Nazdeekiyan: Chapter 5 (Riansh fan fiction)

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Author’s POV

“Hello, Sejal! It’s Riddhi” Riddhima said after Sejal picked up the call. She didn’t pick it in first two tries but now she did of course the reason is that, this number was new to her. Riddhima knew Sejal well and now she knew she has to now face her wrath.

“Now you got a time to talk with me? You know, how much my head is spinning after seeing the news? And, why was your phone unreachable? And…where the hell are you, now? I know you well enough and I know, you are not at your home, now…” Sejal spoke

“Shut up yaar! Let me speak! Now listen my side of story”

She told her everything.

“Are you mad or something??? You are living in someone’s home who lives alone and is a man?”

“Firstly, I know I am mad for doing this. But, if I had any option, I wouldn’t have chosen it. Right?”

“Still,…have you lost your mind!?”

“Sejal, I won’t live here till long. Just 2 days”

“2 days with that unknown person whose name you don’t even know! Riddhi!!! You reach to Kiara’s home. Her mom is in her hometown and she is alone at home for 2 days. Whatever the situation comes you won’t live here! Did you get that that?”

“I do get that, Seju. Okay, I’ll try to escape from here”

“Listen, I can’t come there due to family issues. But, I am going to come there as soon as possible. Till then, take care of yours?”

“Okay my aai!”

“Better you!”
Saying so, she cut the call.

Riddhima was waiting for Vansh to come living room as she wanted to talk to him. She was walking back and forth and she felt she collided with something. When she saw upwards, she saw Vansh looking in other direction after letting her go from his hands which he held to stop her from falling.

“I…wanted to have a talk with you-“


“Wo- will you drop me to one of my friend’s home. I won’t trouble you anymore, after that. I promise!”

“I would have but-“

He then gestured her to follow him. He slightly removed the curtain of the window to make the view clear and now she could see some men and she very well was aware who they sent by, They were constantly roaming in the area. Little did she already know, things will not happen as simple as she wanted.

A lone tear escaped from her eye which she didn’t want. She didn’t want to make her look weak infront of a stranger.

“Hey! Don’t cry” He whispered.

She closed her eyes and inhaling the air, and she opened her eyes. And moved her fingers to her face wiping those unwanted tears.

She came and sat on the sofa. While, he brought water for her.

After drinking the water, and calming herself down. She said- “I want to escape this place by any hook or crook. So-“

“I am going to call your father” he said making her wide her eyes

“Have you lost it?”

“No, I am doing this for your betterment”

“Listen, you are not going to do it! If you will, I will inform everyone that you kidnapped me!!”

“Seriously?” Vansh said, rolling his eyes.

“I am more than serious”

She left the hall but, still she had doubt, what if, he’ll still inform her dad about it?


Vansh’s POV

It was 3.20 pm.

I was painting, and then, I heard “Wow!” sound from behind.

And saw, Riddhima was standing behind me and then, I heard her voice again from behind
“You are soo soo good!!”

“Thankyou” I let out a small whisper and continued my work.

She sat beside me bringing a chair.

After, I was done with the painting.

“Are you professional or something?”


“I knew it”

The silence prevailed the room.

“What do you like? Any hobbies?” I asked, breaking the silence. I wanted to cheer her mood after what happened in afternoon.

“Me? You know, since childhood, I love music! You know, my aai used to sing so amazing!”
I saw her face becoming a bit sad.

“Any issues?” I asked calmly.

“No-nothing. I was saying that I love music. Since childhood, I was most interested in this! Only if I could show you my prizes in music! I still love it.”

“So, anything for me?”

“If you have guitar….”

“I am not too good, but I do have one” saying so, I went to my room. And I gave her the guitar. Actually, Aryan gifted me this.

I sat beside her, giving the guitar. Finally, someone will give justice by using it!

She sat in a comfortable position. Crossing her legs. Holding the guitar like a guitarist.

