Nazar 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ansh takes Piya’s side

Nazar 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piya and Ansh gets married. Ansh fills her forehead with sindoor and takes pheras with her. Mohana smirks and recalls how she attacked Divya and told her that it was all my plan, Piya will lose her devik powers when you die so Ansh will marry Piya but she wont be devik so Ansh will follow my path only. Divya says you cant win against me, your evil powers can never overpower good. Mohana takes her ring and says you saved it to give powers to Piya but now I have it, she leaves from there. Flashback ends. Mohana thinks that I freed Divya, I took Ansh’s proposal for Piya, then my step was to make chudail as a snake so all believe that Divya attacked him, then I killed her and took her ring so she cant be devik or have sarpanch snake powers. Ansh and Piya gets married. All are happy. Vedsheree

says to Mohana that I always took you wrong but you proved me wrong, a mother can do anything for her son. Mohana says you are right, I want good for my son. Ansh takes her blessing. Vedsheree says wish Divya was here but Piya said she wants to be alone for sometime. Mohana thinks Divya is dead then why Piya said that?

Piya takes snake avatar and says I am sarpika and we never forget our revenge, I will take my mother’s revenge.

Mohana comes to Dilruba and says why did you meet Piya as Divya and told her that you are fine? that is great thing. Dilruba gets happy and says yes I told her that in room. Mohana says Piya went to jungle to meet Divya so you are lying?

Mohana says I took snake ring from Divya so Piya cant do anything. Mohana sees ring breaking and says it was fake? did Divya give real ring to Piya? is Piya a snake?

Ansh is searching for Piya but finds Piya doing aarti with family. Vedsheree says she didnt forget this ritual. Mohana comes there and throws aarti plate, she attacks Piya and starts beating her. All are shocked. Ansh rushes to Piya and asks if she is fine? Vedsheree asks Mohana what she is doing? Mohana says she is not devik, she is sarpika and is poisonous. Ansh says what are you saying? she is devik, what is sarpika? Mohana says ask Vedsheree. Vedsheree says if Piya’s mother is sarpika then it doesnt mean Piya is too. She tells Piya that Divya is sarpika, sorry to tell you like this. She says to Mohana that Piya is devik. Shekhar says Mohana made Piya marry Ansh because she thought is she a sarpika and throw her out of house. Mohana says you are not recognizing her, she is devik. Ansh says enough, Piya is devik and your daughter in law, her insult is my insult, I did a mistake by not trusting her before, I recognize her fully, she is daughter in law of this house so dont insult her, you gained my respect by saving Piya so keep that intact. Vedsheree says to Mohana that I was wrong, you can never think about others. Ansh lifts Piya in his arms and takes her from there. Piya smirks at Mohana.

Scene 2
Nishant comes to Saanvi and says Divya cant leave without telling anyone, he says I found this sword in jungle, chudail never attacks with a sword.

Ansh brings Piya to their room and makes her sit on bed. They stare each other. Ansh sees her wound and says sorry on my mother’s behalf. Ansh says I will bring ice pack, she says I am fine, he says I will be back.

Nishant comes to dark room and finds someone in casket. He looks on.
Nishant checks sword that was used to kill Divya. He looks in book and says this cant happen.
Nishant and Saanvi comes to dark room. Nishant attacks a box and throws powder on it, they see snake skin on box. Nishant says this sword was used to kill a snake, it was found in jungle where Divya, it was used to kill Divya.

PRECAP- Piya says to Mohana that what happened? your plan backfired? Mohana says it means I was right, you are a sarpika. Piya says you snatched my mother from me, I will snatch your son from you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ooshi

    Then what about devik?

  2. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba

  3. So, is Piya still devik? Did Ansh’s eyes spark while lifting Piya?

    1. Yes Priya is still Devick becomes when Ansh lift her in her arm Ansh eyes sperk

  4. Yes it glowss… N Piya is stil a Deivik also.. Director of the show confirmed it 🙂

  5. The whole snake thing is stupid. Killing off Divya was also stupid. I was looking forward to Divya’s reunion with Nishant and their daughters. The writers ruined the image of Divya and Pia both. Now Pia is also negative character wanting revenge. Love story of Ansh and Pia ruined. This track is ridiculous.

  6. I love the show. Now Priya can face Dayan with double dhokaka this is the only thing that audiance wanted. Love all the nazar serial people. New track is awsm. Pryansh is together for now. Now Devick will backfire Mohona will all her plan as yesterday’s epi Ansh didn’t believe Mohona’s word that Priya is a Sarpani

  7. Lovely show with a great twist. Priya is more powerful than before she can now be able to handle Mohona and her evil plan

  8. I have some doubts

    1) Nishant left Divya because he knows Divya is sarpika.. then why he is enthusiasm to find Divya..

    2) why Nishant leave Piya with divya when he knows she is sarpika

    3) how Dayan knows when Divya dies Piya will become normal not daivik

    What is the connection.. Dayan ulti chal..

    So much confusion .. no clarification

  9. They should’ve stick to original concept of daivik, davansh n daayan. Introducing sarpika concept into this show is ridiculous. And director is super confident this adds freshness to the story; worst excuse to destroy the story.

  10. Copy cat 😀😀 they knew nagin is so popular thats y they also doing the same….at least we cud see some power from piya cz as devik she could not beat daayan…hmmm hopeless…was much expectation 4m devik

  11. And why then daayan keep divya alive??

  12. They ruined the innocence of the character Piya, love track of Piya and Ansh which was very beautiful and the heroic spirit of Divya…

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