I NEED U-Few shots on Kaira by Dramalover (shot 4)

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Hi guys ,this is Harsha aka dramalover. I never thought I could get such good responses for my story.Thank u my TU frnds for motivating me to post this story.So here is the next chappy.


But not in a way I would like him to.What? In what way would I like him to remember me? Do I still like him?NO, no Naira you can’t like him.Again my SWC (stupid wise consciousness) poked in.HE is way out of your limit, it continued.What? HE is way out of my limit? HE is the one who chased me 3 years ago.I argued with it(see I don’t get along well ,even with myself)But it was 3 years ago,my SWC again pointed out.Uhh , I hate to admit it, but what it said is true. I walked towards my next class ,continuing my mental monologue.The whole day I was lost.Lost in HIS thoughts.Adi and Eli detected something amiss,but decided not to press it.Good for them ,becos I was in no mood to spill the beans.Rest of the day passed in a daze.

When we reached home I quickly bolted to my room and came out only for dinner.During dinner, I ate my food as fast as I could, in an attempt to avoid their(my frnds’) questions and retreated to my room as fast as I could. I know I was avoiding them and I felt bad for it.Adi and Eli were my besties but I couldn’t bring myself to say the truth to them as it was painful enough to relive old memories.But I will say the truth when I am ready,but not now. I laid down in my bed hugging lucky (mere pyaari teddy) in a desperate attempt to sleep.But my mind still wandered back to him.Oh gosh,why is he evading my sleep now?

‘Just leave me alone and let me sleep’ I wanted to scream. But it seems that sleep has left me alone and went for a month long vacation.My stupid mind again wandered back to the evening incident.HE let me go as if my touch hurt himand walked away without looking back.UHHH seriously. OK .Karthik Goenka, if you are set to avoid me, then I, Naira Singhania will not even spare you a glance.
But I spoke too soon.
****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Pheww , this one finished.Let me know your reviews through the comments.

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  1. Fenil

    It was cute one.
    Poor naira can’t get sleep.:D:D
    waiting for next.

    1. Dramalover

      he, he r8. will post the next one soon

  2. Shivaya khanna

    Cute shot poor Naira she loves him I think eagerly waiting for next

    1. Dramalover

      will , post the next one soon dear

  3. Vinni05

    Awesome chapter
    Eagerly waiting for next one

  4. Vedanshidwivedi

    Aww soo sad for naira

    1. Dramalover

      r8,poor naira

  5. Awesome……Interesting story…..though I read it first time…..update next one soon

    1. Dramalover

      pls read the previous shots too and thank u

  6. Kriti249

    I love reading first point of view and this has been potryaed so well. You are doing job. Post next asap

    1. Dramalover

      it has been posted and thank u

  7. Soumya85

    Nice one?

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