Nazar 1st July 2019 Written Episode Update: Piya leaves house

Nazar 1st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piya sees family playing with Adi. She recalls Mohana’s words and takes Adi from Vedsheree. All are shocked. Piya says she is dangerous, she still have relation with Mohana. Ansh says I saw rakt relation breaking between them. Piya says she is a witch’s sister and can show her colors anytime, I want to leave this house with Adi. Vedsheree says dont say that, Adi and Ansh are my life, you are my daughter, she tries to go to Adi but Piya pushes her away, Vedsheree falls down, all are shocked. Ansh says you hurt her? Piya says you see her pain but what about me? whole family is a trouble, they are useless, Chitali is a fool, cant hear much, Avi doesnt know what he is doing in life. Chitali says you are our strength, why are you saying this? Piya says I am tired of handling you all, Ansh has to choose me or his family. She thinks I am sorry Ansh. She says fine, I am leaving this house. All plead her to stop. Ansh says Piya can leave if she wants. Piya says you are letting me go? Ansh says Adi wont go anywhere. Piya says you want to separate him from his mother? Ansh says you are doing same. Piya says Adi has powers so he doesnt need anyone. Ansh says he is a kid, he needs mother, father and his family. Shekhar says he needs a family. Piya says if he has family then I am not needed, I want to go away and I will leave alone.

Nishant and Saanvi are following Mohana in jungle. Saanvi says she is upto something.

Piya leaves house. Adi is crying and runs to her. Piya is emotional. She recalls her moments with Adi, she puts him away and starts leaving. Ansh holds Adi. All are crying. Piya recalls her marriage with Ansh. She enters lift. Vedsheree says dont go, dont leave my son. Piya doesnt listen and leaves. Vedsheree faints. All rush to her. Piya cries in lift.

Scene 2
There is smoke in jungle. They miss Mohana but follow her foot marks.

Dilruba comes to market and sees imli. She tries to ignore it and says why I feel someone is following me?

Saanvi and Nishant look around for Mohana but she is standing on a mountain and they cant see her.

Adi is crying. Ansh tries to console him but cant. He looks at Piya’s photo and cries.

Piya looks at her mangalsutra and cries. Ansh and Piya are both in pain. Nishant comes to Piya. Piya says now Mohana has to fulfill her promise.

PRECAP- Piya is running in jungle but Ansh flies and grabs her. He starts eating her life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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