Nazar 1st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Piya wakes up

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Nazar 1st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ansh freezes whole family to marry Dilruba. Vedsheree comes there and sees it. She tries to stop him but Ansh pushes ganga jal away and says lets marry Dilruba. Vedsheree says to Mohana that everything is finished. Mohana says no, I have an option, I didnt want to do it but I will now. She asks Vedhsheree to bring box, she does. Mohana says its nitin mani, put it on her forehead, Piya will comeback from dishak lok, only she can stop him right now. Vedsheree starts leaving with it, Ansh sees it and runs behind her but Vedsheree is gone. Ansh says to Mohana that you cant stop my marriage with Dilruba. He does gadh bandhan with Dilruba and starts feeling Piya’s pain. Mohana thinks that if Ansh marries chudail then she will take his powers thats why I have to get Piya back, I will see her later.

Piya starts vanishing again. Guru Maa says we cant stop this now.

Ansh starts black fire.

Guru Maa says Piya will start vanishing more fast. We have to do something. Priest says Mohana has nitin mani. Vedsheree comes there and says I have it. Guru Maa asks her to put nitin mani on her forehead. Piya’s whole body has vanished, only her head remains there. Otherside Ansh feels her pain.

Vedsheree tries to put mani on Piya’s forehead but Piya completely vanishes. All cry. Priest says I think we were late, Piya is gone.
Ansh faints, he recalls Mohana telling him that he has to marry someone else to become strong. Ansh wakes up and starts pheras with Dilruba.
Piya has gone to dishank lok, she says what is this place?

Vedsheree comes to Mohana and says I couldnt stop Piya, she is gone, she cries. Mohana says we still have another option otherwise we will lose Ansh, only you can do it as I cant touch nitin mani. Vedsheree takes mani and goes to Ansh. She puts it on his head, he screams in pain. Suddenly otherside Piya appears on table again. Piya wakes up and hugs Saanvi. Piya says Ansh is in danger. Otherside Ansh pushes Vedsheree away and she becomes a stone statue. Piya goes from her house.

Ansh looks at Dilruba and starts taking pheras with her. He is about to make her wear mangalsutra. Mohana says stop.. Suddenly Piya screams Ansh.. He is stunned to see her. Piya looks around and thinks that Ansh might have gone towards evil side. Ansh recalls how Mohana said that he has to marry someone else.

In casket, Ruby takes Naman’s body and wakes up again.

PRECAP- Piya asks Ansh what are you doing? Dilruba says he is marrying me. Piya says he is my husband and I have duty to protect him too. Dilruba pushes her away and says he is mine. Ansh is hurt.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hello….
    Finally piya is back.
    Plzz can u upload daayan serial too plzzz?

    1. Ooshi

      Ishhh Daayan of And tv na I was thinking the same that TU used to upload written updates of weekend’s serials but didn’t of Daayan. Don’t be sad I will convey Ur wish to all and if God allowed then we will be able to have its written updates soon.

      1. Thank u soo much?

  2. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba.

  3. Ooshi

    At last Piya aa hi gai shukr hai km az km Piya ko to lae.

  4. Ooshi

    Welcome but the truth is I don’t like this word by the way the reason behind not updating Dayan’s written updates is administration thinks that there are no readers of it so I had sent a sweet, innocent mail to the administration. Hope they agree to create forum for Dayan’s written updates.

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