Nefarious November at Naagin 5 (Analysis)

Nefarious November at Naagin 5

Hello everyone! So I am back here up with something….it’s been what 3 yrs.…. since I wrote something here…. So here I am with another article. I hope you’ll stick till the end.

Since so much has been happening in the November month on Naagin 5, and I was out of the loop for a large part of it, I just thought of writing about my views in a separate article instead of just going on and on in the comments and boring everybody to death.

So let’s start with the good things first,

  • VANI –
    • Oh God now where do I start….we got lots of Vani moments this month. They are slowly coming closer, Bani has started trusting Veer and has begun to see his good side. It all started with the bubble gun scene where Bani has a panic attack thinking that Shakura is back. Bani has always been a strong headed girl with all the aadi Nagin powers to back that up. She wasn’t scared initially, but when he took her to the clouds and then bind her naagin powers she was really left helpless. She found no means of escape and in her desperation she even jumped out the window thinking it is better to die then marry shakura. (The way she got saved was highly illogical but anyways) After veer’s return and shakura’s death any girl IRL would definitely have nightmares because she has not got that time to come to terms with the incident so someday it should erupt and veer used the bubble gun just triggered it. Now I don’t think that the writers must also have thought about the human psychology but they must have put there to give audience a Vani scene.
    • Veer telling Bani his truth about being Cheel was so well done….i think that’s the point when Bani really started falling for Veer. I know before that she trusted him somewhat but this moment was pivotal in their story cause he showed her his other side. Meera’s just one line that you cannot force love really hit him and he tries so show Bani why she could love him. My above theory is reaffirmed when Bani doesn’t stop Veer when he is pulling her leg later during the day in the aarti scene.
    • So now the truth of aadinaagin is out in front of everybody and Veer’s reaction to it was lovely. This guy is ready to go against his family and his entire race to protect the leader of the enemy race, who also happens to be his wife. For this he has my respect.
    • Then after lots of nok-jhok, shy smiles and fake fights, things are looking good between Vani at the moment. Vani sofa scene…. Veer sleeps on her lap and she lets him be…..and later the scene in bed room….just awww…. At this point in time I am like if you give me only Vani scenes like these even without a plotline or any story, just Vani scenes and I’ll watch them….
    • (BTW keeping a watch from so far was a terrible idea . There drainage pipes, AC ducts and a whole big window and CK has advantage of being both eagle and snake.) Also I thought they are past whole ‘sharing the bed’ thing? In the episode when Jai hypnotizes near the pool, they were sleeping on the same bed.
    • Then we got a heartfelt conversation between Vani in the bathroom and later Veer calm Bani after her vision/nightmare…. Aur kitne acche din chahiye tumhe??


  • Dances:
    • Navratri- This dance was all about Vani showing Tashan to each other. But it looked nice on screen. I think the originally planned Lahu Muh Lag Gaya song would have worked better as there was a lot of tashan between the two. (Maybe the makers didn’t get permission to use that song?)
    • Labon Ka Karobar- Now this was a fun dance….. can we just forget the original motive behind it and just see that Bani herself asked Veer for that dance
    • Bani’s Tandav- This was our AadiNaagin’s first solo Tandav and I think Surbhi did her part really well. But I also feel that the choreography of the Tandav could have been better.


  • Catfights-
    • But can I call it a catfight when none of those girls take a form of cat?? Just kidding. But that fight scene between Mayuri and Bani was well done…. Bani and Mayuri both got a go at each other, and it was not like only one person is dominating the fight…I’ll miss mayuri though.
    • I am not including Bani vs CK here as I have a different section for it later.


  • Shook shook Shukla : Now in this month since everybody is coming out clean with the things they have done, why hasn’t Jai told Vani that even Shukla was with him in the planning and why hasn’t Bani told Veer about Shukla? The only justification that I have is that the actor playing Shukla must not be available so the makers thought not to bring him in any conversation as of yet.


  • The Forgotten Brothers: The whole family has collectively forgotten Teer and Monil. Teer wasn’t even there in the childhood photo and neither has CK asked about her third son. Who actually killed Monil is still not known. Only for one episode did the cheels talk about taking revenge from aadi naagin…..then ‘raat gai baat gai?’


