I Need U ( Part – 6 )

Mehak goes to Shaurya’s house and sees nikki dancing

Mehak – why so happy today

Nikki – I just like dancing…

Mehak – k…where is shaurya sir…?

Nikki – he went to office

Mehak – what ??

Nikki – he said me will go to office and meet u there..

Mehak – really?

Nikki – yup

Mehak – k…I ll go

Nikki – whats the hurry…have coffee

Mehak – no I am k

Nikki – ok…I wont talk to u

Mehak –K…

Nikki smirks

She brings her coffee and mehak drinks it

She feels her surrounding blur

Mehak – my head is paining

Nikki – its k

Mehak faints

Nikki calls some1 – work is done

VOICE – great

Call ends


Shaurya,why didn’t Mehak come till now…let me call nikki …she said me that mehak had left for office and I will meet her here..


Shaurya – did mehak come

Nikki – no..

Shaurya – why did she then say that she reached office…

Nikki – how come I know darling

Shaurya – yah…bye

Call ends

He tries calling mehak but she cant pick the call…

He calls Kanta


Kanta – hello shaurya beta

Shaurya – hello chachi…did mehak left for office

Kanta – oh stop joking…she left before 1hr

Shaurya,I must not say her anything…

Shaurya – okay chachi…I was joking I wanted to talk to u…but now have some work…bye

Kanta – ok…bye…take care

Call end

Shaurya-where r u mehak….



Guys this is me aiza….i am really sorry for coming after months…my parents didn’t allow for account…this also a secret account….and now this is my new account…I am sorry couldn’t post the links too..plss read that 1s so u come back to story…again sorry

Love u all takecare….happy belated happy new year…hope u like it…do comment

  1. welcome back aiza..
    i know you very well…
    So much waiting for you…
    Now plz complete your ff…
    Hope you upload continue…

    1. VarunDhawan

      thanx..I thought u all frgt me

  2. I hope shaurya saves mehek on time

    1. VarunDhawan

      wait for it..

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