Neet Mahal talks about her experience in Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti

Bollywood singer Mika Singh’s search for a suitable bride has come to an end on Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti as he chose actress Akanksha Puri as his would-be. The decision has come as a shock for many and some are also slamming the makers, calling it a pre-decided win.

Neet Mahal who was one of the finalists of the show talked about the love and support she has been receiving during a recent interview and shared, “It feels surreal to have such loyal fans who showed an immense amount of love and support on me. My deepest gratitude to everyone who has believed in me. I have been receiving a lot of messages and calls from people praising me and supporting me. I can say, Akanksha may have won the show, but I have won the real trophy, which is love from fans.”

Talking about his experience with the show, Neet said, “Mika Ji didn’t choose me as his life partner and I respect his decision, but I am happy that I have earned a good friendship with him He promised to stand by my side as my friend no matter what the situation is. I am gonna cherish the friendship with him always and forever.”

For the unversed, Neet is an actress in the Punjabi industry and is known for her role in films like Takhatgarh, Dulla Vaily and High End Yaariyaan. The actress has also featured in various music videos.

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