Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update: What Effect Will Subhash’s Poem Have?

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 19th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananth informs Sarath that apart from Anupama, one more family member knows about it. Subhash enters just then and seeing Ananth bleeding asks what happened to him. Sarath says let us get in first. Subhi runs away. Anu runs behind him pleading not to inform about Ananth to anyone. Subhi runs to his room and searches medicine and cotton for Ananth. Medicine bottle falls down and breaks. Pramila walks in and seeing Anu asks when did she return home and how did her in-laws let her go alone, what did fall here. She sees broken medicine bottle. Anu nervously shows her finger injury and says Subhi was applying medicine to her wound. Pramila walks away saying she will inform maa. Anu pleads not to and gets nervous thinking they will find out about Ananth. She thinks Junior Lord is coming here, Ananth is in danger. Next morning, Pramila gets busy making arrangements for Junior Lord’s welcome at home. Anu gets angry seeing that. She searches Sarathand thinks he must have gone to meet Ananth.

Junior Lord informs his junior that Ananth must be staying at public pleader Janakinath Bose’s house and they need to send someone as spy to find out. Officer agrees to go himself.

Ananth gets tensed when someone opens his room’s door. Subhi walks in with milk for Ananth and says Manoda gave this milk to him, but he knows Ananth da is hungry, so he brought milk for Ananth da. Ananth da gets emotional. Anu also gets emotional seeing that. Ananth says Subhi will be very famous and asks him to go now before anyone sees him. Subhi says everyone are busy welcoming junior lord and asks if junior lord is also cruel like Richardson and Charles. Ananth says British are trying to control our control, so we are fighting to snatch it back from them, but British are trying to end us. Subhi asks what does that mean. Anu closes door and says people like Ananth da try to protest British’s injustice and are punished. She finds her book and asks who brought it here. Subhi says he found it at Rono’s table. He asks to read hindi poem in it and insists. Anu says this is swadesi poem. Subhi insists to read it. Ananth reads it.

Subhi then returns home. Pramila takes him to Prabha’s room and seeing Prabha selecting sari to wear when Subhi recites poem says today is also junior lord’s felicitation ceremony, so she should wear foreign saree. Subhi says maa should wear swadesi sari. Prabha says subhi is right. Pramila asks Subhi where did he learn word swadesi from, must be Sarath who is teaching wrong to Subhi. Pramila says people talk about swadesi at home, so Subhi must have heard from them. Pramila leaves fuming. Prabha tells Subhi that junior lord is coming to experience Indian culture, so they will wear Indian clothes today. Subhi thinks he will recite Indian poem.

Precap: Fraser gets angry seeing go back Fraser written on wall. Tauji apologizes Fraser. Subhash recites swadesi poem. Mukund informs Fraser about it.
Sarath stops Subhash, and Janakinath scolds Subhash.

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