Nazar 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ansh tries to stop Piya’s marriage

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Nazar 19th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Naman says to family that I will marry Piya today, Vedsheree says I will bring her.

Ansh comes outside Piya’s room, he recalls his behavior with Piya and how Piya saved his life putting her life in danger. He comes to her room and tries to say thanks but he is stunned to see her dressed as bride. He says all this? Piya says me and Naman are getting married. Ansh says you will not marry him, she says why not? He pulls her closer and grabs her from behind, his eyes blaze and says because of this. Piya says why dont you say that you want to break my marriage so I stay here to protect you and your family but what about me and my life? Ansh says I saw him attacking Guru Maa. Piya says I know very well who is right here, get away from here, its bad omen for me. Ansh is hurt. Piya starts

leaving but Ansh holds her hand and says you wont go anywhere, he pulls her back, he leans into her, tere sang plays.. Piya moves away from him. Ansh says I am doing all this for you, stop. Piya says you dont have to care for me nor you have right to stop me. Vedsheree comes there and says all are waiting for Piya, lets go. Piya emotionally looks at Ansh. Ansh says Naman is not good, this is not right. Vedsheree says God will decide what is right and wrong. Guru Maa comes there and says its already decided by God, Piya runs and hugs her.

Naman says to his goon that if you have to attack Ansh then remember he is not a normal person.
Guru Maa says to Piya that you can only be of Ansh, Piya says but you wanted me to marry Ansh. Guru Maa says Naman said that, I wanted you to marry Ansh so Naman tried to kill me. Piya is stunned. Guru Maa says my son tried to kill me. Piya emotionally looks at Ansh. Piya says Naman have to answer for what he did to Guru Maa, she leaves. Vedsheree says to Guru Maa that I wish I had listened to you before. Ansh says Ruby lied to us but she is still part of my life, Guru Maa says we have to stop Naman first.

Naman is in mandap, he is waiting for bride. Vedsheree comes there and says bride is not coming, this marriage is not happening. Naman says I knew you people dont want my marriage to happen. Guru Maa comes there and says I dont want this marriage to happen too. Mohana says to Vedsheree that you promised to make Naman and Piya marry, Vedsheree asks her to shut up. Naman says we should leave, bring Piya. Guru Maa says Piya is not going, she asks Naman to leave. Guests starts leaving but Piya comes there and says this marriage will happen and for sure. All are stunned. Mohana smirks. Piya goes to Naman and says this is my marriage and I have decided to marry Naman. Flashback shows Piya sees Divya her mother, she is stunned. Mohana comes there and says you must miss your mother, dont worry, you mother is in my casge. Piya sees her mother caged a bird. Mohana says congrats, if you want to save your mother then marry Naman otherwise you wont get your mother and dont tell about it to anyone.

Saanvi is looking around for Sushant, she comes to his office and sees a lock, she turns it and goes in a secret room where there are caskets hanging in air. Sushant comes there, Saanvi asks what is all this, Sushant says this secret room has evil powers which your mom and I caught, they are 50, we have to keep them tied here with mantras. Saanvi tries to touch a casket but Sushant say dont touch that, this casket have evil powers that can destroy everything, promise to not come here ever without me, she promises. Saanvi starts leaving but looks at powerful evil casket.

PRECAP- Ansh says to Piya that you are not marrying Naman. She says I will marry him. She pushes away from Ansh and fire starts between them. Naman grabs Piya and makes her wear garland, Piya keeps looking at Ansh. Ansh starts moving towards her through fire, all are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hey back to tellyupdate..anyways thanks for update..ShradhaSharma am not gonna forget you too..dea..
    #Nazar Hashtag on insta & this page make me more happy..Today also i did’nt watch the show..But early written update..Everytym the episode starts on 11pm naa..but today y early..??
    Anywaya Between Ansh & piya room scene was just amaizing.i watch that scene frm Hashtags of nazar frm insta..Precape was just mindblowing..eagerly w8ing..?Gudn8 to every nazar Lovers..??

  2. Piansh ko milana hi nhi hai? monday ka w8 karna padega?

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    Hey I am here only, just helped writers….
    And finally Piya knows Naman truth…. But now a days show is little dragging and slow, they are going on track but toooo slow…I mean Piya and Ansh still unaware of their powers….though they know something is strange with them still not realise….

  4. Itni sizzling chemistry hone ke baad bhi ghar ki politics ko time dete h gk mam.loved today’s episode.

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