Nazar 7th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Piya leaves Ansh

Nazar 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piya tries to stop Makshika fairy attacking her. Fairy leaves. Ansh tells Piya that you got your powers back. Piya says no she took them away. Fairy falls down and says she took away all powers. Ansh glares at Piya.

Piya and Ansh comes home. Ansh says Piya took her powers back from fairy, she killed makshika fairy. Piya says no she was attacking me. Ansh says why you attacked her? you lied to us, you said you wanted to give away your powers. Piya says I would never harm my family. Ansh says you tried to get powers back and you are dangerous for us, your mother tried to kill us too. Piya says your mother is Mohana so dont talk about my mother. Ansh says you lied to us. Piya says if you think that I am dangerous then I will leave.

Saanvi asks Naman why he is saving a chudail? Naman says you lied to me and tried to kill her. She is my wife.

Piya is leaving house. Avi says she wont leave. Sehkhar says this is not right but Ansh has decided. Chitali tells Piya that husband and wife fight, you dont have to leave. Piya says its better if I leave you all. Ansh keeps Adi with him. Piya hugs him and tells him to not make Ansh worry, I will comeback soon. Vedsheree cries and says think about Adi, how will he live without you? Piya says I am dangerous for you all. Ansh says let her go. Piya says I will comeback when I have proof of my innocence. Ansh says dont comeback with your powers again. Vedsheree pleads Ansh to stop but he doesnt. Piya leaves.

Scene 2
Naman brings Sanam’s body back in house, he says I will wait for you till the end, you have been a good wife, you left your side to be my wife, I will be your husband and I will choose you over my duty now.

Piya tells Nishant that dont know why I still have powers. Ansh is not trusting me too. She tells Guru Maa that I didnt take powers from fairy but she said I did. Guru Maa says you will find a way. Piya gets dizzy. Guru Maa makes her lie down. Guru Maa checks her and says its not your powers.

Piya meets Ansh. Ansh says you still have powers and I will choose my family, we cant live together till you have powers, be happy with your powers. He leaves from there. Piya is in tears. Piya thinks that how to tell you that powers are of our unborn baby.

Mohana is in jungle, flashback shows how she ranaway from war. She says I will get evil powers that will make me unbeaten. She grabs makshika fairy that had Ansh and Piya’s powers. She says you thought you could protect their powers? She takes their powers and put it in fire, fire becomes a blast and says now I will create a powerful creature. She puts her hair in fire and says this creature will have powers of devik, davansh and a witch, she will do what I couldnt, her name will be Bhasmika. Creature is created and flies away.

PRECAP- Adi and Pari will have to fight Mohana.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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