Neera (Neelu+Raman) ki YHM (Episode 5)

Episode 5

Its night. Raman comes home from office. He brings icecream for his family. Rinki ask him to give fast. But Raman says it is melted. Ishita sees it from behind the curtain and her mouth gets watery. She thinks that because of her mistakes they may not give her so she thinks to get it anyhow. Raman goes to keep the icecream in fridge. Ishita sees this. After dinner everyone goes to sleep and forget to eat icecream. At midnight Ishita wake up and goes near the kitchen. She opens the icecream box and put her fingers inside it and eat( she was eating as if she had not eaten anything for years lol). At Ramans room he thinks about Neelu and smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein plays… He finds no water in his jug and comes to kitchen for water. Ishita sees him and think it is a ghost and shouts vigrously(in crow voice). Raman also shouts seeing ishita with creamy face and her body(which is actually very fat). Every1 comes hearing their shouts and switches on the light. Evry1 sees Ishitas face which was covered with the icecream. Raman says he came to drink water but saw this witch face. They ask Ishita wat she is doing here. Ishita says she came to eat icecream. Simmi says at night u ate 3 paratas and still u cme 2 steal icecream. Rinki ask dont u hav manner to eat icecream. Ishita offers her icecream(shameless). Rinki says yuck she ill better eat karela instead of icecream wich u hav touch. Mrs Bhalla slaps her repeatedly. Romi feels like laughing seeing her face but controls it. Mrs shouts on ishita and fires her from job. Ishita gets shocked and thinks. She pleads. Ishita starts her melodrama and says my parents are dead and my elder sisiter did not marry bcz of her poverty. Evry1 gets senti and Mrs bhalla ask ishita to bring her elder sister here. Ishita plans smthng to take revenge frm Bhallas and smirks. Mrs bhalla ask evry1 to go to their room nd sleep.

Its morning. A lady comes to Bhalla house n ask for tomatoes. Mrs Bhalla ask who r u? Lady introduces herself as Shagun, her new neighbour. Mrs Bhalla says nice to meet u. She brings tomatoes and gives it to shagun. Shagun thnks her. Mr Bhalla comes and ask hu is she?. Mrs says she is our new neighbour and very beautiful. Mr Bhalla says yes.

Ramans office.
Raman waits for Neelu to cme. Neelu knocks. Raman ask her to come inside. Neelu wishes him gm. Raman says the contract in which Ashok and i working is very important to us. Neelu says ok. Just then Ashok comes and says we having meeting today. Raman ask Neelu to be ready in the afternoon. Raman ask Neelu to wear nice dress . She says she will wear her expensive salwar. Raman says shut up. Ashok calms Raman and ask Neelu to go. Neelu comes outside and says Raman is akhdu.

Precap: Raman and Neelu are stuck in a jungle. Neelu gets scared by the voice of wild animal. She shouts and Raman calms her(How romantic!!!).

Credit to :Rithushree

NOTE: This Rithushree is different than the one who comments everyday.

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  1. Awsmm
    rofl lol

  2. Main SWARAGINI ki sabse bari fan hoon. Telleupdates and India Forum ki aisi koyi fan fiction nahi hai jo meine nahi pari. My mom loves to see YHM. That’s why, I also have to see it everyday. But this is the first fan fiction where I am eager to comment and nowhere else. Soooooooooooooooo good yaar. Keep it up.
    Lots of love dear.

  3. Stupid ff!!! Just delete it!! U are spoiling ishita’s character didn’t knew that ppl like u(shameless) will stoop so low

  4. I just luv it..keep writing..

  5. WTF !!!! Neelu and Raman chi …..Was there no other pairing….

  6. Yeah Nelu and Raman I don’t think so I would rather prefer ishita why are u doin this Nelu yuck disgusting what a horrible sense don’t u know how to pair people into Jodi well if u don’t ask me i will tell u what’s good and what’s not as you can’t understand there are so many people with horrible tastes but not as bad as this one

  7. It’s disgusting yarr stop it cant even imagine

  8. Plzz yaar… Its getting worse. Do feel like writing bad ff as great?? Think u vill stop writing dis ff after reading all comments

  9. who ever writting this fan fiction you have a limit for everythin i did not mean hear for
    divya or ishita just i mean for a servant how can you wrote a servant like this so cheaf
    she is a theif,watery mouth, fool etc what you want to tell to us you are a north indian
    just creating the south indian servant so cheat,foot idiot and all how can you mention
    a servant has no self respect what you may be worked as a servant in some other houses
    and done all the above what you mentioned in fan fiction idiot


  11. The part when you said ‘she slaps her continuously’ HAHAHAHA soooo funny!

  12. looks like the writer hate ishita charecter very muchh so does the shwwww mmm if it happens even in dream in the show it’s dooomed first onlyy theyyy spoilt such a nyc shww by bringing that spirit trak ……….. mmmmmm …… chalo iwaas thinking agar starting se hi ishita ki jagah neelu hoti toh??? 😛 butt dr writer u shudn’t tease the readers much and bring back ishu instead of neelu and show it as a BIGGG BAD DREAM…….
    thank u –

  13. Rithushree please stop this ff…it is very meaningless…write a good story

  14. i think ishu char is already spoiled by ekta.if i see this serial my blood boils i think how much i loved this chars but today i really feel this is what it should be. bcoz then neelu would have been caught by ghost and ishu would have been fine.

  15. IV BEEN WAITING SUCH A LONG TIME FOR THE NEXT UPDATE WHEN WILL IT BE? please make it very funny thank U :D:D:D

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