Nazar 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Piya and Ansh lost in jungle

Nazar 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All people are enjoying in bus, Piya thinks that if Ansh doesnt talk to me then how will I spy on him? Piya says this is my first time on trip, do you know where this bus will stop? Ansh says no and looks away. Piya thinks that I will make him talk to me.
Ruby scares a kid and says Ansh cant go very far away from me. Ruby starts doing mantras in her den. Mohana smirks.
Piya takes out chips and start eating, Ansh gets irritated by her chewing and asks her to put them back in.

Saavi comes to Sushant and says party at Ansh’s house has a photo, see it. She shows him Ansh and Piya holding hands on stairs.

Piya sees her earring in Ansh’s pocket and says my earring is with you? I will take is back. He asks her to stop it, he thinks as much as I try to avoid her, she keeps trying. Ansh is about to sleep, Piya tries to take her earring from his pocket but he grabs her hand, his eyes ablaze so he covers them with glasses. She says stop it, you stole my earring? Ansh gives her earring and says I am not interested, why are you even sitting with me? Piya says I am going.

Ruby is doing mantras, she is controlling picnic bus with her powers. Piya tries to stand up from her seat but bus swirls and she falls in Ansh’s arms, he asks if she doesnt have any other place? Piya tries to get up but her locket falls in Ansh’s pocket. Bus keeps drifting and strikes with some wall and stops. Rishi brings another bus. All people get down to get some water from store. All leave in second bus. Ansh comes there and tries to stop bus but its gone. Piya comes out of store and says all are gone? Ansh asks her to give her phone, he will call Rishi. Piya says why would I give my phone? Ansh says you are so selfish, I am asking to call them I dont have balance in phone. One man says you wont get signal here, you should go straight from here, you will find resort after crossing the river.

Sushant looks at photo and says to Saavi that our doubt was right, he makes some mark on table, it lights up and they get a book. Saavi says how can this happen? witches are female? Sushant says Ansh is not a witch, he is a son of a with, they are called Davanch. Saavi says oh my God, he was born by a witch.

Scene 2
Ansh and Piya are walking in jungle. Piya says I am not selfish. Ansh is distracted by her earring noise. He turns and looks at her.

Saavi says to Sushant that if Ansh is davanch then Ansh is killing people? Bobby died in Ansh’s house too. Sushant says he might be doing it but we just have doubt right now and we need proofs thats why I sent Piya with him so he can keep an eye on her.

Ansh says to Piya that we need to leave this jungle before night. Piya says I need to get this fruit, they can heal any wound, my mother used to say to remain active for problems. Ansh gets angry and breaks whole stem of that fruits, Piya is stunned and thinks that he doesnt look like he has power to break a tree. Ansh says lets go now? He takes stem on his shoulders.

Ruby comes to a stall and asks bus broke down, where are passengers? man says small buses came and they left using them, two people were left behind so they went through jungle, I dont know who they were.

Saavi gets call and says what? She says to Sushant that bus had an accident, all left in small buses but two people were left behind, its Ansh and.. Piya. Sushant is tensed.

Ruby comes in jungle, she jumps on trees and looks around.

In jungle, Piya shows a tree to Ansh and says its 200 years old tree. Ansh says so what? lets go. Piya says I saw this tree before too, we are walking in circles, trees tell us stories. Ansh asks her to stop it and come with him. He leaves, she goes behind him. Ruby is hanging on trees and sees that Ansh and Piya are walking in jungle. She smirks and says fate can make you away from me but cant keep me away from you, you have to come to me Ansh.

PRECAP- Piya sees Ansh walking towards a thread in jungle that was set by a hunter. She shouts Ansh! she takes out her knife and throws it towards thread, thread breaks and an anchor falls down from tree which passes by him. A hunter eyes them and throws an arrow towards Piya, Piya gets hit by it and falls down, Ansh looks on.

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