  • The Singhania Patriarch :
    • Balvant must have had a reason to capture CK in the dungeons right? I mean if she was just a normal human than Balvant might just have killed her or used her in hid trafficking business or something. I mean there must be a reason for keeping her in his line of sight, so why is he reacting so normally. Why so much of build up there?
    • But I also feel for Balvant yaar. It seems that no one is listening to the patriarch. Jai comes and ‘decides’ not ask or suggest just decides that he is going to stay in the Singhania mansion. Then Bani brings her family not for a visit but permanently. Balvant is like ‘ghar mere naam pe hai guys koi mujhse bhi toh puch lo’. And then finally when Veer says you are free to go from the house, for a teeni tiny moment Balvant is like ‘çhalo finally’ and Bani refuses….
    • He also has a point when he says can’t you all find a Cheel to get married….i mean look at all his bahus one is a Aadi Naagin, one was almost a Morni and now this one is a human….all his boys are doing intercaste marriages…. No bahu from the Cheel Vansh.


  • Cheel powers just for Chilling?:
    • That landmine scene….well it doesn’t work this way…. You step on a landmine and BOOM you’re gone…there’ll be nothing left….and Veer-Bani are running through as if in a garden… and Veer could have easily flown away now that Bani knows about him being a cheel. But I think the makers wanted a Bani-rescues-veer-scene so Veer can say u saved my life so u have feelings for me…etc etc.
    • The cheels are not using their powers when actually required. I mean they could have just taken their cheel forms when those sharp nails started appearing in the house. And cheel form could have given them better maneuverability as well to move about. Ponkey standing on the stairs could have just flown to his family. The only cheel using her powers right now seems to be CK.


  • Bade Miya Chote Miya : Jai-Veer verbal fights are literally the highlight of every episode these days. And Bani is like the mother refereeing between two little kids… like every minute they are together they both are ready to bite each other’s head-off. They scene when Bani throws pillows for Veer outside, next day at the dining table, ‘shakar lene jaa rahi hu koi piche nahi aayega’, and well you get the drift. And that is why it is so nice to watch the BTS and comments on each other’s posts where it seems they are really good friends…  But I felt confrontation scene between Jai and Veer outside the Tilismi cave was terrible….it could have been way, way better. I mean it was supposed to be the big reveal about CK and for that it was very bland. However, the fight in Saturday’s episode was good…both hot headed young men and emotions running very high led to a physical fight, quite understandable.


  • Fast and Furious? : I have read a few comments here and there so I know that you all also feel the same that the story is suddenly moving very fast. I hardly watch any daily soaps but what I know of them, they take one storyline and stretch for weeks if not months. Here, in the beginning of the month Veer had just returned and see where the story is now….so many things have happened. Inspite of that, I feel that story writing is very erratic. I am very impressed with one episode and excited to see how things progress further and then the writers just happen to ruin things…. (Anyone else feeling the same??)


  • Double Trouble? : Everything in Kalyug seems to be in double. First Aadi nagin’s biggest enemy was Aakesh. They became 2, Veer and Teer in Kalyug. Now her biggest enemy is this Maarkaat and she also became 2 in Kalyug.


  • Those learned and their Vows of Silences: Pandit- Panditain were given that status so that they could help the Naag-Naagins in their missions. Well your ‘Job Description’ says you are to help them. But whenever Bani needs help they just say we cannot tell you anything and you have to find it on your own. Either that or they completely talk in riddles that anyways won’t help Bani. Did Albus Dumbledore trained them or something?


  • Villains and their Monologues on World Domination:
    • Villains and their monologues, mostly about what they will do when they defeat the protagonist and then the world will be theirs for taking, have saved protagonists so many times that the villains should learn from it. Apparently you cannot teach old dog new tricks. Both times that Markaat had captured Bani and then started her tirade due to which first Jai-veer and then Shivji could save Bani. But Lord Shiva coming and saving Bani was a bit anticlimatic. She praying to him for strength was fine but I felt instead of Bani saving hereself, Shivji doing miracles was writers taking an easy way out of this.
    • Newton’s third law hold true everywhere. Fight may it be verbal, mental or physical is all about give and take. Action and reaction. The first fight was comparatively better, where both were having a go at each other but the second one was pretty much one sided where first Markaat is clearly winning and then cue some damroos, prayers and Tandav music and voila Markaat captured and all is well again.
    • When Markaat tried to take Lord Shiva’s moon he cursed her and said only Aadi nagin could beat her. But in the fight with aadi nagin, the lord himself had to come and capture her. So he could have done the same in satyug only. Why wait for so many years? Do you guys see the paradox here?
    • Furthur, if Aadi naagin is supposed to be so powerful than why are we not seeing those powers? Markaat is doing everything just by waving hands like locking up people, creating illusions, creating those sharp nails in the house. Why don’t we see Bani using any such powers?
    • And everyone healing powers or lack thereof has already been discussed in the comments so I am not elaborating it further.


