Nazar 20th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Chameleon tries to kill both Palak and Appu

Nazar 20th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Madhu says the chameleon must have considered Appu for Palak. He took him. I have to save Appu so I can kill him. She finds his bat that he got as a gift. Madhu plucks her hair and makes a hairball. She hits it with the bat and says now it will take me to Appu.

Dadi says Urwash, Palak tried to kill Appu. Urwashi says Appu trusts her. He likes her for a reason. Dadi says he’s a kid. He can’t recognize right and wrong. Urwashi says he thinks from heart. Dadi says I don’t know what magic she did on you two. Uwashi says she risked her life to save Appu. The witch couldn’t stop their wedding. The fate united them because they’re made for each other.

The hairball goes after a truck. maadhu says this means Appu is in this truck. Where is the chameleon taking him. Someone plays mantra. Madhu screams. She says pandit you.. He says where is Palak? Madhu says she must be dead by now. Let me go or I will kill you. Pandit says I won’t let you take Appu. You’re danger for him. Madhu says the chameleon will kill you. The labours take out the bags. Pandit says I will cut your braid and bury it. Madhu says it isn’t even mine. Pandit says yes it’s of Vishala. And I need her blood to cut it. Pandit found Madhu from her hair. He shows her Vishala’s blood and says I will lock you in the casket forever. Madhu pulls out her nails and says get ready to go to Palak. Pandit ji shows her trishul and says don’t even try. Madhu says I have to save Appu. Iw ill see you later.

Chameleon finds Appu. He says I will kill you before Madhu knows. She won’t be mad at me. I will take you to the world of black powers. A trishul shines on Palak’s shoulder. Palak opens her eyes. Chameleon brings Appu there. Appu says Palak save me. He says okay so it’s him and he brought you here as well. You came to save him. Palak says let him go. You can kill me. He says I can kill both of you. Palak says no please let him go. He throws his venom on Appu. Appu screams. He shoves Palak away. Appu screams and cries. Palak says the witch asked you to kill me. Let him go. He says yes but I will give him pain. That would give you pain and witch madam would be so happy. She would give me a prize.

Appu screams please leave Palak. Chameleon hits Palak’s head on a wall. Chameleon says stop screaming her name. You’re dying as well. Palak opens her eyes. Her tirshul shines. Chameleon gives pain to Appu. Appu screams. Palak gets up. She stops chameleon’s hand.
Precap-Naina sees pandit ji. She says what happened to you? He says I am fine. Palak has a power by God. It saves her every time. Naina says what? Pandit ji says yes it’s devi ma’s power.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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