured Veeru asks Anant to inform his mother that he went on a long journey. Anant pleads not to say that and they will fight for their nation against British again. Veeru passes away, leaving Ananth crying. Mukund with police returns and shoots at Anant. Anant gets injured, but escapes. Mukund gets happy and says he shot Anath, now Ander Fraser will praise and gift him prize. Subhi hears Anant’s voice and informs Sarath. They both walk out of house and see Veeru on floor. Subhi asks what happened to him. Officer says he is dead. Subhi asks Sarath if Veeru dada will die. Chaudhry hears him and asks if he knows dead man.

Precap: No precap.

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