  • Mr. Cheel!
    • Characters in a story to me are like onions. I know weird analogy but hear me out. I just love peeling off of the layers of each characters. To see what makes them the way they are? Why they do the things they do? What is their thought process everything…. Well so I am putting up this point. [And also a special mention to user ‘Z’. You know why Z.]
    • Do you all remember Veer from the beginning of the season? Veer is a son of a rich father coming from a famous family and is always used to getting his way. A perfect bad guy. But our bad guy has some morals of his own…I mean there was a reason why the family kept their illegal business activities away from Veer. And we know that he loves his family. Now he meets this girl and instantly falls for her but our girl is also feisty and isn’t going to give in this easily. But our bad guy is going to persue her further. But he is not forcing her. He respects her enough to do that. This is the Veer that I fell in love with…..
    • Story progresses, our not-so-bad guy and feisty girl get married, the guy is trying to remain in his character, she has killed his brother after all, but will not let any actually harm come to her even to the extent of going against his own family. He respects her privacy, lets her voice her opinions, takes care of her…how can we not love this guy yaar?
    • When Mayuri had injected Veer with Naagfani poison, Veer who is already so hot headed, it was supposed to enrage him further. Now remember that at this point in time Veer thinks that Bani has killed Teer and now taking his body in front of moonlight. The same Veer who is so prone to fighting and add the Naagfani effect. Even in that condition Veer argues with her verbally but doesn’t physically harm her. I think that this was such a character defining moment for Veer. You really get insights to a character through such small actions.
    • I also loved Veer and CK’s initial scenes where he was taking care of her. We saw another layer of his.  Son Veer >>> Husband Veer.
    • Veer character arc was really coming out well but since last few episodes I feel that the writers, to show more of Vani romance are ruining Veer’s character. He just simply agrees to everything Bani is saying these days. Bani has to just show her snake eyes. I understand that when Bani has her moments of weakness, he needs to be strong for her and I would love to see a sweet Veer there. (for instance, Bani’s waking up from the vision and the scene that followed  was really lovely ) But in other times I would love to see the old veer back, who is attitude wala, sassy, sarcastic but a softie, or as I call him, the-bad-guy-with-morals.
    • The only time when I see the old Veer is in Jai-Veer bantering scenes and recently in the last episode where he confronts Bani for leaving him at the temple where he was waiting for her and the scene that follows… Hoping we’ll get to see the old Veer back soon…..
    • (Why do I feel I am going to get lots of hate for this point? Well what’s done is done.)



Uff…..i think I should end this now. So finally done with this. Now that my job is done, yours start…..Since I spent most part of my first day after exams writing this up…you all are supposed to tell me in the long long comments down there that (i) how was the article as a whole?  (ii) which points do you agree/disagree with? I would really love to discuss things with you.

I would love to improve so suggestions and criticism are always welcomed as long as it is not offensive and abusive.


Signing out now.



