Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Prabhavati Gives Her Pen To Subhash

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 15th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prabha insists Janakinath to shift Subhash to another school as she doesn’t want her son to study in a school where he is insulted. Janaki says what to tell when Subhi worked so hard to get scholarship and denied to take it due to his insult. Tauji walks in and asks why Prabha wants to shift Subhash to different school, they shouldn’t do it as it will create a bad send a wrong signal to British against them and even Junior Lord Andrew Fraser is coming. Maid brings Narendra’s letter in which he informs about Junior Lord coming to Cuttack today and concern towards justice made to Subhi. Janaki tells Tauji that he will not teach Subhi to do injustice or tolerate injustice.

Anupama and Ananth travel in a cart. She asks how far they have come. Ananth says quite far away and will reach Cuttack soon. Two policemen disguised as a couple enter chariot and pointing guns at them order to get out. They walk out. Policemen ask who are they. Ananth says he is going to Cuttack with his wife. Policemen insists to tell where are they going. Anu pierces her hair clip into policeman’s foot and runs away with Ananth. Policeman shoots at Ananth injuring his foot. Ananth falls down. Anu hides him till policemen leave and says let us go now, but finds him unconscious.

At home, Subhi feels disheartened that he worked so hard to get merit scholarship. Sarath and Prabha cheer him up. Prabha gives him her favorite pen which Janaki had gifted her praising her handwriting.

Richardson asks Mukund why didn’t he catch Ananth yet. Mukund says Ananth is not in Cuttack. Officer informs that a Swadesi was traveling towards Cuttack with his wife and was shot on his leg. Richardson asks if he is Ananth. Mukund says Ananth is unmarried, so it can’t be him. Richardson asks him to catch him soon as he doesn’t want any problem when Junior Lord visits Cuttack.

Preparations to felicitate junior lord start at Janaki’s house. Taiji and each family member prepare dishes and decorate house. Prabha fumes thinking why should she respect British because of whom Subhi is insulted. She sees Subhi sad and asks him to go and help Abdul in gardening. Subhi walks to Abdul who asks him to water plants.

Precap: Subhi cries hugging Prabha. Sarath says why is he crying when he proved his competence. Subhi asks if being an Indian is a sin, why don’t they get the respect they deserves, if British as kings, why do they do injustice. Prabha says she doesn’t know, for her Subhi is the king and one who lives with respect is the king.

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