I Need U (Part – 7)

A dark room and a girl seen tied to a chair and she is our Mehak

Mehak gets conscious

Mehak,where am I and I am tied

Mehak screams – any1 there help

Voice of a man – relax darling u r with me

his face is covered

Mehak feels his voice familiar

Mehak – who the hell r u

Voice – u will know it on our wedding

Mehak – u coward…I don’t even know u…why the heck will I marry u

He laughs – u know me

Mehak – Rohit

Voice – maybe

Mehak,he is rohit

In office

Shaurya,where is mehak

HE geys nikkis call

Nikki – hey darling

Shaurya – hi..say

nikki – lets go out today..i am bored

Shaurya – I am buy

Nkikki – u r worried…..lets gop out for lunch bye


Shaurya – where is Vicky

Shaurya messages Vicky he will go out with nikki so he has to handle office

Vicky messages him k…I am busy…will cme after sometime,he can go


Shaurya leaves and thinks of mehak

he reaches and nikki comes wearing red top with jeans hair swinging and red heels

Shaurya imagins Mehak

Shaurya– u look pretty hot

Nikki as Mehak – thanq

and hgs him..he hugs her back hard…- where have u been

Nikki brks hug – t

Shaurya realizes it was NIKKI – NOTHING….lets go

Screen freezes on his face

thanx for remembering me Sapna and thannx Sanju

hope u all liked it…if yes comment why if no comment and say why

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W- aizaellahi

love u all take care


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  1. Very nice yrr..but plz try for a long part yrr.. It is too short…

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