Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Chaudhry Arrives To Spy Bose Family

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 22nd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Officer Chaudhry disguised as a poor man Harihar requests Prabha to give him some work as he is in trouble. Prabha asks Manoda to give some grains to him and send him away. Chaudhry acts and says he needs job and not charity, he will bless her son. Subhi with Sarath enters holding cake. Tauji takes Sarath in. Pramila asks Subhi what is he holding. Subhi says junior lord instead of scolding praised his poem and gifted him this cake. Prabha says junior lord insulted them first and then gifted this cake, they don’t need it. Chaudhry continues pleading Prabha to give him some job as he is very hungry. Subhi hearing him requests her to give him some job. Chaudhry says he can cook well. Prabha asks Manoda to take poor man/Chaudhry to kitchen. Subhi walks to his room, Rono asks him to cut cake soon. Prabha enters and stops Subhi. Tauji enters and says its an insult to junior lord. Prabha says junior lord insulted her son first. Janaki says he didn’t understand Junior Lord’s gesture. Tauji says junior lord praised talent. Prabha says she doesn’t want her son to eat that cake and asks Janaki to get Subhi cake from Calcutta. Chaudhry spying them fumes thinking they are insulting junior lord and he will inform him. Manoda sees him spying outside room and asks if he trying to steal. Prabha walks out and asks what is he doing here. He says he came to ask what to cook. Prabha warns him to mind his business.

Anu in kitchen sees fish. Maid fumes that new cook didn’t come yet to cook fish. Anu asks her to get her a plantain leaf and silently steals fish for Anant. Chaudhry notices that and thinks why a widow needs feeds, he needs to find out. He follows Anu. Anu walks towards Anant’s room. Rono playing hide and seek with Subhi clashes with her and fish falls down. She gets tensed. Manoda sees cook and asks what is he doing outside. Chaudhry says he was seeing kids playing. She sees fish and asks if he was stealing it. Chaudhry says Anu was carrying it. Anu gets tensed. Subhi says he found out that Anu maasi feeds fish to cat. Anu nervously nods yes. Chaudhry thinks something is there in the backyard of house and he needs to find out.

Sarath goes to library with Satish and searches swadesi poem books. Mukund notices his moves and asks why he needs swadesi poems, he needs to come along as junior lord sought him. Satish asks if his brother did any crime. Mukund say stopping officer is a crime and showing orders takes Sarath along. Sarath waits in Fraser’s office. Fraser enters and apologizes Sarath. Sarath asks why he apologizes always. Fraser asks why he wants to read swadesi poems, its a crime. Officer takes him aside and relays Chaudhry’s message that something is suspicious in Bose house’s backyard. Fraser sends Sarath warning him and orders Mukund to find out swadesi hiding in Bose house and arrest him.

Precap: No precap.

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