Haan Main Gumsum Hoon, In Rahon Ki Tarah,
Tere Khwabon Mein, Teri Khwahishon Mein Chupa,
Na Jane Kyun Hai Roz Ka Silsila, Tu Rooh Ki Hai Dastan,

Teri Zulfon Ki Ye Nami, Teri Ankhon Ka Ye Nasha,
Yahan Kho Bhi Jaun To Mein, Kya Kasoor Hai Mera,

Kyun Yeh Afsane, In Lamhon Mein Kho Gaye,
Hum Ghayal The, In Lafzon Mein Kho Gaye,
The Hum Anjane, Ab Dil Mein Tum Ho Chupi,
Hum Hain Sehar Ki Parchaiyan,

Teri Sanson Ki Rat Hai,
Teri Honton Ki Hai Subha,
Yahna Kho Bhi Jaun Toh Mein,
Kya Kasoor Hai Mera,
Kya Kasur Hai Mera.

Teri Zulfon Ki Ye Nami, Teri Ankhon Ka Ye Nasha,
Yahan Kho Bhi Jaun To Mein, Kya Kasoor Hai Mera,

Teri Sanson Ki Rat Hai, Teri Honthon Ki Hai Subha,
Yaha Kho Bhi Jau To Mein,
Kya Kasoor Hai Mera, Kya Kasoor Hai Mera,
Kya Kasoor Hai Mera.

I was so lost in her.

“How was it?”

“It was so amazing!” I said. And didn’t even realised when my hand’s turned into clapping.


It was evening. I was going out to buy some groceries when Riddhima stopped me.

“Are you going somewhere?” Riddhima said moving her gaze from the screen of her phone.

“Yeah! Just to buy some groceries”

“Oh! Come soon Vansh!”

“Okay…wait! You know my name?”

She nodded and bit her tongue.

“But, how?”

“Actually, I….I picked up your call, it’s not my mistake. It was ringing since long. I thought to ‘silent’ it. But, instead pick the call”

“Did you talk to whoever was on the phone?” I asked being a bit tensed. She didn’t know, her one mistake could lead me in another trouble. Yes, I am already in a trouble.

“No…I just picked up, the called ID stated ‘Dad’. As soon as I picked the call, he said ‘Happy birthday Vansh’. Is it really your birthday?”

“Glad you didn’t reply him or else I would have died by the questions my family would have asked”

“Is it your birthday?”

I nodded.

“Sorry, but, I will have to lock you inside the house till I come” I said going towards the main door.

“Is it needed?” She asked.



I went outside but not before making sure that, the house is locked.

I observed my surroundings and realised, two guards were constantly roaming in the area. I expected them to leave by now. So that, I could do something to make Riddhima safe. I shook my head in disappointment.

I bought the groceries. And, came to home.

Riddhima was not in hall. I went to kitchen to keep the groceries after that I could search her. Actually, the house was locked so, she must be roaming someone in the house only.

I was shocked to see her cooking something.

After keeping the bag of groceries in the kitchen. As I opened the tap, the sound of water gained Riddhima’s attention. She turned to me holding a knife.

I raised my hand in air and said “It’s me, Jhansi ki rani

She sighed seeing me.

While drying my hands with towel, I asked her- “By the way, what are you doing here?”

“Me? I was preparing something for your birthday”

I don’t know what happens to this girl the very next moment.

“Really? And what’s that?”

“I was preparing halwa”

“You know cooking?”

“What do you think of me? You know, I am a great cook”

“I am also not that bad” I said shrugging.

“The halwa is ready” She said serving it in a bowl.

I tasted it- “It’s not that bad as I expected”

Actually, it was amazing. No that good but Yeah! Not even that bad.

She faked her laugh.

“Are the guards still outside?”

I nodded taking another bite of halwa.

“You know what, I feel like calling my baba and saying that, remove these guards from here”

“So that, he will take you to your home”

“Very funny” She said filling another bowl with halwa and taking a bite of it.

“You know, Sejal, my bestfriend asked me to stay over in one of my friend’s house. I told you in afternoon, too. Actually, Kiara the friend I am talking about, her family is out of station. And she’s alone at her home”

“And, what makes you think that you will easily go out of here?”

“You know this area better than me. I guess, you could help me out escaping from here”

“I have got a great idea! Hope it works”

“And what’s that great idea of yours?”

“Please now don’t start again that informing my baba is the best thing we could do to escape from this situation”

“We? Actually, right! We both are in trouble. I know you won’t let me call your dad and I don’t even want to be a kidnapper. But am not talking about that idea. I have another one! And, you will also praise me for that!”


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