Nazar 23rd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Ayush under Mohana’s control

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Nazar 23rd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piya says why is Ansh not getting well? Nishant says we have to keep him in cold and in moon. Piya says Ansh don’t worry. You will be fine. Ansh says I am sorry. Ayush is back after so many years. And you’re here with me instead of being there with him. It’s such a good day for you yet you can’t celebrate. Piya says I am happy that my brother is okay. We will celebrate once you’re okay as well. Moonlight falls on Ansh. Piya draws the curtain and says you should rest. I will make a curry for you.

Ayush wakes up. There are many black powers outside his window.
Naman says Saavi you look so pretty. Dilruba says Saavi I always knew you were after my husband. Stay away from him. Naman says leave her and let’s get engaged. Saavi says not in front of her.

Ayush opens his eyes. He sees Mohana. Ayush says you’re the one who made me disappear. I had to stay away from my family. Mohana says you have become the king of black powers. Ayush says I won’t leave you. Ansh is in pain. Piya says why are yous sweating? Even in ice? Mohana says your real enemies are your family. Your father is more interested in his work than you. Ayush says they love me. Piya healed me. Mohana says she did it for Ansh. They first locked you and then brought you out when they needed you. They’re using you for their profit. They use everyone. They don’t care about Abhay and Barkha who died because of them. Piya tells Nishant about Anshs’s condition. Nishant says we have to take him somewhere sunlight has never been to. There’s one such place.

Scene 2
Naman throws sheet on Dilruba and says Savi. Let’s get engaged. He says it’s all acting. He makes Savi wear the ring. Saavi makes him wear the ring too. Naman says we are engaged.
Nishant and Piya shove Ansh in the waters. He drowns inside. Nishant says when the moonlight liquid comes out of him, you have to collect it. It comes out Ansh. Piya sees the water being red. Piya collects it. Piya says where is Ansh? I think he’s in trouble. Nishant says no you keep this safe. Ansh breaks the chain and comes up. He faints. Piya jumps and saves him. She drops the jar. The liquid gets out of it. Nishant says what happened wasn’t right. This shouldn’t have happened.

Mohana says your heart knows they don’t need you. Shake hands with us and become the king of black powers. Don’t think too much and accept the deal. He says it’s a deal.

Scene 3
Vedeshree does arti. Piya and Ansh join him. The entire family does arti together. Ved says thank God Ansh is fine. Shekhar says thank you Nishant. Ansh says you all had to suffer because of me. Piya says it wasn’t you. Avi says everything is fine now. Nishant says the liquid went where the rest of the liquid did. Piya says Ayush? Nishant says yes. Ansh says how would it affect him? Nishant says I can’t say. Ved says Ayush isn’t home.

Dilruba comes out of the photo and says I will kill Savi. Saavi says Dufli why are you crying? Dilruba says I can’t kill her in front of Dufli. It would affect her small heart. I will wait. Dilruba says Dufli.. My child. Saavi goes to take her milk. Dilruba can’t touch Duflu. Saavi comes, Dilruba hides. Nishant comes and says Saavi? Did you get engaged to Naman? Didn’t even tell me? Saavi says we are doing a drama. We have to bring her out of the frame. He really loves Dilruba and Dufli. He has done so much for us. Nishant says you can’t do this to help. I won’t want you hurt. Saavi says I won’t mind even if I am hurt to help Dilruba and Naman. Nishant says you can’t help him. Dilruba has left this world. She can never come back. Saavi says let him try if he wants. He really loves Dilruba. I will help him get her back at any cost.

Precap-Ayush makes everyone sleep. Piya and Ansh are dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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