Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Subhash Loses Scholarship

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 13th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Subhash sits back on his seat in class. Charles’ friend asks him if really Subhash came first. Charles says we are king and only we will win. Mr. Young returns to school. Jeevan asks if he should call assembly to announce merit scholarship’s results. Mr. Young asks him not to as he himself will announce results tomorrow and asks to left off classes today. Mrs. Young asks why. Subhash seeing Charles confidence thinks why is he so confident even after losing.

Subhash returns home and informs family that he won merit scholarship. Brothers congratulate him. He then informs Prabha who blesses him and says she knew he would win. Sarath asks if she will prepare feast today. Subhash says she should tomorrow after announcement. Janakinath walks in and says he is proud of Subhi. Subhi takes his blessings. Janaki asks him to keep working hard and making him proud. He asks if he informed Tauji about it. Subhi says he is afraid. Janaki says he will inform dada. Subhash insist Prabha to accompany him to school tomorrow and see him accepting scholarship. Prabha hesitates and when Subhash requests Janaki, he approves and Prabha agrees.

Anupama walks with Ananth on road to leave Cuttack when a thorn pricks in her foot and she stops writhing in pain. Ananth removes thorn and asks if she can walk. She says yes and they have to leave Cuttack before Junior Lord Anderson Fraser visits Cuttack. Anderson Fraser asks his junior to send message to Richardson that he will reach Cuttack today as he wants to nip kranti from its root before it grows further.

Next day, Prabha visits Subhash’s school with Janaki and sons and Tauji. Subhash gets happy seeing his mother. Janaki asks Subhash to show his school to his maa. Subhash happily agrees. After sometime, announcement ceremony starts. Mr. Young takes stage and calls all participant students on stage. Praabha and Janaki feel proud of Subhash. Mr. Young says 2 students Subhash and Charles are close contenders. Subhash’s family rejoices and thinks Subhash will be announced winner. Mr. Young ssays there is a change of rule this year and only European students can participate in merit scholarship test and not Indians, hence Charles Richardson won scholarship and not Subhash. Family feels sad and Subhash thinks if he lost because he is Indian.

Precap: Sarath confronts principal that scholarship should be given based on merit. Mrs. Young says she will question both students and will see who really is intelligent. Subhash says he doesn’t want this scholarship.

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