I NEED U-Few shots on Kaira by Dramalover (shot 5)

Hi guys , this is Harsha aka dramalover. I meant this to be a few shots, but seems that its going to be quite long, should I cut it short or let it go along its flow? Let me know through your comments. Pls read the previous shots before continuing.

The next day , I woke up to Adi’s mrng alarm(yeah I always wake up when Adi or Eli calls me out). That means I was able to fall asleep. I dragged myself from the bed and got ready for college. I grabbed a quick breakfast and met my frnds downstairs. They spoke on random topics. Seems that they have understood my situation. Hah , its good to have best frnds, becos they know when to pester you and when to leave you alone. Gayu as usual,met us at the college entrance and started her commentary. I listened eagerly for news on Karthik( I just said that I wouldn’t spare him a glance, not that I wouldn’t try to know more about him). So Karthik is a business major, well ofcourse as HIS family rans the GOENKA Industries.

Then HE arrived on his shiny , new sports car. Everyone’s attention was on him. What a show off! I muttered to myself. Then I remembered how he used to rattle on and on about the latest cars,when we were in high school. I was forced to listen to it and I dozed of many times. Even that didn’t stop him but he did decrease the duration. And he looked so cute at that time , animated ,just like a kid who got his favourite toy. I smiled at those memories. ‘ Nairaa! Earlier you told you will not even glance at him right?’ I reminded and bolted to the class.

Earlier did I mention that I spoke too soon. Yeah I did , right. I failed horribly in my plan to not notice him, becos during recess I ended up stealing glances at him across the cafeteria. So much that my frnds had to shake me up a few times to get my attention.

Karthik seemed so relaxed . he was talking something with his frnds,and not even noticing me. Huff, I was the only one who was affected by his entry. Seriously, was he that immune to me ? When I saw that he was going to turn in my direction, I looked down. I had kept an open book on the the table so as to not get caught.( smart ,right?)
I wonder what he thinks about me?

So here is the next shot. I might be busy for a few days, so I might not be able to update regularly. Do you guys need Karthik’s p.o.v next?. Don’t forget to drop in your comments!

  1. Vinni05

    Amazing one
    Go along with flow don’t cut
    Wants karthik’s pov
    Waiting for next

    1. Dramalover

      and thank u 4 commenting on all shots,

  2. Fenil

    Yuppie yummy chppy
    go with original don’t cut
    want karthik pov
    waiting for next.

    1. Dramalover

      srry , i will be busy the next few days, but will post the next one before wednesday, and thank uuu

  3. Shivaya khanna

    Yes go with the flow story is going great pls show Karthiks POV also eagerly waiting for next

    1. Dramalover

      thank u, will post the next one , the coming week and thank uu

  4. Soumya85

    Awesome one…don’t cut it go in the flow and i definitely want karthik’s pov…today i have commented on all ur episodes so sorry for the late

    1. Dramalover

      yup, i saw that and its okay ,all that matters is that u have read it 🙂

  5. Vedanshidwivedi


  6. Kriti249

    Awesome yaar….just go with the flow and please let it be a first point of view story(ie.naira’s POV) cuz I have started considering myself as naira so it will break the flow
    Rest is your choice

    1. Dramalover

      really thank u, i guess i will go with the flow

    2. Kriti249

      And please don’t add karthik’s POV cuz it will break the flow of reading

    3. Dramalover

      mmh , iam confused now many r requesting 4 it, should i introduce it as a spoiler?

  7. Awesome…
    yeah want karthik’s pov next

  8. Awesome
    Don’t need Karthika pov
    Plz Plz Plz make the episodes a bit longer
    Love u

    1. Dramalover

      will try and thanks 4 commenting

  9. Harshilmylove

    What is a pov ?
    Btw cool chp

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