  1. Shesha485

    Great Work.
    a) Coming to some of my favorites in the show and the article, I just loved Mayuri’s character (no reason, but the most favorite of mine) her scenes😍😍😍 and I am going to miss her terribly. Her cat-fights with Bani in the mud and last fight was just awesome😊. But Mayuri’s death is illogical #MissyouMayuri😥. And these silly brothers fights won’t even come near it😏😏😏😏. Balwant-Chachi cat-fight is the only fun based entertainment amidst the episodes😃. Brothers fights were 50% good other 50% is a cringe🤢. Literally Singhanias Mansion has become a public house. Poor Daddy ji is not at all given respect. Ritu asking him about marriage was hilarious😅😅😅. Maarkaat truth revelations were just awesome. Bani-Maarkat fights, Ananth Jharna was beautifully shot. I am more interested in Tapish and Meera than Vani or Jai, Veer and Bani. I agree with cellar scene. Still I hope they would reveal something. Also, Ritu flirts with Balwant is too funny. I pity for her husband Girish. Girish Sharma needs justice😩😩😩
    [P.S: I found a loophole, on November 28 episode, Bani, Jai and Veer come to Singhania mansion in evening most likely 6PM where Meera is standing outside. Bani would ask about the family members to Meera. Meera would say Ritu was watching 10PM show show Molkki on Colors TV. If the show airs at 10, how could Ritu see the episode at evening? 🤣😂😂😂]
    b) A bad guy with morals itself a weird creation and I didn’t like it personally. (Thus, I am not speaking much about first and last subtopic) People are saying it was his layers and he is flawed character like a common guy, but the fact is makers distorted his character for creative reasons.( I know it is controversial and many are going to bash me) Alpha Veer turned into Beta Veer. Still, I didn’t miss that bad guy much and liking the new version too. Other than that, I didn’t like Vani in the last few episodes (I feel the intensity is, not as I expected or the romance is robotic) You also forget about two things, one is Jai, you completely forgot his existence, the second is, Veer remembers the past i.e. Akesh. Veer comes to know such a big truth, but still the truth has no significant effect in the story. It came just like that.
    Also, I lost interest after seeing last two episodes.

    1. Shesha485

      One more thing, I observed is, Pankaj is one of the reasons for Noor’s death, Daksh misbehaved with Meera, Tapish was somewhat involved in smuggling and resulting in Naina’s death, but Bani didn’t care when Daksh and Ponky bonds with Mahek and Dahek and Bani is happy for Meera-Tapish too (Meera-Tapish is acceptable a little)

    2. Nita D

      Interesting points shesha!!
      Actually I started watching the show from when Jai Bani remember the past in the temple.
      (Although I read about the previous episodes on TU). so it just becomes a bit difficult for me to connect it with the present episodes. Basically those points dont come to me until someone points it out. I guess when they say Visual memories are the best it is true.

      But now that u have brought it out, I agree that even though Tapish seems to be a decent guy these days, he was neck deep into all illegal activities that the singhanias are doing.
      And I think makers have only thought about Bani’s character upto Veer and saving the world. Nice that u brought up about she not saying anything then Ponky Daksh are flirting with her sisters.
      I didnt think about it.

    3. Nita D

      @shesha plz check my next comment also. I think instead of ‘reply’ I posted it as a normal comment

  2. Nita D

    1. Even I miss Mayuri!! And not only Bani Mayuri physical fights but their verbal fights were also really interesting to watch…..

    2. Anant Jarna scene I agree, I said in one of the comments as well….whoever did the VFX….amazing man!!! That whole scene (including the fight) was so beautiful to watch…..

    3. Tapish and Meera are love❤ and I WISH that Tapish saves Meera in the next episode. Or atleast there is some reaction of some scene or something between them…..cause I think that Vani being the lead character they again will come to save the day….

    4. Molki– Ritu harrassed Balvant so much that he told the channel to telecast the episode earlier so he can get rid of Ritu 😂😂🤣🤣

    But I think shivani is doing wonderful job as Ritu cause she is really able to portray her character as irritating and greedy…..

    5. About Veer and Vani- even I am saying that I also want Veer to not simply agree to Bani as he is doing in these so I think we are on the same page there. I think u have named it as Beta veer.
    And Vani I am two minds about it. U may have felt contradictions in first and last points. I go awww when any Vani scene comes but then again I am that they are losing the individual character arcs somewhere. Especially Veer. And some of it seems to be just put there for the sake of showing Vani. As if there is some limit ke ek episode mein #Vani itni minutes ke liye hona chahiye.

    And i am sure there was a point on Veer-Akesh thing. I think TU ki site pe copy paste mein rahe gaya. (The whole article was not getting pasted so I had to copy and paste one by one para) so I think I missed that para.

    The point in essence was why there was so much of built up on Veer remembering things from Satyug if they weren’t going to show anything furthur on that topic.

