Nazar 7th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Piya challenges Mohana

Nazar 7th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chitali says to Mohana that if Piya is danger then Ansh is davansh too, its not Piya’s fault and you are most dangerous for us. Shekhar says Piya have brought Ansh back from evil side. Avi says she might not be devik but still protecting our family. Ansh says to Piya that I dont care if you are devik or sarpika, important thing is that you love me and you are always with me. Chitali says you have gained more respect from us. Ansh comes to Rishi and says I am sorry, I dont remember what I did but it must be wrong, I am very ashamed, forgive me if you can, he hugs him. Rishi hugs him and says I cant be angry with you. Shekhar says we have to find a way to make Vedsheree fine.

Sanvi says what was that triangle mark about? She sees mark on table too. Priest says its same icon.

Shekhar says to family that we have to make Vedsheree fine on night which is biggest. Avi says this is biggest night. Shekhar says priest doesnt know what to do, he said we will find it.

Priest says to Saanvi that Nishant is trying to say something to us from dishank lok.

Ansh comes to his room and calls out to Piya. Piya cries and says I am sorry for hiding my truth. Ansh says dont say sorry, you have always thought about this family, I have hurt you so I should be sorry, you must have reason for hiding that. Piya hugs him. Ansh says we will promise that we will not hide anything from each other. Piya recalls how Mohana threatened her and says I will tell everything to you but not today.

Mohana says Piya can tell truth to Ansh but she will do it when Vedsheree becomes fine so I have to stop Vedsheree from becoming fine. She is about to grab Vedsheree but Piya stops her and says I know you are trying to stop her from becoming fine. Ansh comes there. Mohana acts and says I just wanted to see my sister, you are blaming me without any reason Piya. Piya acts and says I came to see Maa too, I did a mistake by not trusting you but I wont do it again, Ansh trusts you a lot so I trust you too. Ansh looks at Vedsheree. Mohana glares at Piya and leaves.

Chitali says to Shekhar that we have to wait. Shekhar says we dont know what to do tonight. Chitali says talk to Priest. Shekhar says he said to not do anything as we can lose her. Piya hears it.

Piya comes to Mohana and shouts at her, you can make her fine but you dont care. Mohana strangles her and says you are flying in air, dont scream at me. Piya uses her snake powers to push her away. Piya grabs her with her snake tail and says when your daughter in law is Sarpika then you keep your voice down too. Mohana says you wont be able to bring my truth to Ansh. Piya says you tried to make me leave this house by bringing my truth out but it didnt happen but what will happen when Ansh knows that you are planning to eat him? Mohana says I will eat your husband infront of you and you wont be able to do anything. Piya says I will die but wont let anything happen to my husband, when Ansh knows your truth, he will throw you out.

Scene 2
Saanvi makes star from joining triangles, she says tonight is longest night, this star can help.

Shekhar sees moon out and says its on place for 10 minutes, we have to make Vedsheree fine. Ansh says we have to be careful. Shekhar says atleast take her out.

Mohana is in Vedsheree’s room and locks it. Family comes out and tries to break the door but Mohana have covered it with ice so they cant bring it. She thinks that they wont be able to bring her out and make her fine, then Piya wont be able to do anything.

Saanvi and Priest sees star on board turning to ice. Priest says I think Nishant is giving hint to save Vedsheree as she is of ice right now.

Avi says door is not opening. They see priest coming there. He says we have less time, bring her out, break the door. Ansh tries to break the door. Chitali says you are davansh, you can break it. Ansh uses his powers but still cant break it. All are tensed.

PRECAP- Piya comes and holds Ansh’s hand. They run and break the door together.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba.

  2. Thanks also for giving us the update


    The episode was good. But I have a doubt. In the initial episodes, we have seen that Ansh’s eyes were changed when he touched Piya as she was devik at that time. Now Piya is not devik, but still his eyes are changed after touching Piya as sarpika. Confused, whether still Piya is devik or sarpika or devik in form of sarpika. Totally confused.

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    Cute episode….
    But why Ansh eyes still change? And now I am liking Piya take bold steps rather dumb piya.. And best secene piya hold mohona in her tail…

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