Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Will Subhash Get Merit Scholarship

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 12th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prabha asks Subhash what happened in school that Tauji is angry on him. Subhash says he resisted injustice and stopped Charles from cheating in exam. Rono backs Subhash and says Charles tried to cross leg Subhash and make him fall during race, then he tried to copy in exam. Prabha says this British child’s injustice is increasing. Sarath says they shouldn’t tolerate injustice. Tauji warns Janakinath to control his son and asks Subhash to ignore injustice around him and just study in school.

Anu tries to leave Khudriram’s sister/didi’s house with Ananth when didi stops her and says police will get suspicious if they see a widow with a man, so they should act as couple. Anu is shocked hearing that and thinks she dropped her idea of becoming Ananth’s wife in childhood itself. Didi insists her to agree for motherland’s sake. Anu agrees and changes her widow dress. Didi says she realized that Anu is a brave woman.

In school, Subhash’s friends discuss that Subhash will win scholarship. Charles says only he will win. Subhash reminisces convincing Prabha to visit school if he comes first in school. Principal Mr. Young gets results and gets happy seeing Subhas won scholarship. Richardson’s peon walks in and informs that he is called at Richardson’s office. Mr. Young reaches Richardson’s office where Richardson introduces him to Reverend who asks who won scholarship. Mr. Young says Subhash Chandra Bose. Reverend gives British’s order that only British can participate in scholarship exam and not Indians, hence Charles won scholarship.

Back in school, Charles continues misbehaving with Subhash. Rono decides to complain against him. In office, Mrs. Young reads results and informs teachers that Subhash won scholarship and she is proud of him, she is waiting for Mr. Young to come and announce results. Jeevan who insulted Subhash earlier saying Indians shouldn’t lift gun and are born to lift British’s goods feels proud of Subhash and informs peon about it. Rono and Subhash hear that and rejoice. Rono and Sameer lift Subhash and announce that Subhas won scholarship. Mr. Young returns and thinks how will he face Subhash now.

Precap: Subhash informs Prabha that he came first in exm and hugs her. Mr. Young informs that from hereon only British can participate in merit scholarship exam and Indians cannot, hence Charles wins scholarship. Subhash gets disheartened hearing that.

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