    6. Jai I agree I missed to mention him…..but his character is also butchered…. first good than bad and now again good. I think when they won’t have any other villains to show then again Jai will become negative. But anyways I like positive Jai better so am okay for now.

    And I was wishing since long for Jai’s truth to come out. It was frustrating to see Bani blindly trusting Jai.

    1. Shesha485

      Yes, you’re right. They should not have given such build up for Veer remembering the past. I also enjoy this new version of Veer but sometimes at some point I didn’t like that essence on him. The makers are using Veer and Jai’s character like a rubber to flex them according to the situation.
      P. S: I liked Veer’s character development after marriage to Shakura’s entry. That really had a balance among love, jealousy, obsession, hatred, anger etc. Of course, Shivani is the best choice for Ritu.

    2. Nita D

      Your thoughts about using Veer and Jai as rubber, well true that….
      Bani came in Jai’s dream and suddenly that hate changed in love….like really…

      I like Veer’s character arc till Bani’s reveal as Aadinagin episode after that it just went haywire.

  3. Nita D

    Also can someone clarify that Bani calls Ritu as chachi and Girish as papa. And Meera calls them Ma and papa.
    Was something shown about this in the beginning episodes that I might have missed??

    1. Shesha485

      Bani is an adopted child of Ritu and Girish (they got her from streets when she was four) . So, it is common to call them mom-dad. But Ritu didn’t like Bani calling her mom (step mother atrocities) , so Bani calls her chachi. (There is a scene regarding that in Episode 3) Meera, Mehak and Dahek are her own children.

    2. Nita D

      Okay. Now I understood. Thanks!

  4. @Nita d hey di! Sorry i’m late was stuck with some work 😬😬.
    Now Before i go into my thoughts of what you wrote, just wanna say i enjoyed reading every bit of it…i freaking missed your take on the episodes and bang on this was just perfectttttt👌😍

    Now coming to the plot.
    What ever you wrote about the story line , loop holes and the character is 101% wrote just what i feel:)

    Tbh i started watching Naagin 5 3 weeks back just for VEER and ofcourse VANI…
    I now i really cant connect with veer or THE BAD GUY WITH MORALS…
    I wish to see him back asap.
    I freaking love vani but just because of that you can’t change veers character right.
    Like you said di let veer be soft with bani,
    but with that savage sassy veer who walks and talks with swaggg…

    And now dont get me wrong but you really cant find logic in indian shows…so im not gonna comment on those.

    Also just a basically meera is aware that bani is a naagin but does she or her family knows tapish is a cheel ???
    Or Knowing he’s a cheel she is ok with it 😳.

    Ps: just imagine you get engaged to a cheel..wont your family freak out😂😂

    Thank you nita di for the special mention…and i really enjoyed it 😘😘

    1. Nita D

      Hey Z….actually i was really worried about what you would say on my thoughts about Veer. Cause I read it again after I posted it and to be honest, I didnt like that much. I thought I could have done that part much much better. So plz forgive me for that. I know you were waiting specifically for that part….🥺🥺

      Let’s hope the sassy Veer is back soon….

      Meera is aware about the Cheels cause Bani used to update her. Remember all the phone calls between Bani n Meera in the earlier episodes. And on her first night in the Singania mansion there a scene with Tapish where she say I know everything but my mother and sisters dont know so plz dont tell them.

      About her marrying Tapish, Ritu will not care. She only see the grandeur and money. Her father may have objected. We dont know. And let’s not forget Tapish was always neck deep into the illegal businesses of Singanias. Only Veer doesn’t know about them.

    2. @Nita d are you crazy i loved every bit of veers part…literally every single bit of it…the way you mentioned some scenes where we fell in love with veer was so damn good…double 👍👍
      So meera is aware about it..hmmm and what u said is truee,tapish may look good now but he was there in all the illegal businesses of Singanias…wonder how bani is happy for meera ?

  5. @Nita d also seems like your more like me…i dont watch too many daily soaps just like you and our thoughts match too.
    Perhaps thats why i connect more with you 😊😊
    Ps: good morning its 3:30am in my country 😂😂

    1. Nita D

      Daily soaps…..blaaah….its always the same old….boy girl meet, either it is love at first sight or enemy at first sight….then they slowly fall in love…add marriage somewhere in there…..then some villan will come, they get rid of him/her and then a new one and on it goes…. also someone from the family will also become negative at some point in the show…..this my friend is summary of all the shows….so you see why I cannot see them….

