Nazdeekiyan: Chapter 4 (Riansh fan fiction)

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When I woke up in the car. My whole body had pain. I tried to open the car’s trunk. I found that it was locked. Shit!

After trying ample of times opening it, by some tools that were inside the car’s trunk. It finally opened.

Thanks to bappa! It was early morning. I checked the time in my phone, it was 2:50 am. There were not many people around. After finding a public washroom.

I changed myself to something light. I wore a frock-suit. And wrapped a stole, around my face.

I can’t tell, how much relief, I found after getting rid of that lehanga.

My stomach was so empty. That, I was feeling I will faint the very next moment.

I finally found a cafe. But, my bad luck, it wasn’t opened yet. I checked the board outside it. It stated that, it’s timings are: 7 am to 11 pm.

I checked the time, it was 3:57am.

I sat outside the cafe, clutching my bag tightly.

I didn’t know, what I did with my life?
Did I do something wrong?
I knew, if I’ll go back, baba will get me married to Kabir. And Kabir must have manipulated baba, till now.

I shook my head in disappointment.

Only if aai was there. Nothing must have happened. I closed my eyes and let the tears fall from it.

Why life is so difficult, bappa?

I heard my name from behind.

I looked back and found Television was on, it was a small general store.

There were group of four to five people standing outside it. I wonder, why it is open at this time!

I went near the shop. Making sure my face was covered with the stole.

The news was showing everything false!!!

Riddhima Raichand ran from her wedding. There must be definitely a big reason. And according to her parents, her ex-boyfriend was the reason.” The reporters were saying all these.

I never had a boyfriend! H-how can they show something like these!

Not wanting to hear anything more bad about me. I came back and sat infront of the cafe. It was 4:26 am, now.

I continued waiting. It felt like ages and alas! finally the cafe opened. I was there first customer, Ofcourse.

I ate untill my stomach was full. I felt like, someone gave me a life!

After coming out of the cafe, I didn’t know, where to go.
I came near that guy’s car who helped me last night. I think he was the onlyย  who could help me now.

I saw baba coming with his men. I went numb for a minute. I quickly ran to the backside of the house.

I stumbled on a rock as I was not careful while running. And my head hit the ground. It got a small cut.

I saw a window opened of his house.
I entered through it, holding my head from one hand, while the bag in other hand.

I saw him watching the news that was playing in that shop too.

I asked him to help me but he was denying, maybe he was right, too! When he said that he could be at danger after helping me.

We heard the door bell rang.
I knew, this will happen!!

After saying- “Be here only”

He left to open the door. I started finding a place to hide.
I saw the bathroom’s door open. Something clicked my mind. I went inside the bath tub and filled it with the water.

After some time, when I heard some footsteps. I laid in the bathtub, holding my breath.

When, I again heard the footsteps. I understood, they are going.

Not able to hold my breath for long.

I came outside. And I started shivering.

I came outside the bathroom and saw Mystery man looking at me.

I was shivering, continuously.

Vansh’s POV:

I saw her coming out of the bathroom while shivering. I rushed to her and brought a towel out of the bathroom. And started rubbing her hairs and then, reality hit me hard. I was none to her. I shouldn’t do care of her. I went around my home and started searching her bag. “Finally!” I mumbled after seeing it under the sofa. I grabbed it and handed over it to Riddhima. And allowed her to change. I decided to not to go to Art gallery, today. I called Aryan and informed him that, I’m not coming as I am sick, today.

“How come you became sick all of a sudden?”

“Sickness doesn’t come after knocking!”

I saw Riddhima coming out of the bathroom. She was wearing top and pyjamas. She sneezed.

“Take care! Bye”

He cut the call, by now.

Riddhima came and stood near me. She said- “T-thankyou”. In between her two sneezes.

“I’ll bring kadha for you. You sit here till then”

I went to kitchen and made kadha for her.
Being alone has a benefit too. You come to know about various things like, cooking, doing your own works. It’s benefit is also that, you can do whatever you want, none stops or interrupt in between. It has negative point, too. I sometimes miss my family.

I went to my room and gave her the kadha. She tasted it and said “Eww, it’s bitter”

“But, it will cure your cold! Have it”

With a grumpy face, she had all the kadha. And handed over the glass to me. I kept it on the side table and sat near umm no no not near but beside her.

I said “So, what’s your plan, now?”

“Which plan?”

“I mean, what are you going to do now?”

“I didn’t understand you”

“So, I was saying, your father is searching you in the city, badly! You need to go to him”

“And who are you to advise me that? I ran from my home, due to a proper reason!”

“That means you ran from your home. That too with a proper reason. Could you give me a proper reason when you would have been in a hospital. If anything would have happened with you, yesterday?” Pausing shortly. I continued “You know, how unsafe it is to roam at mid night?

“I-I…”she stuttered.

“What I? You know, What would have happened, if I would have not helped you? Or what would have happened, when you would have met with someone else there. You call me Mr. Mystery. Right? What would have happened if you would have met someone with more mysteries than me? What would have happened if the person you would have met was not me but someone worse? Someone who is a kidnapper! Someone who is…..”

“Please….” She said in a low voice. And from her face, it seemed like, she was trying hard to control her tears. She closed her eyes tightly and taking a deep breath, opened her eyes. And now she started-

“You want to know a proper reason. Right?”

“Yeah! I ran from my home. Yes. It was unsafe. Yes. I would have died. Yes. I am stupid. But, would you like to know that why the heck I ran from my home?”

I nodded because maybe I didn’t had a choice.

“My father doesn’t trusts me! He arranged my marriage. Wait correction. He arranged me with someone. For the world, he’s a great business man. But, you know what? He doesn’t cares for me. He is maybe an amazing business man. But, he’s not a good father!!
You are right. I did wrong. I should have married that Kabir. Who is already in a relationship. And wants me to marry him just because his family wants. None cares for me. So, If I care for myself. That is not allowed. Right?”

She sneezed.

“You need rest” I said firmly. And took the glass from the table and went to the kitchen. After coming back, I saw she was not in the room. I searched her in the other room, there she was, having a sound sleep. I don’t know, what will happen next in our lives!


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