Nazar 20th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Ansh becomes the king of black powers

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Nazar 20th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ansh says I am sleepy. He goes to bed and sleeps. Piya says I think it’s done. She is leaving. Ansh holds her hand and pulls her. Ansh says ma said I would fall asleep after eating. Do you think you could do it? Barkha and Vedeshree come there. Chetali wonders why didn’t he sleep. Vedeshree says how would we run? Ansh repeats their thoughts. Piya says so Ansh can read our minds? Ansh says yes I can. Run if you can. Piya ties his leg with a chain. She says run. Piya says to bring my Ansh back I have to go from here.

Everyone is in the elevator. Piya runs towards it. The elevator closes. Everyone is scared. Ansh comes here. Ansh shoves the elevator downstairs. Piya says Ansh, please stop the lift. Everyone’s crying inside. Piya says they’d die, they are your family. Ansh says if only you do all that I ask. Piya says I promise. Please stop the elevator. Ansh says the party just started. Vedeshree says we will all stay here. But please let Barkh go. Ansh says Barkha ji, do you want to go? she says no. Ansh says you all have to make my party lit by dancing.

Scene 2
Nishant says I don’t know how to stop it. If Raj tilak happens, it would be very difficult to bring him back. Adrishi says can’t we do anything? He says we can’t do anything that can harm Ansh. If I didn’t go there late, Ansh won’t have to drink it. Adrishi says we can still help them.

Ansh says very good. I liked the decorations. Meet my guests. Chandarveshis are already here. More guests are coming. He says welcome in guys. Witches and ghosts come in. Everyone is scared Ansh dances. Adrishi comes to Piya and says papa sent you a message. He said if Ansh gets his raj tilak done, we won’t be able to bring him back. Ansh says the moon is here. If a few minutes, I will be the king of black powers. No one would be able to stop me then. Piya says Ansh said there would be a black dress that would fall on him. Adrishi tries to tell her the plan. Piya says don’t tell us. He can read our minds. Ansh comes to Piya. It gets dark.

Scene 3
Saavi says Ansh, why are you crying? What are you writing? He says I am writing the will. It’s better to write it before dying. Saavi says you have seven lives left. He says what would I do with it? She wants to stay in churail lok.

Everyone dances at the party. Piya and Barkha dance with Ansh. All the black powers are dancing/ Piya keeps Ansh distracted. Ansh sees moonlight coming in. Chetali says what if we are unable to stop Ansh. Piya says just do what Ansh is asking. The black dress appears. Ansh says why did it stop? He goes towards it. Adrishi is stopping it. Ansh throttles him. Ansh says to meet him. He is my SIL. He tried going against me. Ansh shoves him. Piya says Ansh, please stop. Please leave him. Ansh says his punishment is that you will make me wear the black dress. Piya picks the dress. Ansh stands in front of her. Ansh says don’t pray. Your God won’t show you a way out. Piya says God always helps. She makes him wear a dress.

Piya stabs Ansh. Everyone is shocked. Piya says I didn’t want to hurt you. Ansh says yet you did. Everyone is crying. Ansh pulls Piya and says no one can stop me from becoming the king of black powers. He floats with her. All the black powers bow down to him. Everyone is crying. Ansh says I am the king now. I can do whatever I want. Piya says but our family, our kids. Ansh says I have nothing to do with them now. and you are with me. You have nothing to do with them either. Piya says can we spend one last night here? I want to live those memories with you. Please. Just tonight. Ansh says okay but just one night.
Precap-Mohana says to Ansh, Piya is your real enemy. We have to kill her today.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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