Nazar 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vedsheree plots against Ruby and Mohana

Nazar 1st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vedsheree says to Chitali that we are doing this to know what they are going to do, Divya said that witch’s power is in her hair and we can listen to her words if we put her hair in a nail so we need their hair.
Mohana asks Ruby to wear right side shoes, Ruby says it hurts, I am a witch too. Mohana says you are small fish in sea and I can crush you easily so wear it. Ruby turns her feet to right side with difficulty and wear shoes. Vedsheree and Chitali comes to their room. They see Ruby’s one foot right and one wrong. They are stunned. Chitali greets Mohana and says we came here to.. Vedsheree says to help Ruby get ready, she is a witch but she is our daughter in law so we came to fulfill our duties. Ruby takes jewelry plate from them using her hair. Ruby says see benefits

of becoming a witch?
Neha says to Ansh that so much happened in your wedding, Rishi says Piya left very sad. Ansh says what? I just remember dropping her to hostel. Rishi says she came here so you insulted her.
Chitali makes Ruby wear jewelry. Vedshsree silently plucks Mohana’s hair.
Ansh says I insulted Piya? Rishi says Piya’s Guru Maa came here and said Piya is devik, Ansh is stunned? Rishi says Guru Maa showed devik mark on Piya but Vedsheree said that Ruby is a devik, it was proved so you got married to her.
Vedsheree asks Chitali to come with her. They leave from there. Ruby says what were they doing? Mohana says Vedsheree had some motive so she came here.

Vedsheree shows Mohana’s hair, Chitali says I couldnt get Ruby’s hair, Vedsheree says we will get it later.

Scene 2
Ansh says I behaved rudely to Piya so I should say sorry. He calls Piya but Naman’s takes Piya’s phone and says she cant be in your reach now. He cuts call. Piya comes there and asks who was calling? Naman says some number, Piya is about to take phone but Naman deliberately throws it on floor and it breaks.

All sit down for ring ritual. Mohana says I will call Chitali. She goes and sees Chitali mixing ganga jal in milk bowl. Mohana thinks that they will not back out, I have to do something before Ruby’s truth come out.
Chitali brings milk bowl to Ruby. Mohana thinks if Ruby put hand in it then Ansh will know that Ruby is a witch. Ruby is about to put hand in milk bowl but Mohana says we have to put ring in it, I will put it, she deliberately throws ring on floor and asks Ansh to find it. Ansh looks around. Mohana uses her powers to lift milk from bowl and throw it on Chitali. All turn to her. Rishi says how she got drenched? Mohana she fell on milk bowl, right Vedsheree? Vedsheree says yes, I will bring another bowl.
Chitali cries and goes with Vedsheree. Chitali shows how she plucked Ruby’s hair during milk bowl mess. Vedsheree says great.
Ansh and Ruby put hand in milk bowl to find ring. Ansh’s hand touches Ruby’s and he recalls spark he used to feel with Piya. Ruby finds ring and says I will rule our marriage. Mohana says I have decorated your room for marriage night, all are stunned.

Saanvi asks Sushant why he doesnt agree that Piya can be devik? Sushant recalls flashback, how he and Divya used to play with baby Piya, Divya shows mark to Sushant and says we kill witches so Piya can be devik. Sushant says to Saanvi that you are wrong, I know Piya cant be devik, Saanvi asks why? Sushant thinks that there is only one devik and it was my elder daughter Piya.

PRECAP- Mohana says to Ruby that tonight is eclipse so I will made a kheer for Ansh which has our family’s roots in it, it will take all humanity away from him and bring evil in him.
Vedsheree makes kheer for Ansh too, Mohana and Vedsheree presents their kheer to Ansh.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I am really very excited to see the upcoming episode of Ansh and Priya together. I love today’s episode. Ansh should bring Priya to home

  2. Ansh will have regret, but some regret will have to be there for Piya to come back. Hopefully, Sushant gets to know about Piya’s real form.

  3. Piya needs to come back or things will become sluggish

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