Nazar 3rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohana provokes Ansh against Piya

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Nazar 3rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piya hugs Ansh tightly. Mohana thinks that her love is weakening my power control on Ansh. All family members try to come near Piya. Ansh asks if she is fine? She nods. Family is scared of Ansh and says Piya? Ansh looks around and asks what is all this? wedding venue? who is getting married? oh yes, its Rishi’s wedding, its today? Rishi gets angry recalling what Ansh did. He leaves from there. Ansh asks what happened to him? He asks where is Maa? They all turn to see Vedsheree’s statue. All are stunned. Mohana comes there and is shocked too. Shekhar asks how she became of stone? Chitali cries. Mohana says dont touch, she has become iced because of nitin mani, she had to use that to bring Piya back from dishank lok. Ansh says I can hear water, they see Vedsheree melting.

Saanvi says to priest that how to bring dad back from dishank lok? priest says we will try and then tell Piya. She ends call. Saanvi sees Nishant shadow and cries.

Shekhar says we have to do something, we have to save her. Ansh brings refrigerator there. Mohana says we havde to do this. They put Vedsheree in fridge. Ansh says I will bring her back, a son can do anything for his mother. Chitali says Piya brought good Ansh back.

Ansh is in his room and says to Piya that I hurt you a lot, I dont remember anything, I just remember you becoming blue and fainting.. family was scared of me, the way Rishi reacted today, I must have done something which I shouldnt have. Piya hugs him and says dont think about what happened, you are fine now. Ansh says tell me what I have done? tell me. Piya recalls how Mohana said she would snatch Ansh from her. Piya says forget it, we are together now. Ansh says tell me what I did? Piya says then see for yourself. She calls dayan tree there. She says it will show you reality of your Mohana Maa. Tree takes Ansh’s hands.
Mohana is taking bath and sees tree roots near her, she says she wants to show Ansh what I am going to do with him but he will see what I want him to see.
Ansh close his eyes and recalls how he was marrying Dilruba but how Mohana asked Vedsheree to take nitin mani to Piya and bring her back, only she can stop him. Ansh opens his eyes. Piya says this is truth. Ansh thanks her. Mohana comes there and gets emotional. Ansh thanks her and says you saved Piya again, you brought her back. Ansh says Piya I told you she is nice. Mohana says I did what any mother would do. Piya says this is not truth, I wanted to show something.

Avi says Ansh doesnt remember anything, Rishi says he might be pretending it, dont defend him, Chitali says it was not his fault, Mohana uses him because she wants to bring him to evil side. Rishi says nbody cares about me in this house, I feel like Ansh is your son, he angrily leaves.

Scene 2
Piya says to Ansh that this is Mohana’s game. Ansh says you showed me truth, tell me if Mohana gave mani to Vedsheree? Piya says yes but truth is that she is going to eat you on eclipse night, Mohana says I do so much for you both and she is saying that? she is lying. Piya says I am telling truth, she does everything for her gain. Ansh says then why she saved your life? she knows that my happiness with you so she saved you. Piya says no. Ansh says stop it. Neha calls Ansh, he leaves. Mohana says to Piya that Vedsheree is of salt and she will melt more in fridge, Piya runs from there.

Family comes to fridge and sees Vedsheree melting more. Piya comes and tells about salt to family and says Mohana told me all this, she didnt tell us before. Mohana says I didnt know all this, you are telling me this. Ansh says enough Piya, I have to make her fine, stop it, he leaves. Piya says to Mohana that you are doing this to make Ansh away from me but I will bring your real face to Ansh, Mohana says if you try to tell him then Vedsheree wont be saved so shut your mouth, she leaves from there.

PRECAP- Piya says to Mohana that you know you cant make Vedsheree fine. Piya says she is your sister, Mohana says when I dont care about my son then why would I care about my sister? Piya asks how Vedsheree will be fine again? Mohana says I wont tell.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I don’t get mohona drama, she want ansh to turn evil, but when ever dilruba is danger or ansh turn evil she want piya to save ansh??????

    Show is turning boring, as if writers don’t have any story to continue, just revovling at same place…

    1. The story is awsm. Mohona don’t want Ansh to marry Dilruba as after marring her Ansh’s all power will come under control of Dilruba which Mohona don’t want as then she will fail in her plan of becoming immortal. And in her weak power she will also not be able to control Ansh so only one way to stop this marrage is to bring back Pia so Mohona can hv a hope to will Ansh once more…… Although Churail is enemy of Daayan..

  2. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba.

  3. Nice serial but disappointed due to Rishi. Rishi should pair with Savvi. There marrage will happen in the ned of the show as after Savvi’s marrage Nishant will become all alone nd will face great difficult to handle Mohona

  4. Show is turning boring with sarpika track…they should not have change the main theme of devik(good) vs daayan(evil)

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