      Oh vese the only soap I have watched in full is ‘Ek haseena thi’ it you can try that if u havent already.
      And Naagin….until a few months ago I wouldn’t be caught dead watching it….but well I fell in love with Vani…..

      Which country do you live in BTW??
      And I can’t complain about those ungodly hours cause I was up till 2.30 watching a movie so….

      And I think u should get registered so we can chat about other things like these in other that in comments.

    2. Yeah…what you said about daily soaps is truee but i fell in love with vani😍.i dont mind if it make no sense in the show but we get the sassy veer and heavenly beautiful vani scenes im okay with …
      I’ve never heard about ek haseena thi till date.. may be i can try that later on.
      The only show i’ve watched full till date is bepannah..have you watch that series ?
      I live in sri lanka your neighbour 🙂
      Ps: how do you get registered???

    3. @Nita d did you see the new promo ?
      Seems like markhat is sending a huge tsunami 😂…

    4. Nita D

      Hey Z.
      Nope I haven’t seen Bepanah. I’ll check that out.
      You’ll find ek hasina thi all episodes on Hotstar.

      You’ll have to sign up on TU. Then it has many options like personal chats and posting on wall etc.
      If u will se carefully then in some comments ‘registered’ will be written next to the name. So those people are registered.

      Yeah after I saw your comment I went and checked out the promo. Looks interesting. I hope the episode is also as interesting as the promo.

  6. Gayathri K B

    Very well written , @Nita. What an observation skill.. “Cheel powers just for chilling” was the best. N all points about CK and teer , absolutely i agree with. One additional thing I have noticed is why is not Bani’s chachi asking about Jay being in Singhania house. N also where is Jay’s family who were shown in initial wedding episodes…😂😂

    1. Also what happened to dhabewala’s dhaba? Where did he get the money to buy that car? 😂🤣🚗

    2. Nita D

      Thanks dear Gayathri…..I really feel that the cheels are now using their powers when actually required.

      Good point….Chachi being as nosy as she is, should have asked about Jai but singhania mansion has become more of a hotel these days where anyone is coming to live.

      Even i had asked the same question about Jai’s family and everyone told me that they think him to be dead.

      Initially he seemed to care for them but no idea why he didnt approach them. Since he is gallivanting around the city, IRL there is a chance that he might be seen by his family.
      To tell the truth, I think the makers have forgotten them.

    3. Nita D

      @missliza I think his family might be managing that. And the car point a loophole i guess? Cause his original car must have been taken back by his family on his death. Or maybe he is using Mayuri’s car

  7. Nice Analysis of Naagin 5 😁👍and I especially like the part of Mr. Cheel 🦅 the-bad-guy-with-morals.

    1. Nita D

      Thank u so much misslisa…..🥰🥰
      Looks like we also share Naagin along with being Potterheads!!

    2. Yes I am a Potterhead and a Naagin 5 Fan (we should keep a name for naagin fans like there is a name for Harry Potter fans.) 😃

      Btw, do you like Ishq mein amrjawan 2?

    3. sorry *marjawan (typing error)

    4. Nita D

      Well we should come up with a name for Naagin Fans.
      I’ll tell u if I think of something interesting.

      Also no I dont watch any other daily soap….haven’t in a long time…. me watching Naagin happened by pure accident and then I stuck with it….

  8. I agree with you completely.. Loved the article.. A very wholesome one

    1. Nita D

      Thank u so much Oishi Basu.
      I would love to know what part of this did u like the best/worst

  9. Very nice! Beautifully written! 💗… You are a very good writer. The characterisation has such good details and points 😊.
    Also 1 request : Please make one for December too. I am sure it will be interesting and fun to read like this one is 😊.

    1. Nita D

      Hey Aanya…thanks u so much dear….
      About December, I can’t say anything as on now as things are busy at work…tax season and everything….
      But if u want he can check my other post….although it was long ago that I wrote them….

    2. Nita D

      Also I am posting all my views in comments of each episode so u can check that out as well….

    3. @nita d I will definitely read your other posts and your comments on each episode 😊.

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