Nazar 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Will Piya Get Married?

Nazar 5th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Piya walk towards mandap and remember her meetings with Ansh.. With song mangal bhagwan vishnu…🎼Naman watch piya and she sit, pandit start rituals. Hearing mantra sound guru maa get concisous and try to get up, but glass and jug fall down and get break. She somehow walk outside calling piya. She ask one girl about mantra sound. She tell that piya and naman are getting married. Guru maa remembers that she told naman that piya is devik and she is born to marry only davansh, piya is only born to save rathod family. Then she ask girl to take her to piya.

At rathod house ruby muhu dikhayi ritual goes on. Ladies ask how can this happen without vedashri. Mohona come and yes we can’t do it without vedashri, call her. Lady ask her who are you? Mohona is about to say she is ansh mother but

chaitali say that she is vedashri sister. She ask kajal to take mohona inside.

At Mandap pandit ji ask piya and naman to put garland. Naman think till now we were friends, and after marriage you will become mine only and that kanjar🔪 will be mine too(act as either psycho or helper of dayan🤔🤔). Piya think about Ansh and her moments and take garland. Just then guru shout piya name. They are surprised to see guru maa. Piya drop garland and run toward her. She hug and cries. Guru maa ask her about all this happenings? Naman think that this old lady should not talk to piya otherwise my plan will be failed, neither i will get piya nor kanjar🔪. He goes towards guru maa and hug her. Piya ask about her health, but naman ask her to stop intreogation and take guru maa inside. Guru maa say I want to talk to piya but Naman say lets go, she will come.

Guru maa ask Naman whats all going on? Naman say why she intrupted now, my whole plan got stuck. Guru maa say is he really marrying piya even knowing that Piya is Devik and she need to marry Davansh i.e. Ansh only. Naman shout no, I loved❤ her since childhood and you want her to marry that Ansh. Just don’t do anything now, keep quite. Guru maa say no, I will not.

Mohona talk to ruby and say something is really fishy, family members are behaving as if Vedashri is around, they are upto something.

Naman try to stop guru maa, he suffocate her mouth using hand, guru maa try to struggle but naman over power her and uses pillow to suffocate her. Ansh arrives just on time, he make naman aside and try to save guru maa. Naman hit Ansh using lamp shade. On the other side Piya feel restless and think about Ansh, she feel his presence and her moments spend and tear😢 fall from her eyes. Ansh try to hold Naman but faint.

Chaitali and Avinash are talking to each other and mohona intrupt their talk. Chaitali do her jokegiri about how much powers does mohona hold? Mohona ask where is Vedashri? Chaitali say she is sleeping and Avinash say went to doctor. Mohona ask what? Avinash say she went to meet doctor and now sleeping and both leave. Mohona say something is fishy. Some workers bring a box and keep aside. Flashback shows, Ansh asked workers to take that box to rathod house, and wind blow and cover get side showing vedashri inside it.

Sa re ga ma pa…🎼 Music differently… Ansh is tied all over with chains. At mandap piya and naman exchange garland. Ansh remember his promise to vedshri to bring piya and try to free himself. He remember that when he is in pain badly his powers work. He hurt using wood log and try to free himself. He shouts, break chains and free himself.

Shekhar is in his room and seeing some files and mohona comes and try to2 flirt with him saying I always wanted you, but you said no, so I worked out with your brother but he had none of qualities like you. Shekhar stop Mohona, show her way out from room. Mohona think I kept mesmerism (vasikaran) stones in his room, then how come he is free from it? Did they found any solution?🤔

Shekhar and Avinash meet pandit ji and tell him that their mother died because for these stones. Pandit ji clarify that those were dead stones as death print was their but these are mesmerism stones which dayan uses, i hope no one touched them.

Chaitali goes into vedashri room to pick jewellary and get shocked someone on bed. As she remove bedsheet she is shocked to see mohona. Mohona ask her about their planning and vedashri, but chaitali denies. Mohona turn her dayan mode😈 and sit on wall with long hair and ask her again but kajal come inside. Chaitali get shocked.😨

Shekhar think about panditji words and passes near box, he remove cloth but before he can see vedashri as stone someone call him and he goes.

Kajal ask about maa, chaitali say she is unwell, but kajal clarify saying mohona masi. Chaitali try to hide fact that she is dayan sitting on wall and say she must be out. Kajal turn to go, but chaitali stop her by saying to help her in picking jewellary.

Mohona expression changes from 😡 to 😒 and she come down and hide behind door. Kajal goes, afterwards mohona says to chaitali that you helped me either you too good or big fool. Chaitali say I didn’t want kajal to know about your truth and break her heart. As even if mother is dayan😈 she is mother and special for children.

Precap: Naman and Piya are getting married when Ansh arrives fight with goon and ask Piya to go with him.

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  1. Riana

    Thnx for the updt shraddha 😘…Mohana & Shekhar since made me laugh !!! 😂😂😂😂… Piansh scene was good 😍😍!!!… But in precap 😭

    1. Riana


  2. A son try to kill his own mother for his love….pity .Like Ansh’ action scene…..finally he got some dialogues…😉😉

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Not love i think, but either obsession or helping dayan

  3. Ansh speaks!!!!

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